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eBay is a great opportunity to make money from home, with little or no risk and
a small amount of startup money. But guess what, not every real supplier is
going to want to deal with you when your first order is only $100 worth of
products. You must understand that if you can't go in through the front door, just
go around and try the back. As you read on there will be examples of getting the
products you want to sell through the "back door"

Does anyone actually use this "back door method"? Yes! Almost every single
eCommerce website that sells expensive watches (TAG, ROLEX, OMEGA...)
uses the "back door method". After all, the manufacturers of the watches only
supply directly from the factory and only to authorized dealers....oh and the watch
companies forbid the selling of their watches over the internet!

So what most of these websites and eBay PowerSellers do, is befriend a jewelry
store that has access to the products they want to sell. So if some of the biggest
most successful PowerSellers and websites do it, why can't you?

Most people are uncomfortable thinking outside the box and taking the road less
traveled. Because when you do what everyone else does there is a clear path,
there are guidelines and it is much easier and less uncomfortable to follow an
already made path than make your own. Please know that you don't have to
follow "the rules" when looking for a supplier: anyone that sells what you
want to sell is a potential supplier to you.

Now, not everyone is going to agree to do business with you. But you must
remember there are thousands of people out there that would agree to be your
supplier. The sooner you get rid of the ones that don't want anything to do with
you the sooner you will get to the ones that want your business and are open to
your ideas.

OPM and OPP: I understand that even though you may want to start selling on
eBay, you might not have any money to start with. After all most suppliers have
large minimum orders and don't look after the little guys interests.

Well, fortunately for you there is a way for you to start with virtually no money to
invest in your business or any products to sell.

You may not have any money, but other people do. Isn't that right? Banks have
money, credit card companies have money, and loan sharks have money. But
you already knew that, and maybe you have already tried to borrow money but

for one reason or another (bad credit, you already owe everyone etc.) you were
not able to get anyone lend you money. But the fact remains, other people still
have money.

How can you get these peoples™ money? You can sell them something! Oh yeah,
I forgot; you have nothing to sell either. But don't other people have stuff to sell?

So, in order to get your hands on some money, you need to sell someone
something, but in order to sell something you need to have something to sell, you
don't have anything to sell, and in order to get your hands on something to sell
you need money which you don't have. Sounds like a “catch-22”!


OPM = Other People's Money

OPP = Other People's Products

What you can do is use other people's money to sell other people™s products.


By listing something you don't own up for auction, collecting the money (OPM)
paying for what you just sold (OPP) with that money and keeping the difference
for yourself.

All you have to do is look in a newspaper, find something for sale, call up the
owner and say you will buy it in one week....guaranteed!

Then post the item up for auction, and wait until it sells.

Collect the payment.

Go to the owner of what you just sold.

Haggle over the price a little bit.

Pay the owner for the item.

Keep the money that is left over (profit)

And send your customer the product they paid for.

There you go! Did you use any of your own money? No. Did you sell anything
that you owned? No! All you did way put OPM and OPP together and kept the
profit for yourself!

How much money can you make? Depends on the product you sell, if you sell a
pair of used shoes you might make 5 bucks, if you sell a Rolex watch you can
make over $1,000! It all depends on what you sell.

Here™s a way for you to sell something right now without buying anything:

You can sell this very ebook that you™re reading. That™s right, when you
purchased this ebook, it came with “resale rights” (See page 2 for details).

That means you can list this ebook for sale
on eBay or even on your own website. The
minimum resale price allowed is $4.99, so
you can sell it on eBay for $4.99 or more.

It™s very easy to sell ebooks on eBay. In fact
there are systems you can implement to
essentially automate the entire process, but
for now I™ll just give you the basics.

You can list the ebook for sale on eBay using
the book title or your own catchy headline as
the auction listing title. In the listing, write a
short summary of the book and your own
personal review/endorsement. By providing
your own personal endorsement, people will
be more likely to buy it because they know you actually read it and liked it.

You could do a Buy It Now auction, or just start the bidding at $4.99. When the
auction ends and the buyer pays you, all you need to do is email the ebook to
them as an attachment! That™s the great thing about downloadable information
products: no packaging or shipping is necessary.

In fact if you like the idea, you might want to sell other ebooks on eBay. The key
is to look for resale rights¦

If you want a huge collection of eBay-related products with resale rights, check
out the Ultimate eBay Library at:


Getting around minimum order quantities:

I am sure you already know that many suppliers and manufacturers have a
minimum order quantity. This can be a big problem to most people that are just
starting out in eBay. Most people can't afford the minimum order quantity set by
the suppliers, and this is the time most people usually give up their dream of
becoming a successful eBay seller.

Well guess what, there is an easy way to get around the problem of big MOQ's,
and it works! This method is not something that is very often talked about, but a
lot of eBay PowerSellers used this exact method to start of their now enormously
successful businesses.

