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your customers.

When you send the gift don't try and sell the customer anything, just send it with
a nice note that tells them how much you appreciate their business. Make sure to
call the customer by name in the note you send along with the small gift, this way
the note will look more personal instead of something your company does
automatically X amount of days after a customer buys something.

Just by doing the above 2 steps you will have disarmed your customer. You have
already satisfied their needs when they bought from you, you send a sincere
email asking what else you can do for them and you actually sent them a gift free
of charge without asking for anything in return!

You are not the enemy any longer! The customer no longer needs to go on
defense when they hear from you because all you do is send them things that
are welcome, not unwanted.

By doing these 2 steps you will implant yourself in your customers mind as a
good, honest, professional and thoughtful businessperson. And if the customer
does decide they need something you sell, there will only be one place to buy
it...your place. You will not only be forever implanted in the customers mind, but
the customer might even feel as if they owe you another sale. It™s human nature
for them to feel the need to reciprocate your kindness.

3) The above 2 steps are already enough to turn your customers into repeat
customers, but there is still 1 more step. What you have to do next is quite simple
and profitable.

Send your customer a list of all your products, you can send it by email or by
regular mail (email is faster, regular mail is more personal and is more likely to
get read as long as it doesn™t look like junk mail). Send them a personal letter
asking if they liked the free gift and how they are doing.

In this letter, ask your customer more personal questions like "how is your family
doing" or "how have you been?" Remember, by now the customer is already
quite familiar with you and won't mind those kinds of questions being asked.

Do NOT try and sell the customer anything. Simply say at the end of your letter
that you have included a product list that includes the fixed prices of every
product you sell in your eBay store, and say "oh and by the way, the prices you
see on the sheet are for everyone else, you get a special discount"

By not trying to sell the customer anything but simply including the product list,
you will appear more like a friend than a sales person. This way the customer
won't have to play any defense, because you aren't asking for anything. You are
simply including some information the customer might like to know.

Buy now you will have completely snuck in under your customers self defense
radar. Instead of getting in your customers face with annoying offers he/she
doesn't want you have planted an idea in the customer™s head. An idea to buy
from you again. The idea was not forced onto the customer, it wasn't even a
suggestion; all you did was let the customer know what items you sell, and that's

There is something you should ask of your customer, something that can make
you extra money but doesn't require the customer to spend a penny: spread the
word. Ask the customer to tell their friends about you, ask it nicely and not
forcefully. This is extremely effective in attracting new customers, because the
potential buyers will be hearing about you from their friend!

What you want your customers to do is not only come back and buy from you
again but to tell their friends to do the same. If one of your customers tell their
friends you are the best, they are ten times more likely to believe it then if you
simply claimed to be the best.

And that is how you can take advantage of the goldmine right under your nose.

Remember that providing good service alone will make customers come back to
buy from you again. But if on top of good service you give your customers
reasons to come back. You will attract a lot more repeat customers, make more
money, and spread the word about your great business without much effort. It's
definitely worth the trouble to email your customers a couple of times.

NOTE: Actual eBay PowerSellers use the techniques above to gain repeat
customers. And some sellers insist on contacting the customer after the
purchase up to 50 times, others even insist you should never stop contacting the

If your business becomes too large to personally contact each customer on a
regular basis, then you need to get an autoresponder service which will allow you
to collect information from your customers and send personalized responses at
specified intervals, all on autopilot. The best and most reliable service on the web
is probably Aweber. To try Aweber with a free trial, please go to:


International Marketplace
eBay gives you the opportunity to sell whatever you are selling to the whole
world. This is one opportunity you should definitely take advantage of.

eBay has millions of members all over the world: Argentina, Australia, Austria,
Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Ireland,
Italy, Korea, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore, Spain, Sweden,
Switzerland, Taiwan, United Kingdom. Even though eBay is an international
phenomenon it is still most popular where it originated, the United States. And
that is exactly where most items are bought and sold.

The American eBay is the most visited and most popular of all the eBay
websites, and even people from countries that have their own eBay website often
choose to buy from the American eBay website rather than their own. So if you
live anywhere other than the good old U.S.A. you can't afford not to make your
auctions available to the whole world.

Some sellers choose to sell only to their own country because of the fear of
getting scammed. Once again the benefits greatly outweigh the risks. While it is
true that you are more likely to be the victim of an international scam artist if you
sell to people all over the world, you will also a lot more likely to make a lot more
money by allowing everyone to buy from you.

The more people are able to buy from you the more people will actually buy from
you. It doesn't make any sense to refuse someone's money just because they
don't live in the same country as you. And that is exactly what a lot of sellers are
doing by making their auctions available only to the people in their country. Why
would you ban millions of people from buying from you? Why would you choose
to lose a ton of money in order to save a few bucks? It often has something to
do with Indonesia or a small handful of other countries.

A lot of sellers seem to be scared to death to sell anything to someone living in
Indonesia (or wherever). The reason for this is because credit cards fraud seems
to be a very popular scam in that country. And if you are scammed by someone
from a far away land there won't be any ways to get your money or merchandise
back. This can be done from any country, but this scam is most often done from
countries in Asia.

Whatever the sellers' fears may be, it is stupid and even costly not to sell
internationally. Especially if you don't live in the US.

