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The undo operation is available both as Edit ➪
You can turn a number in a cell into a percentage
Undo and through use of the curved arrow in the
simply by clicking the percentage sign in the
toolbar. Anytime you make a mistake, you can
toolbar after clicking on the particular cell. This
quickly reverse your most recent operation.
speeds up the process of modifying the format of
your numbers, but uses the default format with
You can add arrows and other annotations to your
two decimal points. Similarly, you can convert a
spreadsheet by selecting these tools from your
number to display in monetary format by clicking
the symbol that looks like a stack of dollar bills.
Icons in the toolbar allow you to change the
You can use the green and red arrow keys
justification of data in cells to right, left, or center
near the upper-right corner of the spreadsheet
to sort a series of cells in alphabetic or reverse
Click Help ➪ Gnumeric Manual to open a very
alphabetic order. Simply select the cells that you
want to sort and click the arrow representing the handy user's guide.
sort order of your choice.

– The spreadsheet calculates
‹ Type some numbers in ˇ Select the numbers in the
several cells in the same cells with your mouse. your total.
Á Type ) and press Return.
› Type =sum( in the cell


modify Microsoft Word documents. Open Office comes

ou can use Open Office to create documents,
with spell check, clip art, and many of the same formatting
spreadsheets, illustrations, and presentations. You
features that you would expect in other professional word
can also open documents that were created by other
processing applications.
applications, such as Microsoft Office. Open Office is a
suite of office applications that includes a word processor,
When you start Open Office from the Dock or by double-
spreadsheet, drawing program, presentation package, data
clicking on its icon in the Finder, the tool opens with Writer.
source editor, HTML editor, formula editor, and macro and
From this application, you start the other applications as
scripting language. Each tool is a professional and full-
well. For example, File ➪ New ➪ Spreadsheet launches the
featured office automation tool that has years of
spreadsheet application. Open Office will start XDarwin if it
development behind it from talented volunteers from
is not already running.
around the world. Completely free, Open Office is based
on code from StarOffice and 15 years of development by Most of the items in the toolbar along the top and down
Sun Microsystems. It runs on Sparc systems as well as the left side of the Writer's window will look familiar to you
Windows and Linux and, as of this writing, is in the final if you have used Microsoft Word or another word
stages of development for Mac OS X. processor. If you are unsure of the meaning of any of the
icons, position and hold your cursor over them and a short
To use Open Office, you need to first install X Windows.
description appears.
The word processor that is included in the Open Office
suite is called Writer. You can use it to read, write, and



Open... Control+O

– Writer opens with an
„ Click the Open Office ¤ Click File ➪ Open.
icon in the Dock. empty document.


To view nonprinting characters, click View ➪ You can turn the spell checker on and off by clicking
the symbol that contains the letters ABC with a wavy
Nonprinting characters or press Control + F10. If
line underneath. You can choose to see your spelling
you press Control + F10 several times in a row,
mistakes as you type or spell check later.
you will notice how the nonprinting characters
toggle on and off.
You can insert tables by clicking Insert Table . . . or
by clicking on the table icon near the top of the left
Depending on the type of document you are
window border.
creating, autocorrection can be a blessing or an
annoyance. Tools ➪ AutoCorrect/AutoFormat . . .
You can easily number the lines in your document
allows you to control the extent to which
and have control over the frequency with which
autoformatting and autocorrection are used
lines are numbered. For example, you can number
in your documents.
every fifth or tenth line in a document. Line
numbering is selected through Tools ➪ Line
You can save documents created in Writer in
many formats, such as OpenOffice text or
template, Word 6.0, 95, or 97/2000/XP, StarWriter,
Rich Text Format, and HTML.

– A file browser opens. – The document appears
› Click Open.
‹ Select the document you
want to open.


As with other spreadsheets, you can enter data or formulas

ou can create spreadsheets using Open Office
in cells and can copy and paste these items to avoid having
or import spreadsheets created by other popular
to enter the same data more than once.
spreadsheet applications. The spreadsheet that
is included with Open Office is called Calc and, like
Calc also includes graphing. If you select data and click the
Gnumeric, is likely to be familiar and, thus, easy to use if
Insert Object icon, a short series of forms for creating a
you have used any spreadsheet application. The labeling of
number of graphs, such as pie charts and scatter diagrams,
the rows and columns and the symbols in the toolbars are
will appear.
generally self-explanatory and, if you pause over them with
your cursor, a short description will appear to explain their Insert ➪ Graphics lets you import images into your
functions. spreadsheets.
To start Calc, click File ➪ New ➪ Spreadsheet from Writer. Like Gnumeric, Calc has one-click options for transforming
This will open an empty spreadsheet in another window on the format of a cell to a percentage or monetary figure.
your screen.
Edit ➪ Repeat:Attributes is a very useful function that allows
Clicking the Help button will bring up a useful guide on you to repeat changes that you make in one cell to others.
how to use Calc along with a panel in which you can enter If you change one cell to bold and then use this function,
or browse search terms, look through the contents of the the new cell or group of cells will also take on the changed
Open Office documentation or create and use bookmarks. attribute.




Stress 33

Anxiety 12

Grief 4

Worry 28

Pain 2

– Calc opens with a blank
„ In the Writer window, ‹ Select your cells.
click File ➪ New ➪ spreadsheet.
› Click the Insert Object
¤ Enter some text and button.
numbers into your


You can create a slide presentation by clicking
Spreadsheets created in Calc can be stored in
File ➪ New ➪ Presentation from Writer or from
Open Office format or you can choose from
Calc. The presentation package is called Impress
other formats which include several versions of
and is a multimedia presentation tool that includes
MicrosoftExcel, StarCalc, Data Interchange
clip art, animation, and high-quality drawing tools.
Format, dBASE, and SYLK.
When you start Impress, you will complete a series
You can also create HTML documents in Open
of forms in which you make selections for your
Office by clicking File ➪ New ➪ HTML
presentation ” such as whether to use wipes of
Document. This tool will allow you to enter text
some type as your slide show moves from one slide
and will provide the HTML code. You can insert
to the next. Impress simplifies preparation of a
links and create tables using options from the
presentation and includes many features for
Insert menu. While you work with the context of
creating a dynamic slide show.
the page, the HTML code is being constructed
for you.

– The AutoFormat Chart – The new graph appears in
ˇ Select a graph type from
window appears. the menu. your spreadsheet.
Á Click Create.


them to properly indent source code. However, you should

ou can develop applications in C and C++ on your
use the text editor that allows you to work most effectively.
Mac OS X system. Developing applications in C or


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