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( 5 .)


However, the place where you want to lay it on thick is just before you give the
price. Let them know how expensive it was to produce, how much it will cost
them if they had to do it all by themselves, how much time and money it will

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Ewen Chia™s “Website Conversion Secrets: How To Make Your Website Sell Like Crazy!”

save them, how much others were willing to pay for it ¦ just lay it on then ¦
your price ¦ ONLY $X! By this time they should be giddy from the fall in price
from stated value, to what you are offering.

Also you should give several ordering options. Your goal is to secure the
sale. When your visitor has gone through all your copy and is about to make the
purchase you don™t want to hinder this. Not everyone is blessed (or cursed) with
a credit card. You can accept money order, check by phone, check by fax,
echeck, egold, phone order and whatever is feasible. If you omit just one
channel, you may never tell how many sales you are losing.

So, make ordering as easy as possible. Your order link or button should be
prominent and obvious. You don™t want to crowd this link with either texts or
pictures. The process should be as smooth and pain-free as possible”like going
down a water slide. If you complicate this transaction unnecessarily, you will
incur a lot of abandoned shopping carts!

Technique 29: Amortize the price.

A full year™s membership to your site may be $199. Well spread the payment
over the 365 days to show how much they are really paying per day “ just 55
cents per day!

Again it is a matter of perception. $199 per year sounds much more than 55
cents per day. Another way in which you can word this is to use statements such
as: ˜For less than the price of a piece of pizza™. You are reducing the perception
of the cost in the reader™s mind.

For example, the membership site “Infinite-Revenue” uses the same strategy.
If you go here: http://www.infinite-revenue.com and subscribe to the free 7-day
ecourse, you will be redirected to the main page where it says: “All the Services, Products,
Tools and Resources You™ll Ever Need to Run a Profit Hungry, Money Making Internet
Business... ...for Less Than the Cost of a Candy Bar per Day!”

(By the way, this is a fantastic membership site that will save you tons of money. You don™t
know what you are missing if you are not a member already¦)

Technique 30: Include answers to common objections right in your

After you have been selling for some time, you™ll have a pretty good idea of the
common objections that potential buyers may have. A great way to handle these
objections is to work these answers into your adcopy. Simply ask the
questions and answer them.

Example: At this time you must be thinking ˜Is it possible to make this kind of
money working from home?™ Thousands of users of our system say a big ˜yes”!

Questions are also great way to pull the reader into the ˜conversation™ and get
him talking back to you.

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Ewen Chia™s “Website Conversion Secrets: How To Make Your Website Sell Like Crazy!”

Technique 31: Show how your product would save both time and

Not every customer is seeking to save more money. For some people their time
is more important than the money they will be saving. Be sure to include BOTH
the time-saving benefits and the money-saving benefits to satisfy both groups.

In our busy age having more free time is becoming increasingly precious.

Technique 32: Address after sale concerns in your webcopy.

After-sales concerns can prevent a potential customer from making the final
decision. You must include what the customer can expect after they make their
purchase. You have to build assurance that you will still be available after the
sale to provide support and answer questions.

Many companies like Dell advertise their customer support as a major selling
point. Do not fail to assure the customer of your after sale services.

After a purchase is also the perfect time to follow up with a ˜thank you™ message
and reassure the buyer that they have made a good decision. This will take care
of the usual ˜buyers remorse™.

Technique 33: Add a sense of scarcity and exclusivity to your offer.

It™s a fact. We want what we can™t have and bypass what we can. It all boils
down to human nature.

You have to present your offer as only available to a choice group of people. The
more expensive your products are the more you must appeal to this side of
human nature. The reason why the rich buy certain products is because the poor
can™t. This sets them apart and so the wealthy feel special. Uniforms serve the
same function for armies and other forces”they are set apart from civilians by
their dress.

You can also use an “If you don™t plan to order” link¦

This strategy is borrowed from the world of direct mail marketing. Along with the
usual sales letter the mail order company includes another small envelope that
reads, “Open only if you decide not to order”. It™s that last ditch to make the sale.
Here you can link to a third party testimonial or offer a sweeter deal to seal the
sale. You may offer a stronger guarantee or an extra bonus.

Technique 34: Build a mailing list by collecting email addresses of
your visitors.

Veteran Internet marketer, Terry Dean, teaches that the one main purpose of
any website is to collect email addresses. If you accomplish nothing else from
your visitors it should be to get their contact information. This can be
accomplished by using popups on exit and/or entry.

© Copyright 2004 . Ewen Chia . A digital publication of http://InstantMarketingSecrets.com
Ewen Chia™s “Website Conversion Secrets: How To Make Your Website Sell Like Crazy!”

Marketers have a love-hate affair with popups. We hate them because they can
be so annoying, but they produce results so we love them. Go to any well-known
marketer™s site and you will see them. Even a big company like AOL uses them.