One of the first PowerSellers that I have ever talked to is a wonderful woman by
the name of Eliza. Eliza is a talented painter from Australia that sells her
paintings on eBay, she does pretty well and she was the first PowerSeller to fill
out one of my questioners and give me advice about selling on eBay.
When I asked Eliza if she recommends selling internationally, her response was:

"Definitely. Most of my clients are overseas. Last September I only had one
customer for the entire month, and he was in Singapore. He has bought a total
of 18 of my paintings! If I didn't sell internationally I would hardly sell anything! It
always surprises me when people aren't willing to sell internationally. The only
thing I would warn against is sending to countries where you can't insure."

So there you have it, you heard it straight from a PowerSeller. You should
definitely sell internationally.

To check out the beautiful works of art Eliza crates you can go to her website;
There are lots of beautiful paintings to look at and more information about Eliza.

Here are a couple of good reasons why you should make your auctions available
to everyone, regardless of what part of the world they live in.

The biggest reason to sell internationally is obviously because your listing will be
exposed to a lot more eBay members. If you make your auctions available to
everyone, then everyone will be available to you. I am sure you understand that
the world has more people than your country and the more people see your
listings the bigger the chance of someone actually buying what you are selling is.

Another reason for selling to the whole world is something that is not very
popular in your country may be selling like hot cakes somewhere else. So just
because you can't sell a certain product in your country doesn't mean that you
can't sell it somewhere else. And that is the beauty of eBay, if something is not
popular in America you can try France or England or Germany or Spain etc.

Something that can be acquired easily in your country can be next to impossible
to find in another country. An example of this is Ural Motorcycles.

Ural motorcycles are tough and reliable Russian made army motorcycles. These
motorcycles have a cult following in Germany and throughout Europe. The
problem is that parts are sometimes hard to come by and can be way too
expensive to buy from a parts store.

In Russia however, these same motorcycle parts are extremely cheap and easy
to come by. So if you live in Russia you can make a fortune selling Ural
motorcycle parts through eBay to motorcycle enthusiasts all over Europe.

To see exactly what I am talking about go to
and search for "Ural"

You will find that most of the listings have bids on them, but most of the sellers
are in Germany. If you are in Russia you can take advantage of this opportunity.

Regardless of what you are interested in, if it's not popular in your country it's
probably popular somewhere else. So if you aren't getting any sales in your
country, go to all of the different international eBay websites, search for your
product and see how well it sells there. Who knows you might find a hungry niche

I am sure you understand the benefits of selling internationally. It is pretty much
common sense. And I am sure you can think of your own reasons to sell
internationally so I won't give anymore examples. But what I will say is that eBay
gives you the wonderful ability to sell products to customers anywhere in the
world, why not take advantage of it?

Selling Overview
Now I know the last 44 pages may be a little hard to remember and may seem
like a lot to do, but keep in mind that you only have to do most of the things once.
You only have to get one listing design, one eBay store design, one website, one
item description for each different type of product you sell, one shipping
description, one payment description, one guarantee, one set of photos for each
different type of product you sell etc. etc.

Once you do most of the things that need to get done you can get them out of the
way. This stuff might take a couple of days or maybe even a week to set up, but
once it™s set up you don't have to do it again.

If it still seems like a lot to do, remember even though there is a lot to do, every
part can be done fast. Typing up the contents of the listings (description, shipping
and payment info, guarantee, contact info etc.) can be done in a couple of hours.
Paypal and StormPay accounts can be opened in a half hour (combined) and will
give you the ability to accept credit cards, checks and other forms of payments.

Clear photos can be taken in a couple of minutes, graphics can be ordered in a
couple of minutes and a website can be built in a couple days. All in all, about
90% of everything you need to do as far as listings and selling goes can be done
in one day, and the rest can be completed in a couple of days.

So if you actually think about it, you won't have to spend a ton of time setting
everything up. It is all actually very easy and can be done in a matter of days. So
do it!

You do not have to put all of the theories in this book in to action right away. Just
start listing first. Make your descriptions and photos clear and detailed and list
away. The graphics can come when you can afford them, the eBay store will
come when you are allowed to get one, the website will come once you are
familiar with eBay etc.

Your listings don't have to look like the ones described in this book right away,
but they should gradually evolve into the professional and efficient models
described in this book.

By reading the last section you already know more about selling than many
PowerSellers out there. If you apply even half of the information about selling you
have just read, your road to eBay success will be a lot shorter than most people.

Now that you have the information, apply it.

Efficient: Acting or producing effectively with a minimum of waste, expense, or

Do you want to work 12 hours a day? Do want to run a complicated, disorganized
and unprofitable business? Do you want to end up earning less than minimum
wage with your eBay business? Do you want to not have any time to do anything
except answer emails, package and ship products, list auctions, and try to keep
track of everything? If you said NO to the following questions then the last part of
this book is definitely for you.

A question you might want to ask me is, "who would actually say yes to all of
those questions?"

Nobody, but regardless of everyone's answer is to the questions above, many
end up with a horrible job rather than a profitable eBay business.

There are PowerSellers out there who work 10-14 hours per day (sometimes 7
days per week). Some of these PowerSellers barely make enough to cover their


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