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Before you really start buying and selling stuff on a large scale you should do the

Get a separate bank and Paypal account for eBay: This is very important,
you should get a separate bank account and use it only for business purposes. A
separate bank account will make a world of difference. It will make it easier to
track your finances, simplify things and make your business look and feel like a
real business. Your business account does not have to be an actual business
account, a simple bank account in your name will do...as long as it is used for
business purposes only.

A Paypal account is something you absolutely NEED in order to sell things on
eBay. Almost everything sold on eBay is paid for through Paypal. With Paypal
you will be able to receive payments through the internet and also accept credit
cards. Paypal is owned by eBay, so there are many advantages to using Paypal
to accept payments. Buyers will be able to send you money from their credit card
or bank account through Paypal. Your bank account will be linked to your Paypal
account so you can transfer money from one to another.

Get a FREE Paypal account and start accepting credit cards today:


Get (or borrow) a digital camera: a good digital camera is something you
simply can't do without on eBay. Good, clear photos are extremely important to
your success. The buyer has no chance to see the actual item in person so the
more of the item you can show him/her in your listing the better.

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Get a separate email address: I suggest that you open at least 2 new email
accounts, this is important because once you start selling you will be getting a lot
of questions from people who are interested with the stuff you are selling. You
should have an email account just for questions and one for everything else
(Paypal, suppliers, memberships...).

If you really want to look professional, you need to get your own domain name.
For example if your business is called Super Laundry Baskets, you could get a
domain and make your email address mary@superlaundrybaskets.com

For affordable domains with free email accounts, go to:


If you want to set up your own website on your domain, that™s also a great way to
show buyers that you take your business seriously. You don™t want to go use any
old host, because if your website goes down that will make you look bad, so take
my advice¦

For the best affordable and reliable web hosting, go to:


Set up a home office: The more
organized and tidy you are the more
efficient you will be able to run your
eBay business. The more efficient your
business is the less you have to work!
This all goes back to treating your
business like a business. You should
also have a business telephone number
so people can call you. You may need
to make some room in your home for all
the merchandise you are going to sell.
As for the stuff you need in your office
all I can say is OFFICE STUFF! You
know: pens, binders, paper, a
calculator, monkeys (joking).

Just don™t go overboard in your preparations! It is human nature to procrastinate
by over-organizing. You don™t have to have all your ducks in a row. Just get
reasonably organized and then start!

If you are working at a full time job you probably have very little spare time to do
all of these things and remember, we are still just getting started. The good thing
about eBay is it can be done alone, you don't need workers or assistants
because eBay takes care of a large part of the most important part of your
business for you...the selling.

But even though you can become an eBay PowerSeller by yourself something
you should take into consideration regardless of whether you have a job or are
unemployed is partnerships¦

Partnerships: It is a well known fact that businesses that are run by more than
one person succeed at a much higher rate than those business that are run by a
single person. That is why it is easier to get a grant or a bank loan when you
show up with a partner, another reason is because the bank has someone else
to go after if you can't repay the loan. But that's a whole other story.

Before I tell you all the benefits of partnerships, let me just make a couple
disclaimers. First, partnerships are not without risks and potential downfalls. You
need to be extremely CAREFUL about who you partner with. Second, the
SIMPLEST type of business to run is a sole proprietorship, which means you run
it yourself without worrying about anyone else.

That said, let me tell you a few of the benefits of entering into a partnership as a
business venture¦

It can be a scary world out there when you are trying to make something work by
yourself. It can be hard to even get started because you may not be self-
motivated and it can be nearly impossible to make everything work by yourself.
Getting a partner can solve most of your problems, why not give it a shot?

Getting a partner can be one of the best things you can do for your business!

Without anyone helping you, you must do everything yourself. Listing, answering
questions, buying, packing, tracking, research, shipping, refunds and a whole lot
of other stuff that needs to get done. Now don't get me wrong; an eBay business
is something that can be run profitably by just one person and this book teaches
you just that. But while we are on the subject of partnerships lets get into it a little

Why should you share your money with someone?

Because if you have a partner you can have 10 times more money to share!