In order to be able to use this method to its full potential you must understand
that people are humans not machines. And humans can be easily persuaded into
doing what you want them to do.

Let's say you are extremely thirsty, so you walk into a convenient store and
decide to buy a drink. You put the drink you want on the counter, reach into your
pocket and realize that you are 5 cents short. Can you convince the person at the
cash register to make an exception? Yes of course, more often than not all you
will have to do is ask.

Now, let's say you are extremely thirsty, so you walk up to a vending machine,
reach into your pocket and realize you are 5 cents short. Can you convince the
vending machine to make an exception? No way, you can plead with it all day
and it won't even listen to you. You couldn't convince it even if you had a gun!

Something else you absolutely must know is exactly who you're dealing with. Are
you dealing with the owner of the wholesale company? No, most likely not. You
are probably dealing with a sales representative or a manager. This is very
important because sales representatives and managers usually don't have big fat
salaries and are a lot easier to convince than a highly paid president or rich

So what exactly is this method for getting around MOQ's? Well it's quite simple,
you need to make helping you something that is in the best interest of the person
you are dealing with. You won™t get very far if you are simply going to go into the
sales manager's office and saying, "c'mon, let me buy less than
required....c'mon, it would make me a lot of money". If you say stuff like that; you
won't get anywhere. You need to say things that are in the person's best interest,
not yours.

So what is it that you should offer the person that has the power to help you
become successful?

Offer them a part of your profits.

What has worked for me in the past and many PowerSellers I have talked to is
offering the person you are dealing with a commission for every product you sell.
This is a very attractive offer and most people will not be able to turn it down.
That is of course if you present it properly. Here is an example:

Let's say that the product you want to sell is a highly profitable one, take luxury
car wheels for example. What you need to do before you meet the supplier (sales
manager) is work out how many wheels a month you are going to sell, how much
profit you will make per every sale and how much money you will be making per
month. With the car wheels you want to sell you can expect to make a profit of
$500 per sale and maybe even higher.

So you worked out the profit you will make per sale ($500), now you need to
figure out how many car wheels you will be able to sell per month, let's say
around 30. That gives you a monthly income of $15,000/ month (30 sales
multiplied by $500 = $15,000).

After you've figured out your projected profit per sale and income per month, you
need to decide how much of that money you are willing to pay to the person
(sales manager) that is going to make it all happen for you. I usually give 20%, so
do other sellers and so should you. What does 20% mean to the sales manage?
It means $100 for every set of wheels you sell, if you meet your goal of 30
sales/month this will mean a $3,000 monthly commission for the sales manager.
Now tell me this, if you were offered a $3,000 passive monthly income, would
you turn it down?!

An eBay PowerSeller I talked to told
me that the best way to present this
proposal is in a friendly and
comfortable environment, something
like a caf© or bar. The reason for this
is because an unfamiliar office can
be an intimidating environment. You
need to be somewhere comfortable.
This will make both you and the
sales manager a lot more open and

You should also type up the offer and print it out, stuff it in an envelope and leave
it with the sales manager after your meeting is over. This is a powerful trick,
because when the sales manager opens the envelope and looks at everything
you have just proposed to him, all broken down and calculated it will be hard for
him not to see it your way.

When you type up this offer make sure to clearly break down all of the numbers
you mentioned, the typed up offer should not include a lot of text, just a break
down of the money the sales manager would be making if everything goes as
planned. Example:

Estimated profit per/ sale: $500

Estimated monthly sales goal: 30 sales

Commission; %20 or $100 per sale, $3,000 per month

You can also include an explanation of how you came up with those numbers.

Now I know that this may sound a little fishy and unethical, but nothing could be
further from the truth. If you do something like this, it will be a win-win situation
for everyone. You will be making money, the sales manager will be making
money and the wholesale company would not only be making money but also
gaining a long term business partner (you) that is a true asset to the company.

Multi million dollar deals are made every day using these kinds of
methods, and almost every business and successful corporation that ever
existed was once involved in under the table deals when it was still in its infancy.
You will not breaking any laws or be hurting anyone by conducting this type of
business. Oh and as for that minimum order that you couldn't afford. If you stick
to your plans and meet your goals you will be buying a lot more than the
minimum order required, every single month. Like I said, its win-win for everyone,
because you're making money, the manager is making money and the wholesale
company is not only making money it's gaining a valuable asset (you).

Like I said before, this is something not a lot of eBay PowerSellers' talk about but
a lot of them do. It is important to know that you don't have to keep paying the
sales manager a 20% commission forever. You can stop as soon as you make
enough money to be able to afford the MOQ. This is something that only has to
be done in the beginning (if you have no start up money) and is done by
countless amounts of new businesses every day.

My personal motto is, if I can't use the rules to my advantage, those rules don't


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