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left hand side.
The RSS button typically looks like this example from
the BBC (http://www.bbc.com) page:

If you click on the RSS button you can subscribe to
the feed in various ways: you can either drag the URL of
the RSS feed into your news reader, or you can cut and
paste the URL into a new feed in your news reader.
Some browsers, including Firefox, Opera and Safari,
have functionality that automatically picks up RSS feeds
for you. To make absolutely sure, check the details on the
homesites of those browsers.
RSS feeds are a great way to get free content
streaming onto your pages.
The only downside is that most of the free RSS feeds
are news-oriented or entertainment-oriented, so if you

How to Build an Adsense Kingdom “ Copyright 2005 by Eric Holmlund
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run, say, a site that focuses on the latest video games,
your audience may not really care that they can get the
latest news streaming in there.
As far as the nitty-gritty, each RSS channel can
contain up to 15 items and is easily parsed using Perl or
other open source software. If you want more details, I
suggest you check out Jonathan Eisenzopf's excellent
article in the February issue of Web Techniques.
But you don't really have to worry too much over the
details, since a simple Google search on “free open source
RSS feed scripts” will produce the code you need to create
your own RSS channel.
The next step, once you've created and validated
(http://www.webreference.com/authoring/languages/xml/rss/1/ ) your
RSS text file, is to register it at the various aggregators,
and start watching your traffic really spike. This happens
because now any site can grab and display your feed
regularly, which will drive traffic straight to your site.
It gets better”if you update your RSS file, all the
external sites that subscribe to your feed will be
automatically updated. What could be easier, other than
watching those nice, fat checks from your Google AdSense
ads roll in? Well, if you use RSS feeds, they™ll work

How to Build an Adsense Kingdom “ Copyright 2005 by Eric Holmlund
Page 111
Chapter 14: Summing Up

So that you will have them handy as a frame of
reference, you™ll want to bookmark the Google Guidelines
for their search engine:
To get you on your way, here™s a handy list of tips
for using AdSense:

Making Money with AdSense -- Tip #1:
Start now!
It™s as easy as falling off a log to generating revenue
with Google AdSense. After you're accepted to the
program, just add a few lines of html code to your site
(Google shows you how once you're accepted) -- and

Within a few minutes, your site will begin displaying
AdWords, and so you can start making money. Each day
you wait means you don™t make the bucks you could. So
start now.

Making Money with AdSense -- Tip #2:
Make content pages for your site -- and put AdWords
on them.

How to Build an Adsense Kingdom “ Copyright 2005 by Eric Holmlund
Page 112
Assuming your page is a decent one, the more pages
you have displaying AdWords, the more money you'll earn.

If you already have a website, display AdWords on
more pages.

And always, always, always focus on making more
great content pages. I suggest that you budget time each
week for creating pages (and sites) on topics you love.
You'll find more on creating AdSense content pages in Tip

And it™s especially good if these content pages are
very clearly focused. Then, Google will be able to serve
highly relevant AdWords to your users. This means your
visitors will be more interested in the ads, which results in
higher click through rates -- and more money for you!

Making Money with AdSense -- Tip #3:
Whenever you can, use higher paying keywords.

Obviously, you'll earn more if the average AdWord
that Google displays pays more per click.

The question is: how do you get Google to display

How to Build an Adsense Kingdom “ Copyright 2005 by Eric Holmlund
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higher paying keywords?

Well, for one thing, don't get greedy and create
pages on unrelated keywords just because they pay more.
In other words, don't create a page on 'cell phone plans'
on your motorcycle tire site just because 'cell phone plans'
pays more than ˜motorcycle tires.™

How to find out which keywords pay best? If you're a
Google AdWords advertiser, you can log into your AdWords
account and experiment.

If you're not an AdWords advertiser, use a free tool at
the pay-per-click search engine, Overture.

Overture™s tool lets you see what advertisers are
paying on Overture for each keyword. Sure, Overture and
Google don™t pay the same. But they™re not all that
different, and this tool can give you a general idea of which
keywords will pay more than others.

(Also, don™t™ forget Google™s commission, so you have
to allow for their cut on the amount an advertiser pays for
each click.)

Making Money with AdSense -- Tip #4:

How to Build an Adsense Kingdom “ Copyright 2005 by Eric Holmlund
Page 114
You want to make new pages with higher paying
keywords (while keeping it real and releveant).

Sometimes, selecting different keywords on the same
topic can really make a difference in earnings.

Pretend you have a gardening site and you want to
create some new pages.

By carefully selecting which topics to focus on first,
you can dramatically increase your income.

With the Overture tool mentioned above, you can find
out that 'water gardening' currently has a maximum price
of $0.50, while 'gardening zone' is only $0.05. That means
you can earn 10 times more by creating a page on 'water
gardening' than 'gardening zones'! Which one to
choose¦yeah, that™s tough!

What you want to do is use information to decide
which relevant keywords to focus on as you go through the
process of making new pages for your site.

Making Money with AdSense -- Tip #5:
Build a new site on high paying keywords.

How to Build an Adsense Kingdom “ Copyright 2005 by Eric Holmlund
Page 115
This is one of my most lucrative pieces of advice:
create a brand new site to take advantage of Google
AdSense by deliberately selecting a topic with high paying

Then, of course, you deliver dynamite content on that

But how do you know what the highest paying
keywords are?

Another tool you can use comes from pay-per-click
search engine, 7Search. 7Search has a page on the 100
highest paying keywords. Unfortunately, it™s not
perfect. The tool often 'times out' and gives you an error
when you try to access the page. My best advice is just be
patient and try several times to get this list”it™s worth it.

Making Money with AdSense -- Tip #6:
Pull in qualified traffic to your site.

Basic marketing 101 says if you get more qualified
visitors to your site, more people will naturally click on the
displayed AdWords, and you'll earn more.

If you go back and read the chapters 6, 7, 8, & 9,

How to Build an Adsense Kingdom “ Copyright 2005 by Eric Holmlund
Page 116
you™ll find some dynamite info.

Making Money with AdSense -- Tip #7:
Think about segmenting your sites: making some
pages for high search engine traffic, other pages to
sell products, and still other pages just for Google

To implement this, you™ll need to recognize that
different pages on your site can have different purposes.
You may have pages designed to sell specific products.
Others may be designed to rank high in the search engines
(but don't ever try to trick the search engines). Still others
can be designed for Google AdSense.

Now, once you know which pages you're creating for
AdSense, your job is simple; select an appropriate
keyword (or key phrase).

Then you™ll use that keyword as the file name and put
dashes between the words. In the example above, you
would use the file name 'water-gardening.html' for your
water gardening page.


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