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Something very important that you should know is that you don't have to sell
things that come from an actual wholesale supplier. The stuff you sell can also
come from a liquidator. A liquidator is someone that buys overruns from big
retailers (Sears, Wal-Mart etc.) at a fraction of the wholesale price for the


You see, sometimes big stores can't sell everything they have. The stuff they
couldn't sell needs to be gotten rid of as soon as possible to make room for new
products. This is where liquidation companies come in and buy the overruns
products at a fraction of the wholesale price.

When a liquidation company buys a couple of truckloads full of overruns, the
next thing it must do is sell these overruns as soon as possible to make room for
more over runs. Since the liquidator must get rid of the products as soon as
possible, the products are sold at extremely cheap prices and always in bulk.

Liquidation companies are always looking to get rid of the stuff they have in stock
as soon as possible, and that is where you come in by offering to sell their stuff.

The great thing about selling things from a liquidator is their prices are usually as
low as they get, I mean like $100 products for $10! And since the liquidator sells
the products at well below whole sale prices, it gives you a lot of room for profit.

You can use OPP and OPM to sell all kinds of stuff. You can sell peoples™ cars
for them. You can even sell houses, boats, or jewelry collections. Just look in the
for sale listings of your local newspaper and look at all of the great stuff for sale
that would sell on eBay. Call up the owners of the items advertised in the
newspaper and offer to sell the stuff for them.

Looking for stuff in newspapers is great because; the people that are using a
newspaper to sell something probably know nothing about eBay and are
desperate to get rid of the stuff they are advertising. These people are also the
ones that are willing to lower the price and haggle, and that is great because the
lower the price they are willing to let the item go for; the more profit you can
make by selling their stuff.

As you can see, the place you get your products from doesn't need to be a
wholesaler and the products don't have to be brand new. The most important
thing to remember in order to make this method of making money useful to you;

OPP Other Peoples Products and OPM Other People's Money

So what are the advantages of selling lots of low priced products?

Here they are:

You don't need any money to start. If you use this method, you will not need any
money to start because you are selling OPP or products you don't own!

Less transactions, even though you will be selling a lot of products, you will be
selling them all at the same time, to just a few customers. Don't look at it as
1,000 items sold, look at it as 10 transactions made.

Few competitors, there aren't a lot of people doing this on eBay I have actually
spoken to only one. But just because everyone isn't doing doesn't mean it won™t
work, it simply means you have the market all to yourself!

Access to products you might eventually want to start selling one by one. You
don't have to be a supplier forever, you can start selling like most people do (item
by item) after you make some money. But you will have a huge advantage over
most people, you will be friends with a supplier and have access to tons of

Being a supplier is all about the numbers. It's all about bulk sales and price per
item. . Let's say you buy 1000 music CD's for $100. That works out to $0.10 per
CD. Lets say the retail price per CD is $5. If you sell each CD for $1 you will
make a profit of $900 or 1,000%!! But you must buy bulk! You can't get those
kinds of deals buying 2 CD's at a time.

One of the first PowerSellers I ever talked to was very nice man named Doug.
Doug sells cameras, binoculars and all kinds of other optical products under the
eBay ID gr8fuldoug1.

But that is not all Doug sells! As I interviewed him, and listened to the great
stories he was telling me, I heard him say he also sells CD's. I quickly interrupted
him and asked him to tell me all about his CD selling. As it turned out Doug and a
partner had bought 35,000 music CDs from a warehouse and sell them under
the user ID Moonskaman. Doug told me he sells the CD's in lots of 50, 75, 100
and so on. I didn't ask Doug to go into detail, but one thing is for sure...when you
buy 35,000 CD's you get a HUGE discount!

Now you know that you can be a PowerSeller a bunch of different ways, you can
sell high ticket items, medium or low priced items or become a supplier and sell
wholesale lots.

Now you need to decide what condition the products you are selling going to be
in and where are you going to get those products.

What I mean by condition is: are the products you sell going to be new, used or

I will start with new products first¦

New Products
NEW products advantages:

]They are new, in shiny boxes and have factory backed warranties! Those
things are all very important to the person buying the products from you.

]If the product turns out to be flawed you will be able to send it back to
where you got it from and get a replacement or repairs.

]New products will attract more attention and usually get more bids.
Everyone wants new stuff! So when you sell new stuff make sure you let
people know that it's new! New products are something to brag about.

NEW products disadvantages;

\ is harder to get your hands on new products and you will almost always
need a tax ID. Stuff like kitchen knives and toasters is usually easy to find
and available to anyone who can afford the minimum order quantity.

