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entire site with a single command.
wget and get the response no manual entry for wget, you
can add this directory to your MANPATH by adding setenv
You can download Wget using Fink. When you type the
MANPATH /sw/share/man to your .tcshrc file.
command fink list | grep wget, Fink tells you that the
package is available and that it is not yet installed on your
To make the changes to your search path and your
system. The current release of Wget is 1.8.2-1. To start the
MANPATH permanent, you should update these paths as
download using Fink, you can type the command fink
they are defined in your .tcshrc file. Keeping these paths up
install wget. Fink then runs the curl command to
to date with the applications you have installed will save
download the Wget installation file. Fink manages the
you a lot of trouble in the end.
uncompression, extraction, and installation of the Wget files
onto your system.


– Fink displays the – Fink immediately starts the
„ Type fink list followed by a ‹ Type sudo fink install wget
space. information it has on Wget. and press Return. download of Wget.
¤ Type | grep wget and press


If you use the recursive option, you can download all of the

ou can download an individual Web page or an entire
Web pages and image files from the site. It is a good idea to
Web site with Wget. Wget is an extremely fast
download sites only if you know how many files you are
command-line tool that retrieves files from Web sites
downloading and how large they are. Downloads from a
using HTTP and FTP. You can download an entire site by
very large site could consume all of your free disk space.
typing a single line of text.
Wget creates a subdirectory by the same name as the URL
from which you are downloading, so that if you download
Wget works well even on slow and troublesome
from multiple sites, Wget drops the files from each site into
connections, and if you are using a slow dial-up line, you
separate directories to avoid confusion.
can start the download and let it run. In all likelihood, it will
run to completion with no monitoring or other attention.
The Wget tool includes many options, such as setting a
Wget can run in the background, making it an ideal tool to
username and password for access, limiting the depth of
back up a Web site.
your retrieval, and determining whether Wget overwrites
downloaded files. You can read the Wget man page to
To start a download, all you have to do is type wget
learn more about this tool.
followed by a URL. For example, the command wget
http://www.dragonflyditch.com downloads the
Dragonfly Ditch Web page; you will see this default
document in your browser if you type the same URL.


¤ Type a URL, and press ‹ Type a URL, and press
Return. Return.
„ Type wget followed by a „ Type wget followed by a
– Wget downloads the page. – Wget downloads the entire
space. space.
¤ Type -r followed by a


application. By right-clicking the download link, you can

ou can install an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client
select the Download Link to Disk option and then click
on Mac OS X. IRC, or chat, clients allow you to
Save to download the BIN file. When you double-click this
participate in interactive dialog with other people on
file, it installs the AOL Instant Messenger software.
the Internet. Unlike e-mail dialog in which days may elapse
between when you send a message and when the recipient
Whatever chat client you decide to install, you probably
reads the message, chat dialog is immediate. You chat with
want to keep it in the Dock so that you can start it up by
people who are active chat clients themselves.
clicking the icon. Before you can use any chat client,
however, you need to register a screen name. If you are a
Chat tools, such as AOL Instant Messenger (AIM), are based
.Mac subscriber, you can use your .Mac screen name. If you
on the IRC protocol. IRC relays your message between chat
are already an AOL Instant Messenger user, you can use that
servers. If you do not have iChat on your Mac OS X system
screen name. Otherwise, you need to register a new screen
or if you want to upgrade your chat client, you can use the
name so that you can chat and so that other people can
Get Mac OS X Software option on your Apple menu to
find you.
access the download site for Apple binaries. From there,
you can scroll down and find the AOL Instant Messenger


– The Mac OS X
¤ Type AOL into the
„ In your Web Browser, ‹ Click the Email Chat -
search box.
go to www.apple.com/ Downloads: Search AOL Instant Messenger link.
downloads/macosx. Results page appears.


You can also download an IRC client using Fink or
Other IRC clients are available for Mac OS X and
FinkCommander. To determine what clients are
offer various features that you may prefer to
available through FinkCommander, type chat into
those of AIM. The site www.irchelp.org is a good
the text field and select Name and then Description.
place to get information on other chat clients;
This should provide you with information on chat
in particular, the www.irchelp.org/irchelp/mac/
tools, such as xchat, that you can download or
page provides information on other chat clients
install with FinkCommander.
and links to the sites where you can find these
Ircle from www.ircle.com is one of the most
popular chat clients for the Mac OS community.
You can download the Carbon version of this
tool for your Mac OS X system.

– The AOL Instant Messenger – The Download Manager
ˇ Click the Download link.
page appears. downloads your file.
› Scroll to find the
download link.


Because you may not always be in the mood to chat, you

ou can chat with a person when you know their
can alter your status to control whether others can initiate a
screen name. A screen name enables you to find
chat session with you. When you start iChat, you are listed
someone on IRC and determine whether the person
as Available. You can change this status to Away, or you can
is online. When you know the screen name of another user,
even create a custom status to tell your buddies when you
you can add the user to your buddy list, thereby making it
are too busy to chat.
easier for you to open a chat session with the friend.
When you engage a buddy in chat, you can exchange dialog
When you first open iChat, your buddy list appears and you
in a chat window. For example, if you start a chat with
can determine which of your buddies are available to chat.
someone from your buddy list or select New Chat with
You can add buddies to this list by using the Add a Buddy
Person from the File menu, a dialog window then opens in
option from your Buddies menu. When you select this
which your dialog with the other person appears with
option, a form appears that you fill out with information on
proper annotation so that you can easily see what each of
the new buddy. This information includes the full name and
you is typing.
screen name of the buddy. You can also use this form to
keep track of the e-mail address of your buddy.

After you select a buddy, you can invite that buddy to chat
with you by right-clicking the buddy from your buddy list
and clicking Invite to Chat.


Add A Buddy... A

– The Buddy List panel
„ Click iChat in the Dock. ¤ Click Buddies ➪ Add a
opens. Buddy.


While IRC clients such as iChat provide the means
If you like working on the Unix command line,
for you to chat with people around the globe, there
you can download and install a command line
are other tools that you can use in UNIX to
IRC tool called ircII from www.irchelp.org/
communicate with other users. One of these tools
irchelp/ircii. You download a TARGZ file from
is called talk. Talk allows you to enter a chat-like
this site, which you can compile and install.
session with other users on the same system. You
After installation, when you type ircii, your
can read the man page for more information.
Terminal window splits into two sections. You
then use commands such as /server and
/join to connect to a chat server and join in a
discussion. You can use the /help command to
learn some basic commands, and the /quit
command to exit the program.


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