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Can you use reprints?
Reprint articles written by others, but you must
always obtain permission. All work, from the moment it is
written, is copyright and owned by the author, whether it
is marked with a copyright symbol or not. Content is not
free. You can, however, make reprints interesting and
personalized by putting your own 'spin' on the content.
Write an introduction to the subject, or comment on the
author's opinions or conclusions.
Take care to avoid 'editing' the original article
without the author's permission. Avoid articles that have
been reprinted many times before on other Websites and
electronic publications.
Another great source of content is public domain
work. Public domain typically means that the copyright has
expired, and now anyone can use it royalty-free. Other
examples of public domain would be stories or poems
which have been passed down throughout the generations,
and nobody knows the original author. If you search the
web, you can find a good deal of public domain content.

Political Opinion
Using political opinion on your site can be tricky.
People are deeply divided these days and have strong
opinions. If you do run a political site, you™ll probably want

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to carve out your own niche. Even then, be prepared for
flamers from very different view points.
On the other hand, if you can manage to run a site
that actually features a somewhat well-mannered debate,
you™ll have a huge hit on your hands. Be prepared to
moderate this type of site.

News Stories
Your site can become a news source for the latest
developments and happenings in certain niche area by
providing timely news on topics of interest to your readers.
I™m not saying you can be the next CNN or MS-NBC,
because that takes building a huge operation. But what
you can be is, for example, the CNN of the karate world, or
the ABS-News of the bonsai tree hobbyists.
What you™ll want to do is create a separate section of
your site to deal with industry news. Or, devote an entire
site to news updates. There are many ways of presenting

• As a feature article
• As short news clips, with a link to the full story
• As news stories, where each item is explained at

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However you decide present the news, make sure
you give it your own personal style. Check out salon.com.
Has its own style, doesn™t it? Now look at
drudgereport.com. That™s another style. Make yours
interesting, personal, chatty, fun, unique, or all of these “
just make it yours.
Make sure your news is relevant, useful to your
reader, and timely. Old news ain™t no news at all, it™s
history! So how do you get news? By:
• Subscribe to eZines on your subject or topic
• Sign up for e-mail news delivery services
• Register to get regular press releases on your
• Surf the web for new news items
• Get news from newspapers, magazines and
• Go to conferences, workshops or seminars and
write about what you see and who you talk to

Conglomerating the best content
If you can make your site into the ultimate content
resource on issues related to your topic, I guarantee you
you™ll attract and retain a loyal audience. Your site will
become known as a The Place for anyone who wants
information on your subject. For example, Harry Knowles

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has made aintitcoolnews.com into The Site for movie
reviews and advance spoilers.
Since you™re the expert on your topic, you can
evaluate sites and other resources (eZines, directories,
books, offline publications) and sniff out the best ones to
list along with your rating and opinions.
This sort of content is like the old book reports you
used to have to write for school. Read up thoroughly on
your subjects, then hit the high points of a topic. Or,
consider writing a summary of three separate article that
have the same theme.

Reviews of movies, books, music
This is perhaps the easiest category to get content
for. If you have friends who are movie, book, or music
fans, they™ll probably write reviews for free just for the
thrill of seeing their stuff on a site.
Also, this is a never-ending source of content, since
there are always new movies, books and music coming
out. Contrast that with dog breeds”once you™ve written
everything there is to say about every known breed, you
have to wait for them to come up with a new breed!
If you want to have some fun, you can review
movies yourself. And actually, if you™re running your
Google adsense site as a business, you may even be able

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to deduct the cost of movie tickets from your taxes.
Check with a tax consultant to make sure, though.
Music is easy, too, especially if you live in a town
that has lots of live music or festivals. If not, you can buy
used cd™s online, listen, and review. In fact, you could
even hire a high-school kid to do this, but check their
writing skills first.
Books are a little harder, since they take more time
to review and cost more than cd™s and movie tickets.
However, you can paraphrase what others have said if
you™re clever and don™t violate copyright.

This is a category you might want to get a freelance
writer for. Go to elance.com and browse the profiles of
Service Providers to see who does interviews, then talk to
them. Many freelancers specialize in celebrity interviews,
and that™s what you want.

Interactive features - polls, feedback, discussion
groups, forums, chat
This is one of the most popular types of sites for
kids, teens, and young adults because they get to give
their opinions (which many kids don™t get to do enough of
at home, according to them) and they get to talk to

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So, if you want to run this kind of site, bear your
target market in mind. It™s worth paying a few bucks to a
freelance writer or graphic artist to come up with fun
games that are constantly changing, or new polls, since
people will come back time and again to give their
opinions. And don™t forget surveys”people love to take

Sample Google AdSense pages”real sites

Observe the Google bar on the right-hand side,
arranged vertically:

And here™s a site that has the Google bar on the left:

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And here™s something really interesting: a page on
how to increase your Google AdSense revenue, using
AdSense on the page:

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Chapter 3: SEO”Search Engine Optimization

You™ve probably heard of SEO, since it™s very hot
right now. It stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO
is the process of increasing the amount of visitors to a site
by designing the site content so that the site ranks high in
the search results of a search engine.
The higher a Web site ranks in the results of a
search, the greater the chance that a user will visit that
site. Let™s face it, most people are lazy. They™re not going
to spend time clicking and scanning tons of pages of
search results. Therefore, where a site ranks in a web
search is absolutely critical for directing more traffic
toward the site. SEO helps to make sure that a site is
accessible to a search engine and improves the chances
that the site will be found by the search engine.
To understand how this works, you need to know a
little bit about how search engines work. Typically, a
search engine sends out a spider to fetch as many
documents as it can. Then another program, called an
indexer, reads these documents and makes an index based
on the words each document contains. Each search engine
uses a unique proprietary algorithm to create indexes so

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that hopefully only meaningful results are returned for
each query.
These indexers compute the keyword density.
Keyword density refers to the how often a certain
word appears in a given document. It™s given as a
percentage. Let™s say you have a site about running
shoes. A keyword density of 7% on “running” on that web
page means that out of 1000 words, 70 of them are
Unfortunately, the quick-buck con artists have
figured this out, and they will put up a site that has a front
page that is totally littered with keywords. To give you an
idea, a normal key word density for the main key words is
about 3 to 7%. What these people will do is have
something insane like a 25% keyword density on their
front page. Then that page ranks #1 in search engine
results when users search for that word. Once the user is
on the entry page, they™re likely to enter the site.
Pornographers do this by putting up sites that have
content like:

Sex, sex, sex. Sex is here. You want sex. We have
sex. Pix of sex, lots of sex.

See how annoying that gets?

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Search engines used to use meta-tags to search for
web sites. This was nice, since the meta-tag was a hidden
area of your page where you could put all the relevant
keywords and not have to worry about making your
content sound awkward by overusing certain words.


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