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export rate
експортний тариф;

fair rate of exchange
сприятливий валютний курс;

fixed rate
1) фіксований валютний курс; 2) фіксована ставка;

general rate
загальний коефіцієнт;

import rate
імпортний тариф;

interest rate
ставка (норма) відсотка;

labour rate
ставки заробітної плати;

national rates of profit
національні норми прибутку;

output rate

premium rate
норма преміальної виплати;

prime rate
«прайм-рейт» (облікова ставка для першокласних грошових зобов’язань);

selling rate
курс продажу;

short rate
короткострокова відсоткова ставка;

spot rate
курс за касовими угодами;

tax rate
податкова ставка;

total rate
загальний коефіцієнт.
VII. Match the Ukrainian and English equivalents:
управління зовнішньоекономічною діяльністю
programmed control

управління кадрами
operational management

галузеве управління
personnel management

програмне управління
management of external economic activity

методи управління
inventory control

органи державного управління
methods of management

управління запасами
sectoral management

управління оперативною діяльністю
bodies of state administration
норма амортизації
favourable rate (of exchange)

щоденна норма (ставка)
rates of loading

завищені норми
uniform (flat) rate

норми навантаження
current rate (of exchange)

гнучкий валютний курс
rate of depreciation

валютний курс за строковими угодами
reduced (preferential) rate

регульований валютний курс
variable exchange rate

вигідний курс
daily rate

курс дня
discount rate

нестійкий курс
going market rate

повноцінний курс
time rate (of exchange)

поточний ринковий курс
distress rate

ставка орендної плати
managed exchange rate

вимушено низька ставка
rent rate

дисконтна ставка
excessive quotas

єдина ставка
flexible exchange rate

пільгова ставка
rate of full value
VIII. Fill in the blanks from the words below. Translate the sentences into Ukrainian.
forecast, v. (2); performance (2); evaluate (2); environment (3); perception; predict (2); rate (2).
Past _____ of the company is typically measured in financial terms, such as sales and profits.
A SWOT analysis explicitly states a firm’s mission and objectives and scans the external _____ to identify opportunities and threats facing the organization.
Insurance companies offering cover against motor accidents will not be pleased to hear that the Meteorogical office _____ a severe winter.
Marketing strategies of the company must be _____ against the company’s objectives.
A firm’s strengths and weaknesses can be identified and analyzed by studying _____ trends, resources, and capabilities.
One of the problems faced by the manager is that in choosing between alternatives he has to _____ the reaction of the subordinates to the decision.
The company’s marketing information specialists will use complex techniques to measure and _____ demand.
Growth potential may depend on the growth _____ of certain age, income and nationality groups that use the product.
A mission provides a lens through which the external _____ can be viewed.
Control consists of measuring and _____ the results of marketing plans and activities.
If market specialists _____ correctly, their business will survive and prosper.
Ford dealers usually negotiate the price with each customer to bring it into line with the buyer’s _____ of the car’s value.
Growth also may be related to larger developments in the _____, such as economic conditions, the crime _____, and lifestyle changes.
IX. Synonyms and antonyms. Complete the following table:
attractive (Adjective)

complex (Adjective)

profit (Noun)

focus (Verb)

demand (Noun)

select (Verb)

agree (Verb)

locate (Verb)

control (Verb)

dynamic (Adjective)

plan (Verb)

information (Noun)

public (Adjective)

distinguish (Verb)

