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How to Build an Adsense Kingdom “ Copyright 2005 by Eric Holmlund
Page 58
competitors to help you with your overall marketing

Meta Tag Generator
This automatically generates a Meta Keyword tag by
reading the page you specify, removing common words
from it, and picking the most used words on the page.
Extra weight is given to words in a heading tag (etc.)

Search Term Suggestion Tool
This one tells you how many times a certain keyword was
searched for at Overture.com. It will also show all related
searches for that keyword. It™s a good thing to use to
determine search frequency among related keyword

Search Engine Optimization Tool
This is a tool with a lot of power. It tests the performance
of a web site by analyzing a page by important criteria
such as title and content. Then it ranks the page against
the criteria that the top search engines use. And as if that
isn™t enough, it also provides SEO advice to improve your

How to Build an Adsense Kingdom “ Copyright 2005 by Eric Holmlund
Page 59
overall ranking. The report it puts out is well laid out and
easy to read.

How to Build an Adsense Kingdom “ Copyright 2005 by Eric Holmlund
Page 60
Chapter 5: About Extreme Content Sites

What is extreme content? Don™t worry”it™s not adult
content, or graphic violence, or even anything terribly
controversial. “Extreme content” refers to very large sites
ranging in size from 1,000 to 10,000¦even 300,000 pages.
Now why on earth would anyone go to the trouble to
create anything that huge, other than trying to get into the
Guinness Book of World Records? They do it in order to
have a ton of pages that will result in a massive saturation
upon the search engines.
Let™s look at it this way: say you™ve got a nice little
ten-page site. Those ten pages give you ten chances to
get listed somewhere in a search engine™s rankings.
Contrast that with an extreme content site of 1,000 pages.
That site has 1,000 chances of getting listed in the
rankings, which means some of their pages will no doubt
get listed up near the very top.
Of course, not all of the 1,000 pages will rank in the
top 10”there™s not room, by definition”but you™ve got a
better chance that some of them will. And when you get
all that traffic streaming into your site, you can direct them

How to Build an Adsense Kingdom “ Copyright 2005 by Eric Holmlund
Page 61
to your main site by using pop-unders or links and articles
on those pages.
Of course, you can also use them to make big bucks
by putting Google ads on these pages using Google
However, keeping track of thousands of pages
requires a good organizational scheme. You™ll want to use
a service like Wordtracker.com or the Overture keyword
tool to find out the most popular keywords. Once you™ve
figured those out, use a tool like traffichurricane.com to
build a huge site.
So what all do you put in an extreme content site?

• Articles “ be sure and organize them by
categories. Otherwise, it™ll be like trying to
find a needle in a haystack. And it™s critical
that they be SEO keyword-rich.
• Web forums “ people love forums where they
can discuss things, so give them a place to
vent and have their little flame wars.
• Polls “ people also love to be asked their
opinions, so give them a place to express it,
even if it™s just a multiple-choice poll.
• Games “ a huge number of people love to play

How to Build an Adsense Kingdom “ Copyright 2005 by Eric Holmlund
Page 62
So what sort of strategy do you use to create an
extreme content site? Well, for one thing, you don™t try to
do it at once. Having said that, though, if you think you
want to go extreme, make sure you set up a basic
structure that allows for expansion.
Start small, but leave room to grow. For instance,
start out with a ten-page site that stays on one topic.
Then, once you get Google AdSense going and the checks
are coming in, use the tools discussed in this book to
determine the hottest keywords of the month and use the
other tools we talk about to build your keyword-rich
Before you know it, you™ll be up to thirty, sixty, even
a hundred pages. Then you™ll just need to make a
commitment to add a certain number of pages each
So now that you™ve got the game plan, get going!

Another great way to build a quick content site is with
other people™s articles using a tool like The Article System.
This tool builds content pages by pulling articles directly
from article site directories and building those articles into
pages on your site. We™ll discuss it in more depth in the
next chapter.