\ like plasma TVs, laptop computers and DVD players are a little
harder to find and unless you order a truckload can sometimes leave little
room for profit (on eBay). Stuff like expensive watches can be nearly
impossible to get new unless you have a friend or partner who already has
access to what you want.

\ suppliers sell new products to retail stores, you are not a retail store!
Retail stores sell everything for full price, most of your sales will be at least
25% lower than retail, this leaves you with less room for profit!

Now even though the disadvantages seem discouraging, you can make a ton of
money selling new stuff! When you sell new you usually have the latest products
that are being advertised while you sell them, if the competition is selling used or
refurbished stuff the probably have last years models. So your products are
probably superior.

Now we™ll look at used products¦

Used Products

Used products can be great sellers, depending on what you sell. Not every
used product is a good seller and most used products are hard to sell. Because
every one wants NEW stuff and used products usually don't come with a

You need to sell stuff that keeps its value over time. Watches, jewelry, antiques
and collectibles are examples of things that keep their value very well. Some
used electronics and even clothing can also be good sellers, as long as they™re
relatively new. A camcorder that is only one year old and is in good condition will
always sell. A 20 year old stereo with scratches and cracks won't.

If you are going to sell used products that don't keep their value very well
(electronics, shoes, food?) you should sell relatively young products that are
good sellers. Camcorders, DVD players, MP3 players, designer clothing etc. etc.

In other words if you are selling stuff like electronics, clothing, accessories and
other stuff that doesn't keep its value very well. You should sell stuff that is
relatively new and is somewhat "hot".

If you are going to sell stuff that keeps its value well than sell stuff like watches,
jewelry, collectibles, antiques and unique items. Unique items sell good because
they are interesting and rare, the age sometimes adds to the value just like in

USED products advantages:

]Used products are extremely cheap, especially when bought in bulk.
Unlike new products, used ones don't have a concrete value. The value is
usually either guessed or whatever someone will pay. This is a great
advantage because sometimes you will be able to buy a product for just a
fraction of what it will go for on eBay.

]You can make the products come to you, instead of gong to the supplier.
You can run ads in newspapers and have a website that says you buy used
stuff (the stuff you want to buy), so if you want to buy bikes simply say "I
buy used bicycles". This way you are also in the driver's seat, you decide
what you want to pay!

]Used products can be easier to get your hands on than new ones. While
new products are easier to find a supplier for, used products can be easier

to actually buy for resale. You don't need a tax ID, you don't need lots of
money and you can make the product come to you!

]You can find great items to sell at garage sales, estate auctions, flea markets
and thrift stores. Eric used to make decent money on eBay by buying silverware
and other such items at thrift stores for dirt cheap, and selling them on ebay for
over 1000% profit in many cases.

USED products disadvantages:

\Used products are not NEW. When most people buy something they want
it to be brand new, they want a guarantee, they want to be the first ones to
lay their hands on what they bought, they want that "new smell". If you are
selling a used product, there is no "new smell".

\ products are usually at least one year old and sometimes they are
outdated. To some people an outdated product is useless, they want the
latest model.

\ are tons of people selling used stuff on eBay, and many of those
people are PowerSellers. If you do decide to sell used products, I and many
PowerSellers recommend that you sell something that holds its value very

\ you™re going to go the garage sale/thrift store/flea market route, it takes a lot
of TIME. If you enjoy treasure hunting then this could be a fun and relaxing
option for you, but it™s probably not going to make you filthy rich because you will
always be limited by time.

Next we™ll look at refurbished products¦

Refurbished Products

Refurbished products fall somewhere in between new and used products.
Refurbished products are not new, but they aren't exactly used either. In case
you don't know what refurbished means, I will explain:

Most retail stores offer a money back guarantee. Sometimes the customer that
buys the product returns it for a refund, the item is then returned to the factory,
given an inspection and sold as refurbished.

The packaging of an item can be damaged during shipping. In that case the
item is sent back to the manufacturer, repackaged and sold as refurbished.

Items that have a slight defect of flaw like a scratch or mechanical flaw are
returned to the manufacturer. The manufactures repairs the items, repackages
them and marks them refurbished.

Demonstration units are also considered refurbished, but only when they are
returned to the manufacturer, inspected and repackaged.

Brand new overstock items can also be marked refurbished. These items are
brand new, but sold as refurbished.

Sometimes the packaging of an item is opened; this is also marked as
refurbished. The only thing "wrong" with these items is; the box was simply

Refurbished items almost always come with manufacturers warranties. Although


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