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Step 3 “ Mix in the “magic” ingredient “ YOU!

Decide to always look for ways to inject your individuality and unique talents into
everything you do.

There™s only one you¦ therefore nobody can compete with the only you! ˜

By embracing your talents, developing yourself as a person, and valuing your
contributions “ you unleash the creative genius we ALL possess inside us.

You simply create needless competition and struggle when you try to be like others
without injecting your own uniqueness into what you do and how you do it.

Step 4 “ Trust

Trust that you do contribute value.

Trust that you can always improve over yesterday.

Trust that everything that happens in your life happens with a purpose and it serves you.

Trust that creation, not competition, holds the secret to lifelong success in business and
your personal life.

Trust that, like anything, you™ll get better over time with practice.

“Jim™s Law of Creativity & Competition”:

Creativity makes you unique¦ uniqueness makes you indispensable¦
indispensable people have no competition! ˜

Start today¦ start right now.

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The Secret to Winning Every Single Time¦ In Everything You Do

Get creative with your kids and how you interact with them in their lives.

Get creative in how you contribute at work and in your business.

Ask your customers or your boss or your co-workers what they want¦ and then
constantly look for creative, innovative ways to serve them better.

Create, innovate, and use your imagination¦ you were born to do it! ˜


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