X. Join the halves.
On the left of the page there are the first halves of sentences. On the right there are second halves of the sentences, though not in the same order. Pair the halves and then write your own list of the completed sentences.
Companies know that they cannot satisfy all consumers in a given market — …
should approve of a long-term rise in oil prices.
Each company must divide up the total market, choose the best segments, …
at least not all consumers in the same way.
This process involves the following steps: analysis of consumers and forecasting …
is created and then the goods can be unloaded to the market.
Oil company executives …
design strategies for profitability serving chosen segments better than its competitors do.
A publisher specializing in textbooks for school …
would be grateful to learn that the school leaving age is going to be raised.
A business can only survive if it …
market segmentation, market targeting, and market positioning.
By means of massive advertising campaigns demand …
have to be taken into account if large stocks are not to be left unsold.
The marketing concept offers the interpretation that consumers’ tastes and requirements …
is able to anticipate the needs of consumers.
XI. Translate the following text and summarize it in about 100 words.
A trio of veteran Globe and Mail senior executives have reached deep into their personal pockets to launch the second Canadian-owned, Canadian-targeted weekly in the sunshine state of Florida.
In the process, the north-of-the-border invaders triggered a war for the sun-baked hearts and minds of Florida’s hungry-for-home-news visiting tourist snowbirds and part time or full time residents with their launch of the Tampa-based Sun Times of Canada.
Their competition is the well-established Canada News, owned by the St. Catharines’ Standard. Both weekly tabloids offer potential advertisers 2.2 million Canadians who visit or reside each year in Florida and the fact they spend more than $ 1.24 billion US.
Sun Times advertising director Margo Wickersham describes her paper this way: «The Sun Times is lively, intelligently written and reaches a market niche which has been virtually unreachable up to now. We have received an overwhelming response from the media in both Canada and Florida».
However, the publisher of the competing paper doesn’t believe there is enough advertising dollars to go around. Gwen Smith of the Sun Times disagrees. she says there is room in the market—because the two papers simply do not address the same readers.
«[Canada News] is for moms-and-pops in trailer parks,» she said. «We’re after a middle-class-to-affluent audience earning at least $ 40,000 to $ 50,000 a year». The competition replies, «They claim to have a different market. I say, where is that market? What we have is the only market there is here. I’ve been hustling newspapers in Florida for a lot of years, and I can tell you it ain’t easy. They can come out with a fancy paper and great color, but what advertisers buy is circulation».
One neutral observer of the battle insists that, not only there is room for both papers, but a strong need for them. The Air Canada general manager for Southeast United States, Caribbean and Latin America Marc Rosenberg states, «I believe the Sun Times will fly because there really has not been any vehicle in Florida targeting the community the way this paper is».
XII. Translate the following text into Ukrainian:
Процес маркетингового менеджменту — це логічна послідовність певних дій для досягнення підприємством поставлених цілей.

Процес маркетингового менеджменту
Ринкові можливості фірми — це комбінація зовнішніх умов та ймовірності успіху. Основні аспекти аналізу ринкових можливостей фірми:
 виявлення і дослідження ринків збуту;
 оцінка маркетингових можливостей фірми;
 вибір найвигідніших варіантів маркетингових зусиль фірми з погляду її цілей і ресурсів.
Аналізуючи останній аспект, визначають насамперед таке: по-перше, чи відповідають цілям фірми можливості, які з’являються на ринку; по-друге, чи відповідають ці можливості ресурсам фірми (наявний капітал, виробничі потужності, система збуту, комунікацій тощо).
Вибір цільових ринків полягає у визначенні поточного та перспективного попиту, нинішніх і майбутніх обсягів продажу товарів фірми, сегментуванні ринку, тобто його розподілу на однорідні частини, і виборі одного або кількох сегментів для збуту своєї продукції. При цьому важливим є позиціонування продукції, тобто визначення її особливого місця у свідомості споживачів.
XIII. Act as an interpreter for A and B.
Could you explain what marketing strategy is?
Стратегія маркетингу — це центральна ланка між його цілями й оперативними заходами діючого і реагуючого характеру, тобто тактикою.
I think it is a real overall action programme for the company.
Так, вона виявляє пріоритетні проблеми і ресурси для досягнення поставлених цілей. Завдяки правильно вибраній стратегії забезпечується успіх фірми на ринку і конкретизуються засоби для досягнення її цілей.
And what do you know about marketing mix?
Комплекс маркетингу — це сукупність його інструментів та дій. Саме через його використання реалізується тактика маркетингу. Тут найважливішим є врахування і підбір усіх необхідних маркетингових інструментів. Брак одного з них може призвести до втрати можливостей розв’язати поставлені проблеми.
XIV. Role play. Enact an imaginary interview between a university student and a well-known marketing specialist.
A university student.
You are writing your course-paper on the factors of marketing management process. Think up a list of questions you will ask a well-known marketing specialist. When you meet your interviewee, introduce yourself, explain the reason for your visit and ask the questions.
Make use of the following helpful phrases:
To start a conversation:
Excuse me, aren’t you …
Let me introduce myself. My name is …
If you would allow me to …
To request:
If you could… I’d be very grateful
Do you think you could possibly …
I was wondering if you could help me …
To get information:
I hope you don’t mind my asking, but I’d like to know …
Sorry, I don’t quite understand why (where) …
Could you tell me a bit more about …
To thank:
I cannot thank you enough …
It’s really very kind of you …
To say good-buy:
It’s been really nice to know you.
Well, it’s been nice talking to you, but I really must be going now.
Sorry to rush off.
A well-known marketing specialist:
You meet the university student, listen to his (her) story and answer his (her) questions. Then you ask him (her) some questions about his (her) family, his (her) research work and plans for the future.
Make use of the following helpful phrases:
To deal with questions:
I’ll be pleased to answer any questions you may have.
I am afraid there’s no easy answer to that one …
To state one’s position:
I think I ought to say right from the start that …
If you would allow me to give a brief outline of …

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