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By Yanik Silver
Surefire Marketing

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About Yanik Silver

Just 29-years old, Yanik Silver is recognized as the leading expert on creating
automatic, moneymaking web sites¦and he™s only been online full time since February
2000! He believes almost everything people have been taught about making money
online is completely wrong. His Internet success techniques only require a simple web
site and you don™t even need to know how to put up your own web page. (In fact, Yanik
still doesn™t know HTML).

He is the author and publisher of several best-selling marketing books and tools

• Instant Sales Letters
• Instant Internet Profits
• Mind Motivators
• Web Copy Secrets
• Instant Marketing Tool Box
• 33 Days to Online Profits
• Million Dollar Emails
• Autoresponder Magic

Yanik specializes in creating powerful systems and resources for entrepreneurs to
enhance their businesses. To see the newest products released click here.

When away from the office Yanik enjoys playing volleyball, ice hockey, skiing and
working on his terrible golf game.

(((Audio Ebook))) Introduction:

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Instead of using a typical “Internet marketing” sales letter, I wanted to let you behind
the scenes of a letter that has nothing to do with making money. You™ll see how
powerful this formula work in all situations. To illustrate this “ I™ve used Get Fit
While You Sit as an example. (You may want to pull up the whole letter so you can
see how it all flows together.)

I™ve also provided you with audio commentary so you can listen to more in-depth
information on each part of the formula and analysis of this winning sales letter.
(VERY IMPORTANT: You have to be connected online in order to listen to the
audio commentary!)

You™ll see a graphic like this “ just click on the link below the headphones to listen.

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(Note: this link is not a clickable audio link)

Okay let™s jump right in¦

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Part I: Create Immediate Attention with a Powerful Headline

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You can see I use a ˜prehead™ (this is the small headline above the main headline), a
headline and a subhead. All 3 of these are powerful enough to be the main headline.
Your headline™s job is immediately get your prospect™s attention and stop them dead in
their tracks.

Headlines that have worked before can usually be reworked over and over. Human
appeals are immutable. These next headlines I have compiled for you have all been
successful in selling different products or services “ you should be able to use these as
brainstorms for your own powerful headline.

Copyright Surefire Marketing, Inc. All rights reserved.
“The Secret To Making People Like You”

“How To Win Friends And Influence People”

“ Do You Make These Mistakes In English?”

“ Hands That Look Lovelier in 24 Hours ” Or Your Money Back”

“ Why Some People Almost Always Make Money In The Stock Market”

“When Doctors “Feel Rotten” This Is What They Do”

“How I Improved My Memory In One Evening”

“To People Who Want To Write ” But Can™t Get Started”

“They Laughed When I Sat Down At The Piano ” But When I Started To

“Throw Away Your Oars!”

“Thousands Now Play Who Never Thought They Could”

“Great New Discovery Kills Kitchen Odors Quick! ” Makes Indoor Air
Country Fresh”

“Discovered ” Amazing Way To Grow Hair”

“How To Collect From Social Security At Any Age”

“The 5 Problems Everyone Has At The Dentist ” And How (practice
name) Solves Them”

“Corn Gone in 5 Days Or Money Back”

“How A Strange Accident Saved Me From Baldness”

“A Significant Breakthrough In The Fight Against The Effects Of Aging”

“Stop Dieting And Lose Weight”


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Part II: First Sentence

Click Here to Listen to the Audi for This Section

The job of your first sentence is to engage readers and get them to read the 2nd sentence.
Then the 2nd sentence™s job is to get people to read the 3rd. Etc, Etc. This formula
illustrated here is one of the easiest to use to begin your sales letter:

“If you™d like to finally <benefit #1>, <benefit #2> and <benefit #3> without
<pain>, then this might be the most important letter you™ll ever read.”


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Part III: Establish Credibility

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This is a very important section because you need to establish your credibility. Why
should someone believe you or listen to you? Don™t have a good reason “ wave
goodbye to your visitor. Listen to the audio for detailed insight.


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Part IV: Problem/Agitate/Solution

Click Here to Listen to The Audio for This Section
One of the best formulas (and one of the easiest) to use in your copy is to identify a
problem, agitate the problem and then provide the solution. Or another way of thinking
about this is to give people a headache and then provide them the aspirin.

Since people buy with their emotions and simply rationalize their decision “ you need to
get them feeling pain.


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Part V: Introducing the Product

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Many people mistakenly skip over formally introducing the product. This is a perfect
transition from the problem/agitate/solution formula “ because you introduce your
product as the solution. Be sure to listen to the audio for this to get a more thorough


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Part VI: Providing An Example

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