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experts in your field and the testimonials of your satisfied customers.
These testimonials should be accompanied with the email address or
website and full name of the customer. The less information you give
about the customer providing the testimonial, the less believable it is.

(h) Provide a ˜No-Risk Money Back Guarantee™. A guarantee puts the
customer at ease in knowing that he can secure a refund if he is not
satisfied with your product. This says that you believe in your product or
service and stand behind it 100%. (It is also a legal requirement in many
places.) If you are perceived as not standing behind your claims then you
lose credibility instantly.

(i) Use a Secure Server to process all payments. It will help if you let
the customer know that his or her information is secure and will not be
available to anyone else. For example if you™re selling digital information
online, ClickBank offers one of the best solution for no-fuss secure
payment processing.

(j) Provide a user help forum for your product. Install a message board
for customer feedback. This will allow customers to air their grievances
and feel heard. Michael Green has created a perfect product called How To
Start A Forum if you need help starting your own forum.

(k) Provide ˜Live Support™ from your website. It can make a significant
difference if you are there when the customer needs you most “ during
the buying decision.

Technique 14: Shout your strongest benefit in the headline “ think

One of the most important parts of your sales copy is the headline and it should
show your strongest benefit. “Learn to Speak Spanish in 21 Days!”, “How to Fire
Your Boss”. Each of these headlines tells you what is offered in no uncertain
terms. It may require a number of tests before you find that perfect headline,
but just a change in the headline can work magic for a website.

Let your headline act as a qualifier for your visitors. Your readers should know
after reading the headline whether your site is for him or not. You don™t want to
waste your time with an unqualified prospect.

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Ewen Chia™s “Website Conversion Secrets: How To Make Your Website Sell Like Crazy!”

Technique 15: Use subheadings that give secondary benefits.

Keep in mind that we are pushing benefits and not features.

After you have floored your visitor with your strongest benefit, you want to follow
this with your second strongest blow. Hopefully they are already on the sales
floor so it is not difficult to keep them there.

You have to always keep in mind that most people scan a website before they
decide to read it through”if ever. You will want your subheadings therefore
to tell the summary story for your site. If someone was to just skim through
your letter they will in essence get a classified ad for your product.

Technique 16: Fill your copy with emotion and passion. Don™t bore
your customers!

It™s a known fact that people make purchases based on emotion and then
rationalize their decisions based on facts¦

What does this mean for you? You have to fill your copy with emotive
words and translate facts into feelings.

When we are immersed in the decision process, we evaluate how we would feel if
we did make the purchase versus if we didn™t. It is not so much the ˜superior
engineering of the Germans™ that caused you to buy that latest BMW sports car
but how you thought owning that piece of steel will make you feel” important,
admired, safe. Of course this is not the explanation you give to your significant

Do not be afraid to be audacious and provocative. Speak your mind. Give your
opinion. Nobody likes to read boring copy. Surprise the reader, make an
impression. This makes the visitor sit up and pay attention!

Technique 17: Do not give away your intentions too early.

We are bombarded everyday with advertisements. We are pitched with ads on
television, in print, radio and now the Internet. Our brains are now trained just
to ignore commercials. If you show right up front that you are trying to sell your
visitors something, you are likely to be ignored. So use some stealth.

A very successful method in webcopy writing is to present your sales letter
hidden in an informative “report”. The customer™s guards are down and he is
more likely to be ˜trapped™ into a sale. This also allows you to develop some
authority status in the reader™s mind. This method is often referred to as the “by
the way” strategy since you are asking for the sale in a ˜by-the-way™ manner.

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Ewen Chia™s “Website Conversion Secrets: How To Make Your Website Sell Like Crazy!”

Technique 18: Make use the AIDAS formula.

This formula has been used for years as an outline for good copywriting.

It stands for:

Grab Attention “ this is the purpose of your headline. You have just about 10
seconds to accomplish this.

Strengthen Interest “ Show your visitors immediate that you can meet their
needs and solve their problems. Do this in a user-friendly way and they will stick

Stimulate Desire “ Keep piling on benefit after benefit so that you can fan the
flames of their desire to have your product or service.

Action “ You must get them to take the appropriate action. This may be to click
on a link, register, subscribe to your newsletter or go to your order page. Here is
where you will want the action to be as easy and obvious as possible.

Satisfy them “ Provide what you promised in the timeframe you promised and
even more than you promised. You want to aim to delight not just please your

Technique 19: But use only one type of copywriting style on one site.

