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This is not a criticism of the Flash program itself. However, when this is the first
thing your visitor is hit with “ “wait while your movie loads” ¦ he can quickly lose
patience. The majority of web users are still using dialup connection; so don™t
insult their lack of bandwidth.

Except that the purpose of your website is to parade the latest web technologies,
avoid “show-offs” that delivers little else to your visitors. Ask yourself the
question: “Why does my website need an introduction?” If you cannot come up
with a good answer, leave it off.

Technique 5: Make your site navigation easy and simple to follow.

Your website navigation system should be obvious, simple and uniform from
page to page.

Simple underlined texts are just as effective as tabs used by sites such as
Amazon.com. The key here is that you must be able to predict what your
customers want from your website and just serve this to them in an easy format.

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Ewen Chia™s “Website Conversion Secrets: How To Make Your Website Sell Like Crazy!”

Take, for example, a website that sells replacement inks for printers. Now think
as the customer coming to that website; the only item you want to find is the ink
that goes with your printer. The navigation system should allow you to choose
the brand and then model of your printer and so easily find the page about the
ink cartridge type.

Your navigation system is not a place where you want to get fancy. Simple text
links ordered vertically or horizontally work well. So do buttons and the most
effective of all, filing-cabinet-like tabs.

Technique 6: Form must follow function.

Without reading one line of text your website should exude a message through its
design and feel, though this is a very subjective area and may be more art than

There really are no ˜standards™ and ˜controls™. At the same time if you go to
CNN.com, the website should say “NEWS”, and Disney.com should say “FUN”.

Did you ever notice the way that government buildings appear institutional and
cold? Maybe that™s because of the function that they perform. Be sure the
theme of your website is easily seen from just the layout and design.

Technique 7: Look out for the ˜little things™.

Have you ever heard the saying that it is the little foxes that spoil the grapes?

There are some ˜little foxes™ that can spoil the overall professional appearance
of your website. Some pointers:

(a) Don™t use a visible site stats counter. Except you want to show off
how popular your site is you should keep your stats private. A BIG
number at the bottom of your website looks like you are still living in the
disco age.

(b) Make sure that your site prints well. There are many web surfers who
prefer to read long text from a printed page rather than the computer
screen. You may want to make a ˜printable™ version of your websites for
such users.

(c) Make your website ˜scannable™. The majority of webs surfers will do a
quick scan of your website before they are convinced that it is worth
reading. This means that you should emphasize (through use of bold,
colored, underlined text, and appropriate headings) the high points of
your website.

(d) Avoid using large header graphics that take away from the topfold
of your website. The ˜topfold™ of your Home page is what the visitor
sees before he or she scrolls down the page. If your header graphics with
your company logo takes up too much space, then less is left for the text
that carries the major weight of your message.

© Copyright 2004 . Ewen Chia . A digital publication of http://InstantMarketingSecrets.com
Ewen Chia™s “Website Conversion Secrets: How To Make Your Website Sell Like Crazy!”

“Power Copy” Section

So far we have only talked about getting your website opened and making your site

¦but what will really convince your visitors to take action are your words “
your webcopy.

Excellent resources to turbo-charge your copywriting skills and to easily create your
sales letters include Killer Copywriting and The Amazing Sales Letter Creator.

Marlon Sanders has also released another automated ˜fill-in-the-blanks™ software
which churns out profit-pulling customized sales letters for you - literally in minutes!
It™s called Push Button Sales Letter and you™ll be absolutely thrilled using it.

Let us look then at some very important tenants of writing for the web¦

Technique 8: Keep your writing customer-focused.

A common temptation that many companies fall into is to present their entire
glowing resume to the customer”their size, history, achievement” and forget the
most important person: the present visitor!

You must show what you can do for the customer before you attempt to show off
your company. This does not mean that there is no place in exhibiting your
qualifications (e.g. to build credibility), but be sure to answer the question you™re
often confronted with when entering a brick-and-mortar store: “What can I do for

Technique 9: Emphasize your product or service benefits, not their

I think that this is one of the most fundamental principles of sale. Yet again,
simply because something is well known doesn™t mean that it is well used.

Most people are not concerned about your “Kenwood™s 2-way speakers, featuring a
6 ½” pearl-mica injection-molded poly woofer, PEI balanced dome tweeter and a
range of 2 to 40 watts RMS, and a 160-watt peak power handling. Plus, they come
with mounting tabs, so the speakers can be mounted in a 6 ¾” opening.” Tell me
how the speakers sound, how they make me feel - how they will take my music
listening to angelic heights.

This doesn™t mean that the shopper will not be concerned about the specs for these
car speakers. It simply means that the technical specs are secondary to what the
speakers can do for my auditory nerves.

