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Technique 40: Test, change, test, change and test again!

An important aspect of improving your website conversion rate is to continually
keep tweaking and testing your website.

You will need to keep one version as a ˜control™ copy and test new headlines,
different guarantees, even different prices to strike your maximum profit.

Sometimes only the market can really tell you what works and what doesn™t.
Practically all the ˜principles™ of great salescopy came out of marketing tests run
by different companies.

If you continue to listen to your customers you will learn over time what their
wants are and how better to satisfy these wants, thus improving your bottom

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Closing Words

Thanks for reading through “Website Conversion Secrets”¦

If you use this guide as a checklist and apply every technique in here, you™ll be
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Remember, traffic plays a part but it™s just a small part of the total equation.

Increasing your website conversion rate is more important, and if you understand
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Hope these are useful and good luck with the conversion rate!

- Ewen Chia

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