Joseph Sugarman in his book “Advertising Secret of the Written Word: The
Ultimate Resource on How to Write Powerful Advertising Copy” gives this
suggested outline for writing advertising copy:

- Open strongly by eliciting interest and excitement
- Develop drama
- Explain why the product or service is different
- Explain how to use the product or service
- Elaborate on the unique benefits
- Justify the purchase
- Identify the lasting value
- Address after sale concerns
- Ask for the order.

Another style made popular by John E. Kennedy is to make a PROMISE, give the
REASON, then PROOF and finally CALL TO ACTION.

Finally, the Dale Carnegie “How to Win Friends and Influence People” book style.

- Tell a memorable story.
- Call to Action.
- Show all the benefits to be gained by taking action.

The key here is not to mix whatever ˜structure™ you are going to use to frame
your copy.

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Ewen Chia™s “Website Conversion Secrets: How To Make Your Website Sell Like Crazy!”

Technique 20: Use one or more Post Script. (P.S.)

The offline field of Direct Mail Marketing informs us that the P.S. is often the first
section of a letter that the reader turns to after the headline!

Armed with this fact, you should include one or more P.S.™s. Make this a short
summary of the entire sales letter”a little classified ad. You will want to repeat
some of your strongest benefits and an ironclad Guarantee.

Technique 21: Use as many bullets as possible.

• Bullets help to break up long chunks of text.
• Bullets can give a list of benefits for quick reading.
• Bullets are perceived as added value “ the more the better. (Of course
within reason.)
• Bullets should be all benefits not features.

Technique 22: Include your Unique Web Position. (UWP)

Tell your reader why he or she should buy from you and not your competition.

What do you have to offer that is unique to yourself? Other businesses may have
similar products but you have added value that they don™t have.

Remember that there is one thing that your competitors can never
duplicate and that is YOU. Here is where you™ll want to differentiate yourself
from your competition.

Technique 23: Tell your visitor why you are making such a special

Simply because your product is the cheapest on the market, does not
automatically guarantee you more sales. If your offer appears too good to be
true, then this can be a potential turn off. In fact, some marketers have seen an
increase in sales when they raised their prices!

If you are making a special offer then an explanation will set the customer™s mind
at ease as to why they are getting away with this “steal”.

Some merchants have special sales every year where they sell ˜used or slightly
damaged™ products at a discount. If the merchant were to label these products
as ˜new™, their sales would plummet at this same low price.

Technique 24: Change your general statements into specific ones.

Instead of writing, “This diet can work great with your weight loss program,” you
write instead: “This diet can drop off up to 11 pounds in one week.” The second
statement is more measurable (specific) and therefore more believable.

Not “this fuel additive can boost your gas mileage” but “this additive can increase
your gas mileage by 17.5 %”.
© Copyright 2004 . Ewen Chia . A digital publication of http://InstantMarketingSecrets.com
Ewen Chia™s “Website Conversion Secrets: How To Make Your Website Sell Like Crazy!”

Technique 25: Include at least one free bonus.

Bonuses add value to your offer. The more value you extend, the greater your
chances on making the sale.

These bonuses do not have to be expensive but should have a high ˜perceived
value™. In fact you should NOT give away bonuses without building the value of
the gift first. Keeping in mind that ˜value™ and ˜cost™ can be very different entities.

One note of caution though: If your bonuses valued at $1,000 and your product
$19.95 the reader would question the real value of these bonuses. Just seems
strange giving away $1,000 in value with a $20 purchase “ just does not seem
credible “ except you are running a charity!

Also make your bonuses complimentary to your main product. If you are
selling a camera why not add a bonus carrying case?

Technique 26: Give a deadline to take action to get the “special deal.”

Humans are by nature procrastinators. If you don™t give them good reason to
take action now, then most likely they would put it off for later. This is especially
true on the Internet where there are so many ˜distractions™. (As far as you are
concerned anything that leads away from your order page is a distraction.)

Limited quantity offers provide more pressure to buy on the customer than
limited time offers. A limited quantity can disappear quickly whereas in a limited
time offer the customer may wait until the last minute to make a purchase.

Technique 27: Tell what would happen if they don™t order your

The two main emotions that copywriters aim at awakening are fear of loss and
hope for gain.

We are all motivated by these two emotions. Then make the pain of what will
happen if they don™t order now real. ˜You will continue to feel left out at pool
parties because you are ashamed of your weight™. ˜You will continue writing sales
letters the hard way without these easy fill-in-the-blanks templates.™

By the way, there™s a guide called Order Button Triggers showing marketers how
to get prospects to hit the order button and buy, it™s a great read I must say.

Technique 28: Build up the value of your product just before stating
the price.

Your full copy should be bleeding value and benefits.


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