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creating your very own FAQ copy and paste answers file! This is exactly like a
FAQ page. Same questions, same categories and when you receive a new
question you should ad it to your own FAQ list as well as the one in your listings.

The only difference between your own FAQ copy and paste and the FAQ page
for your visitors is that the answers are written differently.

The answers in your copy and paste FAQ list should be written differently. What I
mean by that is the answers should answer exactly the same question but not
appear as if they were copied and pasted from the FAQ page. All you have to do
is rewrite the answers from your FAQ page "in your own words". Here is an

FAQ page: Yes we do provide free shipping on all items over $100.

FAQ copy and paste file: Absolutely! We will give you free shipping on all items
over $100.

Now that you know what I mean, let me explain how to use your FAQ copy and
paste file (even though you are probably way ahead of me). When you are
answering emails, first open your FAQ copy and paste text file, open your email
and start reading the questions people are sending you.

When you finish reading a question click reply, find the appropriate answer in
your FAQ file, highlight the answer, copy it and paste it into your email reply
box, than simply click send and repeat the process all over again.

Just like you would update your FAQ page, when you get a question you don't
have an answer to, answer it and add both the question and answer into your
FAQ text file.

This technique will save you a ton of time! Now instead of typing all your answers

by hand (1-5 minutes) you can simply copy and paste them and move on to the
next email, all in less than a minute! I know saving a couple of minutes per email
may not sound like much, but if you got a 100 questions to answer those minutes
will add up and you will save hours!

Contacting customers by email: besides answering customers' questions you
will also need to contact customers. This can also be very time consuming and
can take up time that could be better used for something else. And just like with
answering questions, you should have most of the stuff you want to ask or tell
your customers prewritten.

When you want to contact someone about their payments, order status or thank
them for their purchase. Have it prewritten and when its time to contact the
person simply insert their name into the prewritten text, click send and your

This will save you a lot of time, especially when you have a lot of people to

A lot of emails can be sent automatically. Paypal for example has an option that
can send an automatic email to the winners of your auctions. This email can
contain whatever information you like, though it is highly recommended that
you include payment information.

Automatic emails will save you time, but what you must really learn how to do to
save time is, recycling. So when you first start contacting people through email,
save the text because it might come in handy in the future and save you a lot of
time. Once again, Andale also has a good email management function.

Auction listings: listing items up for auction is something that must be done.
There is no escape from it unless you are planning to make $0.00 per month.
Listing items up for auction can be extremely time consuming, but luckily there
are tons of ways to save time.

Some of the ways to save time are free and some you have to pay for, but all of
the ways I'm going to tell you about are well worth the time, effort and money for
the time you can save.

Like many things in an eBay business, saving time on listing auctions is
extremely easy.

Here are the best ways to save time off listing auctions...

Recycling photos: recycling is something you need to learn to do if you want to
save time on eBay. What do you think will take up less time, writing a whole new
email every time you want to thank someone for a purchase or copying and
pasting an already typed thank you note and simply inserting the customer's
name? We already learned the answer to that question.

The same goes with photos, if you have 100 identical DVD players you want to
sell. There is no need to take photos of every single unit, simply take a few
photos of one of the DVD players and use them in every one of your listings.

Instead of taking new photos every time you list something up for auction, simply
recycle photos that you have already used in listings before. This will obviously
work only if the product you are selling is always the same.

If you are constantly selling different stuff you will need to take new photos for
every different item you sell. If you have a product that you constantly sell; you
can take one set of good photos and reuse them in multiple listings.

If you don't want all of your listings to look the same, take more than a couple of
photos. Take 20 or 30 so when it comes time to list you have a variety of photos
to choose from, and all of your auctions won't look as if they are for the same
exact item.

Recycling text: this will let you simply copy and paste most of your text content
every time you are creating a new listing. I am sure most sellers do this, but there
are a few out there that don't.

I have spoken to a PowerSeller that has over 10,000 feedback (less than 10% of
his actual transactions), and she doesn't like taking short cuts. This seller lists
over 200 auctions per day, most of these auctions are for the same items
(cameras) and she writes every single item description from scratch!

Needless to say, she works over 10 hours per day and her item descriptions are
very short, which results in a lot of questions from people that are interested in
buying her products.

This seller also seems to have a phobia of any kind of listing software, she
doesn't trust any internet companies other than eBay and refuses to use auction
software, despite of the fact that it will shave hours off her work day! She even
refuses to use Turbo Lister (eBay software). This woman does however make a
lot of money....she just spends way too much time on listing auctions than he

What you need to do is have every part of your listing saved on your computer.
The 100% money back guarantee, shipping information, payment information,
FAQ list, about me page text etc.

All of your listings should look the same. The only thing that should ever change
is the item description and item photos (when you decide to sell different items).
So your shipping, payment, guarantee, about me and FAQ will always stay the

same in every one of your listings.

You should also recycle the item descriptions of your items. There is no need to
write an item description from scratch for 100 listings that are selling the exact
same product. Simply write one detailed and easy to understand description and
use it over and over again in every listing that sells the products described.

Listing software: listing software can make your life as an eBay seller a lot
more simple, save you time, and organize your listings making the listing part of
your business more efficient, simple and profitable. There are many different
kinds of listing software. Some are fee while others are not, some are easy to
use and others require weeks of training.