How to Build an Adsense Kingdom “ Copyright 2005 by Eric Holmlund
Page 63
Chapter 6: Using The Article System

The Article System (ArticleSystem.com)
is a great tool that allows you to build large content-rich
sites in a short period of time, and without having to do
any writing. I have to admit I™m a little biased because The
Article System is my own product, so just to be fair I™ve
included full reviews of other similar and competing
products in the following chapters. But for now let™s
talk about The Article System¦

Even while earning a good living through several steady online
income streams, I faced the continual problem of figuring out
how to drive traffic to my various websites without killing the
bottom line on PPC (pay per click) and other advertising. Now
don't get me wrong, I still use PPC to maximize my results, but
it's very important to work on your "natural" unpaid search
engine results. The best way I've found to achieve this is by
providing many, many pages of high quality targeted content
that the search engines will gobble up.

I tried several different methods to achieve this result, but they
were either too time consuming, or too poor quality...or it

How to Build an Adsense Kingdom “ Copyright 2005 by Eric Holmlund
Page 64
involved something that was against the search engines'
policies! What I needed was a content generation system that
met these criteria:

— Needs to be quick...I didn't want to spend all day creating
pages one at a time.
— Needs to be customizable. I needed to create high quality
pages that fit my sites, and that the search engines wouldn't
consider to be "spam".

For awhile, the only solution I found that could achieve these
goals was to outsource the work to someone who would do it all
manually. In other words they would write or hand-collate the
articles/content, and create the HTML pages by hand.
Unfortunately that's obviously an expensive way to do it. You
could spend a fortune on just one site.

The Solution

The problems I just mentioned are the reason why I decided to
create The Article System. Essentially, it's a system that does
most of the work for you. You just need to buy one small
program, and then you can use it as much as you want,
whenever you want, for free! Imagine creating a 1,000+ page
targeted content site in less than an hour...I've done it, and so
can you! Before you start to worry about anything, let me
quench your fears by answering some of the questions that
seem to pop up as soon as people hear about this system...

How to Build an Adsense Kingdom “ Copyright 2005 by Eric Holmlund
Page 65
1) You do NOT have to be a good writer to use this system. In
fact, you don't need to write anything.

2) This system does not involve anything illegal or unethical like
copying and pasting other people's content onto your site
without permission.

3) This system is not banned by search engines, and should not
get you in trouble with them if you follow my instructions of how
to use it properly.

Benefits of The Article System

Here are some of the awesome features that you can look
forward to benefiting from when you use The Article System...

— Get relevant content for your website without having to
search for it.
— Easily add the content to any template or to your customized
— Simply refresh or add new content as much as you want to
keep your site fresh.
— Keep your visitors coming back to see fresh content.
— Instantly add HTML content pages to your site, even if you
don't know HTML.
— The pages are static URL's. That means there's no "?" or
other hindering characters.
— Add keyword-dense pages to all of your sites so the search
engines gobble them up.

How to Build an Adsense Kingdom “ Copyright 2005 by Eric Holmlund
Page 66
— Improve your search engine rankings by optimizing the
content and quality your websites.
— I'll show you how to add a FREE RANDOMIZER to your site for
any or all of it's pages.

Why Is It Better Than Other Systems?

I'll just give you a few key points that I feel make The Article
System a better tool than many other systems available...

— It's a web-based application. That means once you install
it onto your website, the pages will authomatically be created ON
your website, so you don't have to take the time to upload
hundreds or potentially thousands of pages. This also means you
can REFRESH or ADD content on your website any time simply
by running the system again.
— It's customizable, so the output is not just a bunch of
ugly pages. This is critical in not getting banned from search
engines. You can plug the system into your existing website
design, use a template, or create a new one.
— It includes 10 different templates that are designed
to be used with The Article System. You can use the
templates and alter them any way you wish. This can save
you even more time by simply plugging in one of my pre-
built designs and running the system. Of course you don't
need to use the templates, you can create your own
template based on your existing website or a new design.


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