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• Treating fleas
• Common dog ailments and when to go to the
• Dog nutrition
• Taking your dog on a trip

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• Getting a pet sitter or boarding your dog if you
don™t take him on a trip

The articles you™ll want to have on your site should
be short enough so that someone can read them in about
5 minutes. This means you want to stick to articles of 250
to 750 words, with 300 to 600 words optimal. To give you
an idea, a single page in a published novel has about 300
Of course, your real purpose in putting up all these
nice little short articles and changing them out frequently
is not to just put information out into the world. It is to
have a site that people will come back to so that they will
see the Google AdSense ads, and click on them, and then
you will get checks in the mail.
That™s a key point, so I™m going to repeat it:

The purpose of having a content-rich
website is to attract people to it, again and
again, so that they will see the ads and click
on them.

You might think it™s lots of cool graphics and colors
that make a site attractive to a visitor, but it™s really the
content. In order to make money from Google AdSense,

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you need to grasp that concept. Believe me, you could run
a wonderful advertising campaign and develop all sorts of
viral marketing tools and attractive affiliate programs, but
unless your Website is content-rich, the traffic spikes that
you get for your efforts will only be temporary. The very
best way to attract and retain an online audience is to
provide content that™s useful, valuable, informative,
educational or just downright funny or entertaining in
some way.
What does a content-rich website look like? Here are
a few examples¦

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How Do I Build One?

I know the notion of creating your very own content-
rich website might be a little intimidating, but you can do
it. It™s not hard. You don™t have to be a good writer to
have good content on your site. In fact, you don™t have to
be a writer at all. There are plenty of successful people
who make a lot of money from Google AdSense and they
don™t write a word of that content. We™ll talk more about
that later, but you can hire writers, use software tools, or
have guest writers”it™s not hard.
Anyone can create a content-rich Website by
following a few key points:
• Have some discipline”maintain your site.
• Update that site often. Having a schedule is
• Be able to beg, borrow, or commission content.

Discipline is key
To create a content-rich Website, you need to hone
your focus and your self-discipline. I don™t have to tell you
how incredibly easy it is to waste hours, even days, just
surfing around the web from one site to another. You

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can™t let yourself get distracted like that or you won™t
accomplish anything. Start with setting a limit to surfing
for fun so that you limit your searches to sites and
resources that are relate very directly to your site's
Discipline also applies to creating creation.
Successful writers can™t afford to wait for inspiration to
strike before starting work. Instead, they develop a writing
schedule for themselves and they stick with it like it was
their job”since it is. As one famous writer said, “I write
when I feel like it. And every morning at 9am, I make
sure I feel like it.” Schedule a time for yourself to sit down
at your desk and write.
And you™ll need to develop another schedule for
when to add content to your Website, and follow that
schedule religiously. Make a commitment to yourself and
follow through with it.
And remember”if you just simply can™t write, or you
find yourself making too many excuses not to write
content, just hire someone.
Go to Elance.com and post a project to write 20
articles of 300-600 words each for $5 to $10 each. That
site is so competitive that you™ll find someone at almost
any price.

Regular updates are critical to your site

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Nothing is deader than a website that looks like
somebody™s forgotten about it. Regularly updating or
modifying your site content gives you a big advantage over
the competition. Web surfers will keep on coming back to
your site if they notice that there™s always something new
to see, learn, or enjoy each time.

What Kind of Content Should I Put Up?

Any kind you want, of course, since we™re talking
about the internet. But seriously, you™ll want to give this
topic some consideration, since there™s more interest in
some topics than others.
You know the people who are your audience, since
ideally you™re talking about something you know about.
For instance, if you™re talking about Ultimate Frisbee, it™s
because you play it. So you know what other Ultimate
people are like, and what they want to know and what
they find entertaining.
Once you know that, you can decide about which
types of content will best serve their needs and how to go
about finding or creating it. Here are some general
categories to get you started with your brainstorming:

• Editorials

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• Feature articles

• Political opinion

• News stories

• Art galleries

• A conglomeration of the best content

• Reviews of movies, books, music

• Interviews

• Interactive features - polls, feedback,

discussion groups, forums, chat

Editorials are the opinion of someone who™s seen as
an expert in the field-- (either you or a guest contributor).
This makes good content because people like to respond to
it, either by agreeing with or opposing the writer. This can
make for an exciting page, and you™ll probably have to
moderate it.
Give your people a way to make their views known;
put up a bulletin board or guest book on your site. People
will come back to read other responses to their comments.
And you can use this feedback from your audience by
incorporating it into a follow up article in the future.

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For instance, is everybody complaining about a new
government travel policy? Do an article on it, since clearly
that™s something people are talking about so they™ll want
to read about it.

Full-length Feature Articles
This is the most common and in many people™s
opinion one of the best forms of content. Depending on
what your site is like, the articles could be long or brief,
formal or chatty, technical or entertaining.
Here are some tips:

• Keep it short. While there aren't any hard and
fast rules, you should keep these articles below
1200 words. If they are longer, make them
into multi-part features. People hate to have
to scroll down a lot.

• Articles should be relevant to your site.

• Articles ought to educate, entertain or inform.
Don™t overwhelm people; stick to one or two

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• Refrain from rehashing an article you've read
somewhere else. By publishing something
that™s new, you up the value and credibility of
your site.

To Get Content
1. Offer to pay guest authors for their work. A guest
author could be someone you found on your
bulletin board who happens to write well.
2. Exchange articles with the guest author™s site.
Your site visitors benefit by providing them with
another point of view. And you might just gain
some new regular visitors from your guest
author's site!
3. Make sure you get exclusivity. When someone
writes for you, make sure they won™t submit that
same article to dozens of other Websites and
newsletters. When your site publishes exclusive
content, you have opportunities for syndication in
other publications, online and off, and you gain a
lot of reader loyalty. The key phrase in a contract
with a writer is that you™re buying all rights,
including electronic.
4. Use one of the great software tools which we™ll be
discussing a little later!

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