Turbo Lister is a free software you can download by going to the following web
address: http://pages.ebay.com/turbo_lister/

This software is great, it's free, and is very easy to use.

Turbo Lister allows you to upload thousands of listings at a time, save listings,
schedule your listings so Turbo Lister uploads them to eBay automatically, edit
multiple listings at the same time, preview what your listings will look like before
uploading them and a allows you to do bunch of other useful and timesaving

With Turbo Lister you will also be able to recycle listings by saving them in Turbo
Lister and re-list them anytime you like. You will also be able to save a lot of time
when you decide to sell a new product by simply editing your existing listings by
inserting the new product description and photos into them instead of making
new listings from scratch.

There are several other listing programs out there, but you should really give
Turbo Lister a try before you use anything else. It is extremely easy to use, free
and will meet all your listing demands.

One PowerSeller listed over 60,000 items up for auction in 12 hours using Turbo
Lister. So don't worry, Turbo Lister is used by the big boys as well as the little
guys and it is probably the right listing software for you.

If you do end up using Turbo Lister, don't use any of the cheap listing graphics
that are provided to you in Turbo Lister for an extra charge. If you use these
graphics in your listings you will simply be wasting your money because
thousands of sellers already use those same graphics in their listings. When it
comes to listing graphics, don't look on eBay.

Download Turbo Lister, get comfortable with the program and start listing. Even
though you may not need Turbo Lister in the beginning, as your business

expands and you begin to list 20, 30, 50, 100 auctions per day; Turbo Lister will
come in handy and save you a ton of time.

Andale Lister: I consider this to be the granddaddy of all listing programs. It will
cost you a little money, but they key feature of Andale™s program is automatic
launching based on your specified schedule. If there is any one “secret” weapon
in this entire manual that can multiply your efforts and turn you into a PowerSeller
quicker than ever, this is it!

Here™s the magic of it “ you can create a listing one time, and it can be
automatically listed as many times as you want, over and over again. You could
tell Andale to list it every day for you, or every Tuesday, or simply whenever the
current auction ends. You can even choose the exact time of day!

The amount of work this can save you is unbelievable. It means if you are selling
the same items over and over again, that you can simply create your listings
ONE TIME, set up the schedule, and put it on autopilot!

Packing and shipping: are the two least enjoyable parts of an eBay business.
Almost every PowerSeller I have ever talked to says the least enjoyable part
about having your own eBay business is packing the products and shipping them
to their customers. But this is a major part of an eBay business and it typically
can't be avoided. I know what your going to say to that...what about drop
shipping!? Not so fast.

Drop shipping can be a great time saver, but most PowerSellers don't
recommend having your items drop shipped to your customers right off the bat.
But why not, drop shipping makes everything so much easier, right? All you have
to do is list items up for auction and when they sell your supplier ships the
products straight to your customers. In theory drop shipping is the obvious way to
go, but in the world of eBay it's not so simple.

What happens when you sell a whole bunch of items and your supplier sends
them to the wrong addresses? What happens when you sell a bunch of products
and your supplier is out of stock? What happens is, your reputation goes down
the drain. To the supplier you're just another client. If the supplier sends the
items to the wrong address it's your reputation that's on the line not theirs.

If you are going to use drop shipping; make sure there is good communication
between you and your supplier. Most suppliers are too busy to cater to all of your
needs, so a good relationship with the supplier will also help. The best way to
approach drop shipping is carefully. Place an order first, see how good the
supplier's service is, and IF the service is good only then start drop shipping.
Make sure you have some products in stock in case the supplier runs out by the
time your auctions have closed.

A lot of PowerSellers use drop shipping, but they use it for only a small portion of
the products they sell, most of the stuff they sell they ship themselves. Most
sellers use drop shipping to save time, they want to make more money by selling
more products but don't have the extra time to pack and ship them, so they use
drop shipping.

Drop shipping can be a great way to save time and effort. And if you are thinking
about using it, make sure you order some products and check out the service
and communication of the supplier that is going to drop ship your products.

Anyways, back to the regular kind of shipping. As I said before, shipping and
packing are the least liked parts of an eBay business but is something that needs
to be done. Since shipping and packing are the least liked parts of an eBay
business, they are often neglected and never worked on.

So how can you work on the packing and shipping part of your business? How
can you make it better, more efficient and even somewhat enjoyable? Keep

Buy shipping supplies in bulk: a great way to save time and money is to buy
your shipping supplies in bulk, every single month. Instead of buying those
expensive shipping supplies at the post office, buy them in bulk from shipping
supplies wholesalers.

You can find these wholesalers if you go to
and search for "shipping supplies". You can also check out
or search "shipping supplies" on eBay.

You might think that you will simply be able to go and find boxes in the back of
stores and parking lots. Yes you can probably find some boxes that way, but that
is an extremely time and energy consuming way of doing it, it is the exact
opposite of efficiency. Trust me, I™ve tried it myself! The biggest reason you
should buy your shipping supplies is to save time and effort.

If you are selling products that come already packed (electronics come in strong
boxes and are protected by Styrofoam) all you will need to by from shipping
suppliers is wrapping paper. This can save you a lot of money because wrapping
paper is a lot cheaper than boxes.

Electronics are fragile, so they usually come with "bullet proof" packaging straight
from the factory. There is no need to place something that is already well packed
in to a box in another box, all you need to do is wrap it in paper, write the address
and send it on its way. In some cases you may be able to just slap on a shipping


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