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take small steps instead of one giant leap. But that's ok because it doesn't take a
lot of steps to achieve eBay success. All you have to do is set goals and try your
best to accomplish those goals one by one.

I will mention that the moment you quit your day job and go full time from home
on eBay is probably the single biggest step in your eBay venture. Many people
are too afraid to ever take that leap of faith. They don™t want it to be a leap of
faith¦they wait until their eBay income is exceeding their current take-home pay
from their day job.

Here™s the thing¦ The moment you quit your job and focus full time on eBay,
your business will probably explode into a whole new level of profit. This is
especially if you™re a go-getter type of person who thrives in sink-or-swim
situations. If you™re that type of person, I encourage you: take the leap now! Don™t
wait. As soon as you™ve gotten through the planning stage, quit your job ASAP
and put your passion into creating a profitable eBay business.

NOTE: The calculations in this book are here as examples. However, it really is
possible to accomplish the kind of money provided in these examples. It simply
depends on how hard you work and how focused you stay to achieve your goals.

Step by step: step by step means taking it one step at a time, not 2 steps at a
time, not 3, but 1. Step by step means that you must complete step 1 before you
can move onto step 2. You can't skip steps, you can't do step 1 and 2 at the
same time.

This is very important because if you decide to do something step by step you
must take it one step at a time. If you don't, the step by step method is not going
to work for you...

Could you turn $1000 into a million? No, but you could turn it into $2,000

Could you turn $2,000 into a million? No, but you could turn it into $4,000

Could you turn $4,000 into a million? No, but you could turn it into $8,000

Could you turn $8,000 into a million? No, but you could turn it into $16,000

Could you turn $16,000 into a million? No, but you could turn it into $32,000

Could you turn $32,000 into a million? No, but you could turn it into $64,000

Could you turn $64,000 into a million? No, but you could turn it into $128,000

Could you turn $128,000 into a million? No, but you could turn it into $256,000

Could you turn $256,000 into a million? No, but you could turn it into $512,000

Could you turn $512,000 into a million? Yes, you can turn it into $1,024,000

Do you see that? It takes only 10 steps to turn $1000 into a million! There would
be almost no way for you to turn $1000 into a million, but if you took it one step
at a time it can be done in 10 steps simply by doubling the amount of money you
have every step of the way.

If you are starting your eBay business from scratch, you will have a lot of stuff to
do before you can start to make money. Oh and by "a lot" I mean a lot by eBay
standards which is not that much by "normal business" standards. You will need
to set up a home office, get an eBay account, decide what product(s) you are
going to sell, and find a supplier for those products. (On the other hand if you
were setting up a brick-and-mortar store, there would be dozens, if not hundreds,
of additional steps before you could actually sell your first item and start making

If you try and tackle all of those things at the same time you won't get anywhere.
It is very hard to do several things at the same time, and if you only have 3 hours
a day you will end up spending a very small amount of time and energy on every
individual thing that needs to get done.

If you devote 25% of your energy to finding a good supplier you might not find
one for a couple of months. If you devote 25% of your energy to developing a
good repeat customer marketing strategy, it will never get done, and if it does it
won™t be any good. If you devote only a fraction of your time and energy in to
things that deserve your undivided attention, it will take you a very long time to
get off the ground.

What you need to do is tackle one task at a time, take one step at a time, and
reach one goal at a time. You need to put 100% of your energy into every step
you take, don't even think about the next step! All you should be focusing on is
the step you are on and until that step is out of the way nothing else matters.

Think about when you have a bunch of stuff to do around the house. Like clean
the floor, clean the washroom, put your CD's in alphabetical order and then make
yourself a sandwich. Do you try and tackle all of those tasks at the same time, or
one by one? Do you clean a part of the floor, than go to the kitchen and take out
the salami, than go to the washroom and clean the toilet, go back to the kitchen
take out the bread, back to the washroom and clean the bathtub, than on to the
living room to sort out a part of the CD's etc.? That would be kind of crazy
wouldn't it?

What you and 99% percent of the people out there would do is finish each task
one by one until everything is done. So why not apply the same logic to
becoming a successful eBay seller? Why not do one thing at a time, take one
step at a time, and focus on one thing at a time instead of a bunch?

Because for some reason people choose to tackle one thing at a time only when
the tasks are small, when the tasks are big and time consuming most of us seem
to prefer doing everything little by little all at the same time.

Let™s take it STEP-BY-STEP, let™s set one goal at a time and not set any more
goals until the first goal is reached and let™s put 100% of our attention, energy
and effort into every step we take.

Here is an example of the steps you can take begin the process of becoming a
successful eBay seller:

Step 1: Get the easy stuff out of the way. Set up an eBay account, a Paypal
account, new email address and a StormPay account. This can all be done in
less than 1 hour, so there is no need to put off something so easy to do. Just get
it out of the way as soon as possible so there is less stuff in the back of your
head when you are trying to complete a more difficult step. When completed
move on to step 2

Step 2: Set up a home business office. Get organized by setting up a work
station in your home. Get some not books to write stuff down, some pens to write
with, a phone to call people with etc. Oh and speaking of phones, you might want
to set up business line with an answering machine so people won™t call you at
your home number when you are watching a movie or cooking a chicken (or
something like that). When completed move on to step 3

Step 3: decide what product you are going to sell. Pick a few products that you
might like to sell and research how well each one sells on eBay, than choose the

one that seems best. When completed move on to step 4

Step 4: Find the supplier. Look for a supplier that can supply you the products
you want to sell. Try to find more than one supplier if possible to get the best deal
you can. This is the biggest step because once you find a supplier you can start
selling and making money!

