. 28
( 28 .)

23 V. SHERSTYUK Norms of arbitration procedure law: practice of application (Part 2)

27 G. PANOV Measures of conservancy as a means of corporate warfare

35 P. SADOVSKIY Measures of conservancy in disputes connected with promissory note circulation

39 A. VANEEV Foreign courts’ decisions in Russia: recognition and enforcement

42 D. DAVYDENKO Issues of recognition and (or) enforcement of foreign decisions in Russia

47 I. KRASIKOVA International arbitration: a corporate lawyer’s view

49 D. EREMIN Mediation: time to settle the dispute

51 Interview with M. Kaldina, member of Mediation Committee in Russian chamber
of commerce and industry


53 A. DZHUMANBETOVA Seminar on mediation conducting

54 Seminars, Conference in March – April


55 D. STEPANOV Principle of «no win, no fee» is outlawed

62 N. ILYINA Agency contract: agents’ fee



. 28
( 28 .)