How can that be? Let me explain. If you have
a partner, you will be able to divide your
business in half, meaning: you take care of
half and your partner takes care of the other
half. What happens when you share the
workload like that is it gives you time to
concentrate on one part of the business and
your partner can take care of the other part.

Now everything you do gets twice the
attention it used to get, thus making every
part of your business at least twice more
efficient and profitable. No part of your
business has to suffer any longer just
because you don't have time to pay
attention to it. When you can concentrate on
a few parts of your business, and that is
when you can begin to shine and really start
to get things done!

It can be very hard to be good at many things all at the same time, a partner can
master half of your business and you can master the other half. That way the
auctions listings, customer service, tracking, financing, packing, shipping and
everything else can all be the best they can, that can make your business into a
money making beast! GRRRR!!

You will also be able to raise more money and raise it much faster. Problems will
be easier to solve because instead of one person trying to solve a problem there

will be two. Your partner will be able to help you out in all sorts of different ways
and you can feed of each others energy, encourage each other and push one
another to get things done. One of the best things you can do when you are
stuck is talk to someone who understands. So when you have eBay problems,
you're not alone!

You will also be able to start much faster and you will have someone to be there
with you when you are doing something for the first time. Like getting a bank
loan or trying to get a deal from a supplier.

For some people the biggest problem while trying to start up a business is their
work ethic or lack of it. If you have a partner you may feel obligated to do your
work because he/she is doing his/hers part so you must do yours!

So let's look at the main benefits of going into business with a partner:

] only have to do half of the work

]Business becomes more efficient and profitable

]Easier to raise money

] free time

]Someone to talk to who truly understands

]Greater chance of success

Now that you know why it might be a good Idea to get a partner I must tell you
again: you don't need a partner to be a successful eBay seller, but it can
definitely help.

Now go and get started! You already know more than enough to get started, so
go and open an eBay account, it's very easy and it's free!

What to Sell and Where to Get It
In order to make money on eBay you must sell something (DUH!). But what
should you sell? What products are the most profitable? Where do I get all the
stuff I want to sell? You are probably clueless right now and you want some
answers, don't worry I'll give you all the answers you need.

Finding products to sell can be the hardest step of starting your eBay business.
But if you want to be a PowerSeller that is one step you can not skip!

Even though it can be the hardest part of starting your eBay business, finding a
supplier is relatively easy and can be done in a couple of days...if you know
where to look. Even though it is easy, many people end up simply quitting
because they find the task of finding a good supplier challenging and time
consuming. Finding a suppler can also be very frustrating; it can seem like
looking for a needle in a haystack if you don't know where or how to look.

First of all, look at all the PowerSellers selling the same stuff you want to sell,
how did they get their hands on all that great stuff? They looked for it until they
found it! You must understand that if a product can be bought, it can be
sold for a profit. So whatever it is you want to sell I assure you, you can find a
supplier for it.

You will need to look harder, think outside the box and get creative if you want
to sell certain items. You will sometimes need to think for yourself and figure out
ways to get your hands on the stuff you want to sell. This might seem scary, but
don't worry: I will give you a lot of information that is sure to help you out.

Getting creative and thinking outside the box:

Like I said, if it can be bought, it can be sold for a profit. Whatever you are
looking to sell you will find it if you look hard enough. What I want you to know is
that not every product can be found in a conventional way. By conventional I
mean looking up a supplier in the yellow pages or the internet. Sometimes you
just have to get creative.

First you must get rid of all the mental blocks and limitations that are in your
mind, you need a “can-do-attitude”. More often then not, the spoils come to
those who think the sky is the limit. Thinking outside the box is just that, the
limitations and mental blocks are the box...you must completely ignore them!

So what do I mean by thinking outside the box while looking for a supplier? I
mean your supplier doesn't have to be an actual supplier. Your supplier can be a
store, website or even another eBay seller that has access to the products you
want to sell. Another eBay seller!? Why would the competition want to help me?
Well not everyone is going to want to help. But the smart eBay sellers know that
this is a chance to make money off of the competition as well as their own eBay
business, a smart seller knows that with the extra products he he/she order to
supply you, he/she will probably get a greater discount.


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