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Website Conversion Secrets
“How To Make Your Website Sell Like Crazy!”

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Ewen Chia™s “Website Conversion Secrets: How To Make Your Website Sell Like Crazy!”

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Ewen Chia™s “Website Conversion Secrets: How To Make Your Website Sell Like Crazy!”

About The Author

Ewen Chia
Ewen is an expert information publisher and marketer from
Singapore with a fiery passion for creating unique quality
content fellow internet marketers can benefit from.

He is also the owner of InstantMarketingSecrets.com, a
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success. You can receive an internet marketing training
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When he is offline, Ewen can be found at the movies, coffee clubs or enjoying
his fave hobby of guitar playing and songwriting. He can also be found most
evenings with his wife and toddler son, Clayden Chia ˜

Ewen has been regularly publishing his two main internet marketing ezines
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Other products (with more to come!) from Ewen include:

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• Turnkey Internet Profits

© Copyright 2004 . Ewen Chia . A digital publication of http://InstantMarketingSecrets.com
Ewen Chia™s “Website Conversion Secrets: How To Make Your Website Sell Like Crazy!”


Dear Website Owner,

You™ll be shocked at how big an impact little things will do for your website
conversion rate once you apply them¦

The sole purpose of this guide™s to point out these little things so you can act
upon them immediately. It™s a fast read and not some 300+ page report, it don™t
have to be.

This zooms right into target, powerful and concise without any fluff or fillers. I™ve
divided it conveniently into two sections revealing two of the most important
elements affecting website conversion - “Website Mechanics” and “Power
Copy”. You™ll discover 40 killer techniques guaranteed to help skyrocket your
website conversion rate¦ and make it sell more - much more!

Look, though the Internet has developed a language of its own, we may always
find some offline predecessor to the terms commonly used.

For starters, the concept of ˜website conversion™ is tied to the idea of “response
rate” in the Direct Marketing industry. Simply put, the conversion rate of your
website measures how well you persuade your visitors to take the action you
want them to. This is normally measured as a percentage, so if out of every 100
visitors to your website 3 buy your product, you™ll have a conversion rate of 3%.

Experience and simple arithmetic show that it is more beneficial to try
and improve your conversion rate than to increase website traffic.

In other words, if you want to double your sales, try doubling your conversion
rate rather than your traffic.

The whole irony of this situation is that most webmasters spend most of their
time trying to double traffic to their websites rather than improving their sites
conversion rate. But if you have a poorly converting website then you are simply
wasting the traffic”and money!

Let us then change this situation by focusing on those elements that
make up a website that is a conversion workhorse¦

To your success always,

Author, “Website Conversion Secrets”

P.S. I™ve included some relevant resources here which are invaluable to further
increasing your website conversion. They™re not compulsory to have but would be
© Copyright 2004 . Ewen Chia . A digital publication of http://InstantMarketingSecrets.com
Ewen Chia™s “Website Conversion Secrets: How To Make Your Website Sell Like Crazy!”

“Website Mechanics” Section

In this section we are going to look at the mechanical side of your website that
needs special vigilance. These ˜principles™ should be basic to any website and
must not be overlooked. If you™re new to this or are struggling with getting a
professional website up, a good place to turn to would be the folks at Expert
Makeovers who do a very good job.

Technique 1: The load time for your website should ideally be below
30 seconds on a 28K modem.

You can simply use a dialup account to check this or the services available at
http://www.netmechanics.com. This service would check your loading speed,
your links to make sure they are working and will point out graphics that need to
be reduced.

Speaking of graphics, this is normally the one element that causes slow loading
times. If you aim to reduce the size of your graphic files without sacrificing
quality, this will go a long way to improve fast loading times.

Another culprit here, also, is the wrong use of tables.

If you navigate to a slow loading website, you'll often see that the entire site
does not appear for 20 seconds and then... BAM... it appears all at once. This
happens when you create ONE table and you put the entire salesletter in there.

What you want to do instead is break the page up in several smaller tables
(at least 2-3) so that the upper table loads instantly and gives the visitor
something to read while the rest of the page loads in the background.

Have a look at the very site you were given as part of the master resale license
you now have for this manual. You'll see this technique in use.

Technique 2: Your website should appear well on all monitor sizes
and resolutions.

You have to keep in mind that not every web surfer has a 21” monitor with 1024
x 768 resolution.

A rule of thumb is that you should always keep the ˜little guy™ in mind. I mean
those with the 12” monitors set at 640 x 480. If you design your website at
fixed pixels, (say 700 x 600) then those surfers with smaller monitors will have to
scroll across just to see the entire breath of your page. This is a little annoying
and that is the last thing you want to do “ annoy your visitors.

© Copyright 2004 . Ewen Chia . A digital publication of http://InstantMarketingSecrets.com
Ewen Chia™s “Website Conversion Secrets: How To Make Your Website Sell Like Crazy!”

Technique 3: Make it easy on your reader™s eyes.

Make sure your font type and size are easily readable and available. Keep in
mind that it™s more strenuous on the eyes to read from a computer screen than
to read the printed page.

Here you can learn a lot from those who do direct marketing by mail. They
seldom divert from the 12-pt. courier font because it is easy to read.

On the point of font availability, if you use a font that is not available on the
readers computer then the default font for the browser will be substituted and
this may not look the way you intend it to.

A common online practice is to use a script font for signatures, but this can easily
backfire if the font is not available to the website visitor. A better method is to
use a scanned image of your actual signature.

You should also break up long passages of text into shorter paragraphs and
sentences. Long paragraphs without much ˜white space™ are discouraging to
read. Leave that for the sections of your website that the law requires but you
hope no one reads.

Another point to keep in mind is that your background image should not compete
with your foreground material. In most cases a plain white text background
would serve you best. Make sure that your background image or ˜water marks™
are not competing with the text. If you have gray colored fonts against a black
background this will create unnecessary strain on the eyes.

Technique 4: Avoid those needless doorway Flash pages.

Time is a big factor on the web and Flash presentations take time to load.

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