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How is MW able to charge such high prices, prices
people are lining up to pay? Well, because MW is a
software release from SEO "expert" Nathan Anderson. The
big claim is that MW is "The First White Hat Software

How to Build an Adsense Kingdom “ Copyright 2005 by Eric Holmlund
Page 80
Tool". The program is supposedly able to "(generate) non-
foot-printable, traffic-generating-websites the search
engines absolutely love¦"
Users were understandably skeptical of these bold
claims at first, and skittish of the high price of MW.
The buzz that MW has tried to create is that TE, TH
and the rest are just black-hat spam machines that create
content that™s mediocre at best.
Anderson claims that while MW sounds like a
doorway page generator, his product is different because
unlike doorway pages, "MetaWebs are likely to be
bookmarked and revisited because of their valuable
content." Meaning his product creates pages with actual
content while doorway page generators just produce pages
designed to trick search engines.
I talked about doorway pages earlier. Now let me
give you a definition. As defined by About.com, doorway
pages are "pages designed to be visible only by search
engine spiders, and usually just have blobs of keywords all
over them."
MetaWebs, on the other hand, creates websites that
are highly optimized, formatted in php templates, and
filled with live, active content from Anderson™s Meta search
When MW was released, its connotation as a White
Hat software tool was met with disbelief and disdain by

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many users who just didn™t want to believe. Their main
criticism had to do with the potential for spam to ruin
search engine results. A whole lot of users feel that SERPs
(Search Engine Results Pages) have become way
overcrowded with spam sites and doorway pages which
they view as the bane of their existence. Others blame
MetaWeb for the increase in search engine spam.
The question is being asked on forums, "How long
will it be before Google's AdSense team starts cracking
down on AdSense accounts that are used on pages
generated from keyword tools like this?" Apparently,
users who do things by hand are irked by those who use
automated tools, and there is justification for this.
There is also the fear that eventually, someone will”
if they haven™t already”use MW for is spam. And when
that happens, everyone using MW will suffer, since MW will
leave the tracks necessary for Google to eventually detect
the machine generation, and then those pages or sites will
be dropped."
Others say that MetaWebs has no business being
called "white hat" because it is an automation tool and
that, because of the misuse, software generated pages
ought to be considered a black hat technique.
Anderson disputes this. He admits MetaWebs does
indeed have the potential to produce spam pages, but
that's not his fault. It's the fault of people who misuse his

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Page 82
product. It can be misused, he says, "¦Especially if people
don't customize the pages that MetaWebs spits out. But if
they think of MW as a site-building tool, instead of a spam
page machine, they should never have a problem.”
He™s right. Any tool that humans use, from tire irons
to golf clubs to guns, can be misused. It™s all about intent.
And my opinion is that a power web tool like MW shouldn™t
be penalized or banned from SERPs just because some
people misuse it. That™s like saying we should ban cars
because a few people every year misuse them to run over
It's up to the user as to how they use MW. You could
churn out pages using the advanced tools in Dreamweaver
if you wanted to. That doesn't mean that Dreamweaver is
bad software. Anderson feels that he is "empowering the
masses with something that circumvents the SEO."

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Chapter 10: Additional Web Page Creation Software

If you™re skittish of what TE and TH create and
MetaWebs just isn™t in your budget, here are a few other
options. These tools don™t break the search engines™ SEO
rules as long as you use them right.
In a larger sense, this advice applies to most any
content creation tool. You can use those tools in an honest
and ethical way”which is what we recommend”to create
very interesting and compelling content, or you can use
them in an unethical way to lure users to a site that turns
out to be not what they thought it was.
Even though the latter approach will draw more
traffic, we don™t recommend it. And not just because it™s
wrong, either. Think about it: if you went to a site and it
wasn™t what it had claimed to be, you™d suspect the site
owner cheated the search engines. And then you wouldn™t
stick around long enough to click on any of the ads, would
Nope, neither would we. It™s called “backlash.”
And now, on to the wonderful tools that represent
some of our top picks for compelling keyword-rich content

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Page 84
Directory Generator

As the name implies, Directory Generator
DirectoryGenerator.com works on directories, also know as
portals. The creator of DG noticed that many of these
directories and portals have been quietly driving thousands

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Page 85
upon thousands of visitors to their own sites on a daily
basis year after year.
To appreciate how DG works, you have to know a bit
about directories”there are two types.

1. General Directory - A General Directory
contains listings of just about anything on the
planet. It is not targeted in any way, shape or
2. Specific Niche Directory - These directories are
vertical in nature and they focus on just one
industry or topic. Everything on this type of
site is about one topic, so it™s all very relevant.

DG focuses on the specific niche directory. However,
it wasn™t easy. Creating a directory has always been a
tough job: time consuming, complicated, and frustrating.
The big online directories contain thousands of links and
resources which can take a live person thousands of hours
to create. If one person did it, it would take years. But
DG™s found a way to automate the process.
Some of their features include:

• Photo Shots of Websites - Each resource Directory
Generator creates contains a Photo Shot of the

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Page 86
Website itself. This gives users a preview of the
website before you look at it.

• RSS Equalizer Integration - This feeds real news
content into your websites. See

• Amazon.com Integration - Amazon sells thousands
of products and services and you can now integrate
these products into your new Directory Generator
sites with a simple copy and paste mechanism. If
you can copy and paste you can instantly start
making extra revenue from Amazon.

• Google Adsense Integration “ Since it™s what this
book is about, it™s great that Directory Generator has
an easy way for you to integrate Google's Adsense
into your directory.

• Google Websearch Integration - Google has an add-
on for Adsense that is called Websearch. It allows
you to put a Google search box on your site and get
paid for any Adsense click it creates. Now this
feature is in Directory Generator.

How to Build an Adsense Kingdom “ Copyright 2005 by Eric Holmlund
Page 87
• Built In Classified Ads - Making a directory is not
enough. You need to be able to funnel the traffic to
where you want. So the DG people created a way to
for you to create Classified Ads in Directory
Generator that let you promote and drive targeted
traffic to any site you want, even if it is an affiliate

• Step Creation Wizard “ Makes it easy to create DG
pages. 8 simple steps, it™s done. Seriously, you can
probably complete the whole process in just a few
minutes. Can be done by an 8-year-old.

• Pre-Made Templates “ OK, so not everyone™s a
webmaster and you don™t have to be one to make
money with Google AdSense and DG with this
feature. There are pre-made templates for you to
use. Just select one, fill some stuff in, you™re done.

DG also features PR Maximizer, which lets you
search and find relevant and high quality sites for you to
exchange links with. This software does all the work
automatically for you, including telling you the site's PR,
PageRank before you even contact them to talk about
trading links.

How to Build an Adsense Kingdom “ Copyright 2005 by Eric Holmlund
Page 88
PR Maximizer™s output looks like this:

Traffic TurboCharger

Traffic TurboCharger (TTC)
www.TrafficTurboCharger.com advertises itself as a “next
generation SEO software” tool. Their biggest claim is that
they optimize RSS feeds. The good things about having
RSS feeds are:

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Page 89
• RSS feeds provide dynamically changing
content so that every time the spiders come


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