© Copyright 2004 . Ewen Chia . A digital publication of http://InstantMarketingSecrets.com
Ewen Chia™s “Website Conversion Secrets: How To Make Your Website Sell Like Crazy!”

Technique 10: Write as if to one person; not to a group or the whole

You must write as if speaking to one visitor “ just as if he or she were sitting
right across from you.

The reader must feel that you are speaking to him, now, at this very moment.
You must connect emotionally with the customer. And you can because you
sense his problems, you™ve been there and now you have found the solution.
Keep foremost in your mind that Internet marketing may be equally called
˜Relationship Marketing™ “ because that™s what it is really.

So, write in a conversational tone. Forget about the dry formality of the
instructional manual type writing you did in school.

You are building a relationship with the reader and you want to speak his
language. To learn the reader™s language you must have done your research to
discover what the problems are and how they are normally talked about.

Don™t be afraid to use contractions (you™ll, it™s, we™ll, can™t) ¦ ellipses to break up
long sentences and long and short sentences to develop rhythm. No need to use
big words. Let the simplicity of your vocabulary be prominently eminent. You
don™t have to break the rules of grammar but do not be a slave to it either. If
bending the rules allows you to get across your point more effectively, then go
for it.

Technique 11: Deliver immediately on what you promised.

Is your website about fishing? Don™t greet your visitors with the latest news on
golf. You have to deliver immediately on what you ˜promised™ from your
advertisement or search engine listing. Be relevant!

This works on another level apart from your Home page as well.

All your hyperlinks should deliver what they promise. What does this mean?

If a visitor clicks on your ˜About Us™ link, he expects to see a page describing
what you are about “ here may be a good chance to show off “ he asked for it!

He doesn™t expect to see a form asking him to subscribe to your newsletter. Far
worse is to discover that he has to click on two more links before he gets to his
destination page.

Technique 12: Involve your visitors in your website.

Ask for your visitor™s opinions, vote, and reactions by using online forms and
running surveys.

What this does is that it gets the customer involved in your website and so they
stay longer increasing your chances for a sale. They are also more like to revisit
your website.
© Copyright 2004 . Ewen Chia . A digital publication of http://InstantMarketingSecrets.com
Ewen Chia™s “Website Conversion Secrets: How To Make Your Website Sell Like Crazy!”

This is the method behind direct marketers who send you letters that require you
to scratch, place a stamp, cut out coupons, and a myriad of other activities that
get you involved with the mail piece.

Technique 13: Build your credibility in the customer™s mind.

Because of the nature of the Internet and the fear of making credit card
purchases online you will need to place the customer at ease by saying,
“I am for real”. Except that you are a large corporation these tips will be of

(a) Include your picture/product graphic on your website. This shows
that you are upfront and have nothing to hide, and product graphics give
˜feel™ and ˜tangibility™ to what you™re marketing. Make the picture or
graphics appropriate, a professional site needs a professional looking
subject and a joke site ¦ you get the idea. If you™re looking for ecovers,
you™ll love the explosive results you get at Cover Software Pro and
Dynamite Covers.

(b) Provide an audio message in your own voice. This is closely tied to
the former tip. It all has to do with feeling connected and human. We are
not computers “ we just use them. We have emotions and use them to
communicate. There is nothing that can communicate emotions like the
human voice. Many webmasters have discovered recently that adding
audio messages has boosted their conversion rate using Sonic Memo and
Audio C4.

(c) Place your PHYSICAL address and contact information on every
page. Your address also adds a sense of structure to the very fluid
environment of the Internet. It is much like the sign on a brick and
mortar store “ this is where I™m located. That is why just a post office
box number would not suffice. Can you be reached by fax, landline
phone, email, and mobile phone? This information adds to your
credibility, not to mention your perceived availability.

(d) Avoid using free email services and domain hosting companies.
Using these services makes you appear too volatile. At the same time
your image is at stake. The question that looms in the customer mind is,
“Why should I buy from you if you cannot even buy a hosting account?”

(e) Have an “About” page. Here is where you can place a quick resume-
type synopsis of your company or yourself. Still keep the customer in
mind though. If you are selling computers, it doesn™t matter how long
you™ve been in the entertainment industry.

(f) Include a ˜Privacy Statement™. Internet users are becoming more and
more sensitive to how their personal information is being used. This
makes it almost imperative for you to provide a page with your privacy
policy. General concerns that would have to be addressed are:

© Copyright 2004 . Ewen Chia . A digital publication of http://InstantMarketingSecrets.com
Ewen Chia™s “Website Conversion Secrets: How To Make Your Website Sell Like Crazy!”

- How you use the information that is collected.
- Is the information shared with a third party?
- How they can opt out of any mailing list they sign up for.
- Why you track their IP address.

(g) Use your customers™ unsolicited testimonials and product reviews.
What you write about your own product or service is always viewed with
some skepticism. What carry the greater weight are the opinions of other


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