Those 4 steps are in no particular order, they are just an example and if you wish
to follow these steps you can. You can also make your own set of steps to follow
and complete them one by one.

If you set a goal and set out to accomplish it step by step, giving 100% of your
effort to each step, in a way you will be giving 1000%!!

How? If you set a goal and it takes you 10 steps to reach that goal. By
giving 100% to each of the 10 steps will equal up to 1000%. OK the math is a
little fuzzy but the principle is very true.

If you set a goal and try to complete several steps at a time you will only be
giving a small fraction of your effort to each step. So get out there, set a goal, set
out to achieve it one step at a time and give it 100% of your effort!

Keeping the money you make: I'm sure you have all kinds of plans for the
money you are going to make on eBay. You have probably been fantasizing
about new cars, houses and worldly adventures. That stuff is all great, those are
your dreams and in my opinion money is meant to be enjoyed, not locked away
in a safe.

But what if nearly all of the money you make has to be spent on things like bills
and expenses? Unless your dream is to pay extremely large bills, that would not
be a very pleasant experience.

What if nearly all of the money you make was gone before you can spend it? I'm
sure you would hate for that to happen, but it happens to people like you every
day, and it might even be happening to you as you read this book.

How can it be happening to you as you read this book? How can most of the
money you make be taken away from you before you get a chance to spend it?
To answer those questions let me ask you a few questions first...

What is your monthly income? Ok, write that figure down.

Now write down all of your monthly expenses (rent, mortgage, car, gas, food,
electricity etc.).

Now add up all of the expenses and subtract them from your income. Chances
are, more than half of the money you make disappears!
The important part about money is how much of it you keep and not how much
you make.

Many people have the appearance of being rich, but yet live paycheck to
paycheck just like the rest of us. There are doctors that make over $50,000 a
month and struggle financially. How? This is how: mortgage payments
$8,000/month, Mercedes, BMW and Porsche payments $8,000/month, property
tax, hydro, water, house upkeep, gym membership: $5,000/month, phones, cell
phones, satellite TV, internet, other monthly expenses: $2,000/month, food:
$2,000/month, income taxes $25,000/month.

It's all in the expenses. The more monthly expenses you have, the less money
you will end up with when you're done paying all your bills.

So what the doctor needs to do in order to improve his/her financial situation is
simply get rid of a few expenses. Sell two of his/her cars, cancel a few monthly
services and suddenly our doctor friend will have a lot more money left to play
around with or save.

In the world of jobs, the money that is left in your hands after you have paid all of
your bills is just that: “the money that is left in your hands after you paid all of
your bills”. In the world of business that money is called profit.

Profit is calculated by subtracting all of your business expenses from the total
amount of money of money you have made (revenue):

Revenue - Expenses = Profit

A lot of eBay sellers don't how to properly calculate profit.

The average eBay rookie thinks profit can be calculated by simply subtracting the
cost of the product sold from the dollar amount it sold for. What these sellers are
forgetting about is all of the expenses that come with each successful

eBay fees, Paypal fees, cost of shipping supplies, etc.

To calculate the true profit, you need to subtract every single business related
expense you have from the total dollar amount of sales. This is very important,
you absolutely NEED to know exactly how much money you are making.

That is why you can't afford to ignore any expenses when calculating your
monthly profits. These expenses are constantly eating away your profits and by
ignoring them you will be losing a lot of money.

I am not an accountant, so I can't teach you everything there is to know about
accounting. But the one thing you should definitely know how to do is calculate
profit; money made less your expenses = profit.

And when you are calculating your profits don't forget to include every single
business expense in your calculations. If you don't, you won™t be able to take
advantage of the next thing I am about to
teach you.

Once again, it's not how much money you
make it's how much MONEY YOU
KEEP that is important. Because the more
money you keep the more money you
will have at your disposal to spend on
whatever your heart desires.

When people need or want more money they
automatically try to make more money. By
working harder, expanding their business etc.
What most people don't realize is that it is
much easier to keep more money than make
more money. So instead of trying to make
more money, people should learn to keep the
money they make.

Before I tell you how to keep the money you make, I have to ask you a question.
What takes money away from you? If you say expenses, you are 100% right!

Let me ask you another question. What happens right before you have no money

You pay your bills, that's what happens!

So what you need to do in order to keep the money you make is get rid of all the
stuff you don't really need. The less money you spend on bills the more money
you will keep. And remember what the money you keep is called in the business
world? It's called profit.

Do you see the value in that? Do you see how valuable the information I have
just given you is? You have just learned how to increase your profits without
making more money!

This is very similar to making money when you buy as well as when you sell.
Remember? The less you spend on the products you sell the bigger your profit is
going to be when you sell them.


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