In fact with popup killers so rampant these days, new popup technology using
DHTML has emerged. PopUp Master Pro is one of these which allows you to still
reach 95% of your visitors in the face of popup killers, using their new
OptInOvers system.

You can use these emails to build subscriptions for your newsletter which will be
an ongoing sales arm for your website. The newsletter is also a critical tool for
relationship building. Even if you don™t offer a full fledged Ezine, you can just
offer an update to your product or articles by other writers.

The real goal is to keep your name in your customers™ minds.

If you want to build a huge profitable opt-in list the quick and easy way, Graham
Hamer has created a very unique system called Go-Ahead-Mailing you may want
to check out.

Technique 35: Break up big decisions into tiny steps.

If you are selling a product or service for over $500, you may want to make this
a gradual process. It is very unlikely that a customer will make a purchase like
this on first contact. So maybe start by offering a free report, then a $47 ebook,
a $97 teleseminar and finally the $500 offer.

This works when asking your customers to fill out your web forms as well¦

Don™t ask for too much too soon. For your subscription box all you need is a first
name and email address. If you try and ask for more detail than this you are
likely to see a drop in your subscription signups. Web surfers are becoming more
wary of their personal privacy and their email boxes, with the onslaught of all the

Technique 36: Make good use of Anchor Tags.

Anchor tags are like hyperlinks within the same page. A common use for them
is in a frequently asked question document. You have all the questions listed at
the top and when you click on the question link it takes you directly to the
section where the answer is given. They are convenient and direct.

How can this help with conversion?

Well, remember we said that web surfers are scan readers? If you have a
content rich website, you can place anchor tags at the top of the pages which link
to your most popular sections. In this way visitors can find what they want as
quickly as possible and are more likely to stay with you longer. The longer they
are in the store the more likely they will purchase something!

© Copyright 2004 . Ewen Chia . A digital publication of http://InstantMarketingSecrets.com
Ewen Chia™s “Website Conversion Secrets: How To Make Your Website Sell Like Crazy!”

This is a sweeping principle that can apply to several areas of your business. We
already looked at one “ the less detailed personal information you ask for the
more signups you™ll get. Here are a few applications of the same idea:

• Offer an ˜easy payment plan™ for your higher ticket items.
• Offer a ˜try before you buy™ for your membership site.
• Give away bonus chapters from your ebook.
• Offer lower ticket items first then higher ticket items as a ˜backend™
• Give away a ˜free report™ that presents your pricier product as the

Technique 37: Study the websites of your more successful

Good news - graphics and words can be copyrighted but not ideas.

The Internet is an open play field and you can see what your strongest
competitors are doing that you are not. Maybe they know something that you
don™t. Maybe what you discover is the very reason why they are doing so much
better than you. Which army blindly goes to war without first studying the

Technique 38: Offer different versions of your products.

You can take your ebook and convert it into a physical product for increased
profits. This is because physical products tend to have higher perceived value
than digital ones primarily because of their bulk.

The same holds true if you convert your digital product into audio and video
downloads/tapes, manuals, CDs and seminars. Sometimes by just repackaging a
digital product you can charge 5 times the amount that you would originally

Many marketers have taken a simple ebook and convert it into a “course”,
“manual” or “seminar” and attach a higher price. Explore how you may present
your information products especially in a different form, be it audio, video or CDs

If you want to own physical information products (audiotapes, CDs etc...) that
are not available anywhere else online and are of extremely high quality, you
can send an email to George Katsoudas of
http://www.frankensteinmarketing.com and he will tell you how you can get the
resale rights to them (meaning that you can sell them for 100% profit!).

For example, two of the products you can have the full resale rights to are: "29
Sales Letter Secrets That Can Make you Money Virtually Overnight" (audiotape)
and "List Building Secrets" (2 CDs), a secret conversation about building a huge
list of subscribers between The "Magic List Builder" Steven Quartermaine and
"Australia's Walking Idea Machine" Chris Bloor. You can contact George here:

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Ewen Chia™s “Website Conversion Secrets: How To Make Your Website Sell Like Crazy!”

Technique 39: Do not ignore your customer list.

This may appear as an obvious but you will be surprised to know how many
entrepreneurs work so hard for that customer then ignore them after the sale!

The proverb is still true that a ˜bird in the hand is worth two in the bush™.

Your customer list should be your most important asset.

Offer them added value to build their loyalty, not just more sales pitch. Delight
them, surprise them with an extra-added bonus and provide superior after-sale
support. You worked hard for them; this is not the time to turn your back on

You can present products that are complimentary to what they have bought
before. First you sold a golf club set; do you think they will be interested in a
golf video by Tiger Woods?

The point is your customer should be worth much more to you than the initial


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