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– The Authenticate dialog – The welcome screen
› Enter your password to ˇ Click Continue.
box appears. continue with the installation. appears.



fter you have loaded the Developer Tools on your Developer/Documentation/Java/java.html with a browser or
by double-clicking the file. This page provides links to
system, you may notice that a new directory has been
essential information on using Java on Mac OS X, including
added to your system ” /Developer. This directory
information about the Java 2 API, WebObjects, and so on.
contains the sample code and documentation that is
provided with the software. The subdirectories inside
Before viewing the Java 2 API reference for the first time,
/Developer are set so that anyone on the system can read
type sudo /Developer/Documentation/Java/scripts/
their contents.
unjarJavaDocumentation.sh in a Terminal window. This
command extracts Java API documentation from a Java
In the Applications directory, you can find many useful tools
archive file ” a jar file ” so that you can read it. There is
to help with your development projects. Among these, you
also a PDF file entitled Java Development on Mac OS X that
find PackageMaker ” a tool to help you package your
introduces you to Java development on your Mac OS X
software for easy installation. You can also find Interface
system, including Basic Java, double-clickable applications,
Builder ” a graphical interface editor for Cocoa and
and how to use Project Builder. QuickTime for Java provides
Carbon applications and MallocDebug ” to measure an
cross-platform APIs to allow you to build multimedia
application's use of dynamic memory. The Java Browser can
components, such as streaming audio and video, for both
make it easier to analyze and view your Java code. More
Macintosh and Windows systems.
than 20 tools are available.

The Documentation directory contains documentation on
many aspects of development. To get started with the Java
development documentation, for example, you can open


– The Software License Á Read the license ‡ Click Agree.
Agreement appears. agreement and click


The developer tools are installed with a large
You can begin your browsing of the developer
collection of pages to help you learn about various
documentation by opening
commands. These pages should have been installed
/Developer/Documentation in your Finder. The
during the installation of the developer tools. You
README file, README.html, provides a gentle
need to have /usr/share/man on your MANPATH to
introduction to the thousands of pages of
view the pages. You can add this directory to your
documentation that you find on the system from
path by typing setenv MANPATH $MANPATH":"/usr/
tutorials and conceptual overviews to detailed
share/man or by adding to the path defined in your
release notes.
.tcshrc file. The latter method is a better choice as it
ProjectBuilder allows you to move smoothly
adds this to your path every time you log on.
from looking at your code to viewing
documentation. By holding down the option
button and double-clicking on the particular API
element, the tool takes you swiftly to the proper
document or provides you with a list of relevant

– The Easy Install screen
° Click the disk you want · Click Continue. ‚ Click Install or Upgrade.
the tools installed on, if not appears.
already selected.



libtool creates both dynamic and status libraries and is

hile many of the tools on the developers CD are
used by gcc as needed.
intended for Java development, there is also a
large set of tools to help you build applications in
The developer tools also provide CVS, a tool for
other languages. The version of gcc that is included is a
maintaining source code that also comes from the GNU
compiler for C, C++, and Objective-C applications. The
Foundation. CVS allows you to maintain multiple versions
cpp-precomp and cpp tools are preprocessors. The first
of an application and to create any particular version as
works with C and Objective-C. The latter works with C++.
needed. CVS also allows multiple developers to work on
the same code without the danger of overwriting each
The as command is the system assembler. gdb is a
other's changes. Code is checked in and checked out so
debugger from the GNU Foundation that is well known in
that only one individual can change a module at a time. You
the industry. The developer tools provide a debugging guide
can determine differences between multiple versions of the
as well as a quick reference to get you started.
same code and merge code as needed to facilitate
incorporating changes from more than one individual.
ld is the static link editor. It combines object files into
binary files such as those that make up applications and
shared libraries.

dyld is the dynamic link editor for Mac OS X. This tool is
used by applications that load libraries as needed, rather
than incorporating them as is the case when libraries are
linked statically.


– The system prepares to – The system continues
load the new software. loading the new software.


You can find two of the Aqua dots,
The release notes provided with the developer tools help
DotBlue.tif and DotGray.tif, in the
you to understand what has changed in a tool since the last
Developers directory. These TIFF
release. If you are new to development on Mac OS X, the
images look like the dots in the
release notes may not mean a lot to you today, but you may
upper-left hand corner of your
find them important after you have spent considerable time
Terminal window.
developing software and are ready to upgrade to a newer
release of the developer tools. In this case, reading the release
Sample Applescript programs are
notes is a great idea as it tells you what to watch out for as you
available to help with your
begin to work with the newer software.
scripting efforts.
For an unusual introduction to Java programming, double-click
/Developer/Examples/Java/Sound/Sound. After clicking Start,
you can read the README.txt file and begin to learn how this
sample application was created. The application loops, so you
may want to hit the Stop button after several times.

– The installation software ” Installation is complete. ± Click Close.
optimizes performance.


When you download a software tool from the Apple site,

ou can download software in one of two forms: as
the Download Manager appears, allowing you to monitor
precompiled binaries that you can run after a quick
the progress of your downloads. At this point, you can close
installation process, or as source code that you must
your browser window. The software continues
compile before you can run it. The easiest way to obtain
downloading, although you must remember not to shut
new tools for your Mac OS X system is to find precompiled
down your network connection if you are on a dial-up line.
binaries. While many sources of precompiled binaries exist
on the Web, you can only use those that are built
There are several sites that provide Mac OS X precompiled
specifically to run on Mac OS X.
binaries. For example, you can obtain a precompiled binary
for Fink, a sophisticated software package manager for Mac
The advantages of starting with source code are first, that
OS X, from www.fink.sourceforge.net. Other useful tools
you can study the source code and determine exactly how
include Mozilla from www.mozilla.org, PHP from
a tool works, and second, that you can modify the code for
www.entropy.ch/software/macosx/php, and XFree86 from
your own purposes.
www.apple.com/downloads. OpenOffice, an office suite
that rivals Microsoft Office, may be officially released by the
As you might expect, one of the best sources of
time you read these words.
precompiled tools for Mac OS X is Apple Computer. In fact,
to facilitate your access to their software tools, Apple has
included the Get Mac OS X Software option in the Apple
drop-down menu on your desktop, which takes your
browser to their comprehensive download site.


Get Mac OS X Software...

Download Link to Disk

– Your browser opens and
„ Click Apple OS X ➪ ¤ Locate the software you
Get Mac OS X Software. takes you to the Mac OS X want to download.
Downloads site.
‹ Command-click the
download link for the
software you select.



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