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download open source software, there are many places
your executables to locate the libraries they need. If all of
where you can find useful libraries. You can find references
your libraries are not installed in /usr/lib, you must add the
to any library you need by using a search engine such as
list of directories in which libraries are stored to the
DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH variable of every user. You must
assign this variable a colon-separated list of all directories
containing libraries. For tcsh users, you can insert a
command, such as setenv DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH
/usr/local/lib:/sw/lib , to add these two
directories to the locations where the dynamic linker



The list below contains libraries that you may want to
install on your Mac OS X system. These libraries are
especially useful if you plan to develop software.

db3 Berkeley DB embedded database libghttp HTTP client library
db4 Berkeley DB embedded database libiconv Character set conversion library
dlcompat Dynamic loading compatibility library libiodbc ODBC libraries
dtdparser Java DTD Parser libjpeg JPEG image format handling library
expat C library for parsing XML libmpeg GIMP MPEG library
fnlib Font rendering library for X11 libpoll System V poll(2) Emulation Library
freetype TrueType font rendering library, version 1 libtiff TIFF image format library
freetype2 TrueType font rendering library, version 2 libungif GIF image format handling library,
LZW-free version
gc General-purpose garbage collection library libunicode Low-level Unicode processing library
gd Graphics generation library libwww General-purpose Web API written in C for
Unix and Windows
gdbm GNU dbm libxml XML parsing library
giflib GIF image format handling library, libxml++ C++ interface to the libxml2 XML parsing
LZW-enabled version library
glib Low-level library that supports GTK+ libxml2 XML parsing library, version 2
gmp GNU multiple precision arithmetic library libxpg4 Locale-enabling preload library
gnomelibs GNOME libraries netpbm Graphics manipulation programs and
gnujaxp Basic XML processing in Java pcre Perl Compatible Regular Expressions
gtk GTK+, the GIMP widget toolkit used pdflib A library for generating PDFs
imlib General image-handling library pil The Python Imaging Library; adds
image-processing capabilities to Python
libdnet Networking library readline Terminal input library
libdv Software decoder for DV format video libghttp HTTP client library
libfame Fast Assembly MPEG Encoding library


You can use Lynx to browse the Web as you would Internet

ou can install the Lynx Web browser on your Mac OS
Explorer and Netscape Navigator. To start Lynx, you can
X system. Lynx is a text-based Web browser that is
type lynx followed by the URL that you want to visit.
useful for troubleshooting Web connections and
accessing files and information from the Web, especially
You can click links, even though they appear as text, to
when you are limited to a text-only environment, such as a
move around within the site. You can use the arrow keys on
telnet or ssh connection. Lynx does not install with the Mac
your keyboard, the spacebar, or a number of single-letter
OS X distribution, but you can download it using Fink or
commands. The third line from the bottom of the Lynx
screen gives you suggestions as to what you may want to
do next. For example, you may see a message such as press
While Lynx does not fill your screen with dancing frogs and
space for next page. To move forward in the document, you
pop-up ads, the simplicity of this tool gives you a definite
can press the spacebar, and to move backward you can type
advantage because it is fast. While Lynx recognizes graphics
the letter b. As a text-only browser, Lynx seems strange at
and links, it displays only the text equivalents. For example,
first, but you may find it a handy, and sometimes
in place of a link, you see [Link Name] or [Image Name], as
indispensable, tool. The name Lynx is a homonym for links.
in [company_logo.gif].


„ Type fink followed by a › Type grep lynx and press ˇ Type sudo fink followed ‡ Type lynx and press
space. Return. by a space. Return.
– Fink displays information – Fink begins to download
¤ Type list followed by a Á Type install followed by a
space. about Lynx, including space. Lynx.
whether it is currently
‹ Type | followed by a installed on your system.


You can use Lynx to perform basic troubleshooting
You can set numerous options to define how
of Web sites. If you have trouble connecting to a
Lynx works for you. The best way to learn about
Web site using a traditional browser, you can use
these options is to consult the Lynx User Guide.
Lynx to quickly determine whether the site is
To do this, type lynx localhost to start Lynx. Your
working. Because Lynx omits graphics and takes
local home page displays. Then type h and press
very few resources to run, you can test and display
Return. This command activates the Lynx online
your sites in very little time. If you are responsible
help, and positions your active link on the Lynx
for a Web site, you can use Lynx to check whether
User Guide. When you press Return, the User
your site is up and working.
Guide displays. You can use your arrow keys to
move around within the User Guide. When you
are done, you can use the Left Arrow key to
move to your home page, or type the letter q to
quit Lynx altogether.

– Fink uses curl to download – The system shows where
° Type which followed by a
Lynx. space. the Lynx executable installs.
· Type lynx and press


With Lynx you can use single-letter commands to navigate

ou can browse the Web with Lynx. At first, Lynx may
the Web. For occasional browsing, you only need a few
appear to be a browser of limited capability, but as
basic navigational commands, but if you want to learn the
you become familiar with Lynx, you find how useful it
more advanced browsing capabilities of Lynx, you can use
is to quickly retrieve information from the Web; in less time
the Lynx help facility to learn what each of these one-letter
than it normally takes you to start Internet Explorer, Lynx
commands means. To access the information on these
has your entire Web site on your screen.
commands, you can type lynx -help | less on the command
line. You can also get help on using Lynx by typing the letter
You can follow links, search for text, and download pages in
h after you have started Lynx. You can then open the Lynx
a similar manner to using a normal browser. The difference
User's Guide by pressing Enter or you can press your
is that, instead of clicking links that hide under images or
down-arrow key and then press Enter, to bring up a listing
display as underlined text, you move around with simple
of the keystroke commands.
keystrokes. The currently active link appears highlighted.
For example, the colors reverse so you see white letters on
If you find yourself stuck at any point or change your mind
a black background if the rest of your screen is black on
while waiting for a sluggish site to respond, you can type z
to stop the current request. This command acts just like
clicking the Stop button in Internet Explorer.


– The server informs you that
„ Type lynx followed by a ¤ Type the name of a Web
space. site that uses frames. your browser cannot work
with frames.
‹ Press Return.

Lynx highlights links on a Web site to make it easier for you to find them.
When you first see a screen, the link nearest to the top of the page is
highlighted. You can use the arrow keys to follow or move between links.
The down-arrow key takes you to the next link on the page, and the up-arrow
key takes you to the previous link. The left-arrow key allows you to follow a
link backwards to the previous page; this is similar to the Back button on a
normal browser. The right-arrow key follows the current link, taking you to
the next page. The spacebar loads the next page.

? Display a list of commands
a Add the current link to bookmarks
d Download the current link
g Go to a specified URL
l Show an index of documents
k Show a list of single key commands and what they do
m Return to main screen
o Set your options
p Print
q Quit
/ Search for a string in the current document
n Go to the next search string

– The initial page appears
› Press Return to continue. ˇ Type q and press Return. Á Type y to confirm.
with the first link highlighted.
– Lynx asks you to confirm
that you want to quit.

Because Fink installs software into the /sw directory, Wget

ou can install Wget, an automatic Web-site retriever.
installs as /sw/bin/wget. After you complete the installation,
Wget is a handy tool for downloading a Web site in
you can type which wget and have this pathname returned
order to back it up for safekeeping, or to move it to
to you. If not, you must update your search path to include
another host. The best feature of Wget is that you do not
/sw/bin by editing the .tcshrc file in your Home directory.
have to download your Web pages one at a time; the
recursive nature of the tool allows you to download an
Fink installs man pages in /sw/share/man. If you type man


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