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apply to me. A lot of successful people seem to agree with me, because this
method of getting what you want is exactly what "playing by your own rules" is all
about. Keep in mind, we™re NOT talking about doing something ILLEGAL. The
law does apply to you, and I™m not suggesting that you bend the law in any way.

A friendly bribe where needed? Yes. An illegal bribe? No.

You have played by someone else's set of rules all of your life: your parent's
rules, your school's rules, your boss's rules. It's time to follow your own rules and
follow in the footsteps of millions of successful people that did it before you.

Think outside the box, strive to achieve your
goals and play by your own rules. In other
words: think for yourself.

Now let's get to the products¦

The Products
The first question most people have is, “what do I sell?”

Most PowerSellers answer that question with, “sell what you like!”

Yes, sell what you like. If you like comic books than sell comic books, if you like
paintings sell that. Selling what you like is very important. Most of the
PowerSellers I interviewed said having fun and selling what you are interested in
are the two most important things that you must NEVER forget when selling on

So why is it so important that you sell what you like and not simply what's "hot"
at the moment? There are many reasons, here are the main ones:

If your favorite thing in the world is...oh, let's say vintage shoes. You are A LOT
less likely to get ripped off by a shoe supplier than a person who just heard that
vintage shoes are "hot" and wants in on the action.

You are more likely to actually start selling on eBay and actually stick to it if you
are selling something you enjoy. Wouldn't it be nice to do what you love and
make money at the same time? Well if you sell what you love you are one step
closer to doing just that.

If you simply sell things that you think will sell, that means you are doing it just
for the money. If you do something just for money than what's the point? Just
keep your day job.

Remember how I told you that most PowerSellers said the two things you should
never forget are have fun and sell what you like. Well if you don't sell something
you like your fun won't last very long, at first it will be very fun watching the bids
go up and making all that money. But sooner or later your fun will turn into work
and you will dread selling on eBay just like you might have dreaded your job.

I'm sure that the above reasons are fairly obvious to you, I am simply telling this
to you so you don't make the mistake of trading in one crappy job for another.

One PowerSeller I talked to sells expensive watches and jewelry. He was a
watch collector before he started selling on eBay, one day he decided to buy a
watch off eBay. He bought the watch but his wife would not let him keep it, telling
him "it's too expensive" and "you already have a lot of watches". So he decided
to make his wife happy and get rid of the watch, but not by returning it but by
selling it where he bought it in the first place, eBay.

When he put the watch up for auction all he was hoping for is to get his money
back. He didn't just get his money back, he made a profit! And that is how he got
started on eBay.

When I asked him if it was the
money that keeps him selling
watches on eBay, his
response was a loud and
clear "NO!" He than explained
to me that because of eBay
he now gets to see and wear
hundreds of watches that he
wouldn't even dream of
having in his possession
before. He told me that the
biggest mistake he ever made
was trying to sell things he
didn't enjoy.

Now I know what you may be thinking; does this guy make a lot of money? Does
he still have a "real job"? Or is this just a hobby for him?

Let me answer the last question fist: yes, selling on eBay is his hobby....because
he LOVES what he sells. Yes he does still have a "real job" and YES he does
make a lot of money!

So who is this man? He is the highest dollar seller of watches on eBay (over
$500,000.00 per month)! And he does it part time!

The eBay ID of this man is beckertime and his website address is

I recommend you check out his listings, you can probably learn a few things and
buy some watches (more on that later).

Now I know what you might be saying (again!), hey! This guy sells
watches...watches sell well! Yes watches are one of the more popular selling
items on eBay, but I got something that will cheer you up, most of the other
PowerSellers I talked to don't sell watches, they sell stuff like their own artwork,
antiques, plates and cups, Christmas ornaments and other stuff that you would
think have a hard time selling.

So if what you are interested in is not exactly what you would call "hot", don't
worry”you can still make good money!


Now again, I must say you do not have to sell what you are interested but I and
more importantly a lot of PowerSellers recommend it.

Beckertime sells expensive watches, so even though he doesn't have as many
transactions as other PowerSellers, he still sells over $500,000 worth of products
on eBay per month. Many of the items he lists for auction sell for over $6,000, so
he has a lot less transactions than other sellers but each transaction is worth a
lot more.

That brings us to our next topic: few expensive items VS lots of cheap items

What are you going to sell: lots of cheap items, few expensive ones or something
in between? To help you decide I will go over the disadvantages and advantages
of each. I will also tell you where and how to get the stuff you want to sell.

Expensive Products

Expensive products advantages:

]If you sell expensive products you will make more money with less work.
That is the biggest and most obvious advantage of selling high ticket items.
You do not need a hundred sales a day, all you will need is a few and you
have made your money. The fewer items you sell the less work you have to

]You don't need to answer hundreds of emails, pack hundreds of items and
ship hundreds of items. Less work more money, selling expensive
products is great.

]When you sell expensive items you have less competition. High ticket
items are much harder to find than average and low priced ones. So
naturally most people simply sell stuff that is easy to find, cheap stuff. If
you are going to sell things like computers, plasma TV's or Rolex watches
you don't need to worry about a ton of competition because most people
are lazy and won™t bother investing their time, effort and money looking for
a supplier.

Expensive products disadvantages:

\Expensive products can be a lot harder to find than cheap ones. If you
want to sell Rolex watches, you won't be able to find a supplier by simply
typing "Rolex wholesaler" into a search engine.

\Expensive items are expensive! If you want to sell high ticket items you
will need to invest some money and I don't mean $100. Or you can always
use OPM!

\ disadvantages above are really advantages in disguise because the
people who are willing to work and invest money into their business in the
beginning are the ones that are going to be rewarded the most. Not
everyone wants to actually work. Most people want to simply list auctions
and have the product drop shipped to their customers. Those who put in
some work and money will be greatly rewarded.

How and where to find suppliers (High end items)

Before I tell you how and where to get products to sell on eBay you
must know a few things, this is NOT a wholesale list! I will not provide
you with a thousand links to supplier's websites. What I will do is give
you the links of B2B websites so you can find the products you want to
sell yourself.

First of all I recommend you register your business and get a tax ID or vendors
license. This is important because most (not all) suppliers and wholesalers will
not sell you their products unless you are a real business. What is a tax ID? A tax
ID allows you to purchase merchandise from a supplier without paying taxes
and allows you to collect taxes when you sell the merchandise you bought.

You do not have to get a tax ID but it is recommended and will make buying
things from wholesalers a lot easier. Most suppliers have a minimum order
quantity which means if you want to buy from them you must buy the minimum
amount required or they won't sell you anything. So even when you have your
business registered and have a tax ID it doesn't necessarily mean you will be
able to start with no money.

To find a supplier, simply go to the yellow pages website:
and type in wholesale. Click search and you will find a ton of suppliers and
wholesalers that might interest you.

Just because you are going to sell stuff through the internet doesn't
mean you have to do everything else over the internet as well. You can also call
suppliers and visit them in person!

If you do not want to register your business or can't afford the minimum order,
and your attempt to bribe the sales manager has failed, there are still ways for
you to sell the things you want to sell.

Get to know someone that already sells the product you are looking to sell. This
is about partnerships, you need a partner that owns or runs a store that sells the
products you are looking to sell on eBay. Your goal is to purchase the products
you want to sell, from a supplier through your partner's business, leaving your
partner with a cut of your profits. If that sound complicated, let me break it

Find a store that already sells the products you want to sell on eBay. Talk to the
owner and tell them your plan. Tell them that you are looking for a business
partner that can supply you with a large quantity of a certain product (the
product you want to sell). Tell your future partner that all he/she would have to
do is order the products you want and you will pay him a chunk of the profits.

Now when you are talking to your future partner, make sure you "juice up" your
business proposition. Tell him/her how much extra income this partnership can
make, tell him/her that by ordering an extra amount of products every month
might get him a greater bulk discount from his/her supplier. I am no "expert" in
persuasion but I do know that when you are trying to make someone do what you
want; you must first give them what they want. So don't talk so much about what
you want, instead focus on what he/she will gain by being your supplier/partner.

After you have found a person that can supply you with the products you want all
you have to do is tell them how much products you need and your new partner
will simply call his/her supplier and order the products for you.

If you can get yourself a partner that owns his/her own store and has access to
suppliers that have the product you want. Your hard work in finding that partner
will be greatly rewarded. You will be able to take advantage of your partner's bulk
discounts and order small quantities of products at large quantity discounts.

Now what you may ask me is; does anyone actually do this? Do people actually
become PowerSellers using the method mentioned above?

Yes! This method is commonly used by people who sell expensive watches on
the internet.

If you want to sell expensive watches on eBay, it is very hard to manage without
either your own watch store or a partner that has one. Most watch
companies have large minimum orders and sell only to authorized dealers, to
become an authorized dealer is very hard and most stores don't qualify.

If you are thinking of selling something that is available to anyone with a tax ID
and the money to afford the minimum order quantity. The only advantages to
using the above method are; you don't need to get a tax ID and you will be able
to buy small quantities at bulk discounts.


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