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( 69 .)


° Type $connect = ‚ Type // generate and ± Type $rows = £ Type </body> and press
execute query and press Return, then type </html>.
pg_connect ("host=$host pg_num_rows($result);
Return. and press Return.
dbname=$db user=$user
¢ Save your file.
password=$pass"); and
” Type $query = "select * ¡ Type echo "There are
– Your test page is ready
press Return.
from pets"; and press Return. $rows records in the pets db";
to run.
· Type if (!$connect) and press Return.
{ die("could not open a
„ Type pg_close($connect);
connection to db server");
and press Return, then type
} and press Return.
?> and press Return. 315

different versions of the same program, contact the

he CD-ROM included in this book contains many
program's manufacturer. For the latest and greatest
useful files and programs. Before installing any of the
information, please refer to the ReadMe file located at the
programs on the disc, make sure that you do not
root level of the CD-ROM as well as the manufacturer's
already have a newer version of the program already
Web site.
installed on your computer. For information on installing

For Mac OS X. Freeware/Open Source. Chimera is a
To use the contents of the CD-ROM, your computer must
browser for Jaguar, Mac OS X v.10.2. From The Mozilla
have the following hardware and software:
Organization, www.mozilla.org/projects/chimera.
For Macintosh:
• Mac OS X v.10.2 or higher with a 400 MHz or faster CPU
For Mac OS X. Freeware/Open Source. Fink enables Mac
• At least 256MB of total RAM installed on your computer; OS X to import and fix open source Unix software. From
for best performance, we recommend at least 512MB The Fink Project, http://fink.sourceforge.net.
• A network card
• A CD-ROM drive
For Unix, Mac OS X, and Windows. GNU Freeware/Open
Source and Binary. Requires X Windows. The GIMP is the
ACROBAT VERSION GNU Image Manipulation Program for photo retouching,
image composition, and image authoring. From GNOME,
The CD-ROM contains an e-version of this book that you
can view and search using Adobe Acrobat Reader. You
cannot print the pages or copy text from the Acrobat files.
The CD-ROM includes an evaluation version of Adobe
Acrobat Reader.
For Unix and Linux. Freeware/Open Source. Requires X
Windows. GNOME Core contains the core components
needed to run the GNOME desktop environment. From
GNOME, www.gnome.org.
For your convenience, the software titles appearing on the
CD-ROM are listed alphabetically. Some software provided
on this CD may require additional components for
For Mac OS X and Linux. GNU Freeware/Open Source.
installation. See the ReadMe file and links pages on
GnuCash is a finance software that enables you to manage
the CD for additional information.
your bank accounts, stocks, income, and expenses, and
more. From The GnuCash Project, www.gnucash.org.
For Unix, Linux, and Windows. GNU Freeware/Open
Source. Requires X Windows. AbiWord is a cross-platform
For Unix, Linux, and Solaris. Freeware/Open Source.
word-processing program that enables you to perform the
Requires X Windows. KDEbase contains the basic
same task as Microsoft Word. From AbiSource c/o
applications that are used with the KDE desktop
SourceGear Corporation, www.abisource.com.
environment. From The KDE Project, www.kde.org.
Acrobat Reader
For Macintosh and Windows. Freeware. Adobe Acrobat
For Unix systems. Freeware/Open Source. Requires X
Reader allows you to view the online version of this book.
Windows. KDElibs contains libraries needed by the K
For more information on using Acrobat Reader, see the
Desktop Environment. From The KDE Project, www.kde.org.
section "Using the E-Version of the Book" in this Appendix.
From Adobe Systems, www.adobe.com.


Lynx WAV, and AU formats. From 4Front Technologies,
For Unix, VMS, Windows 95 and higher. GNU
Freeware/Open Source and Binary. Lynx is a text-based
Internet Web browser originally developed at the University
of Kansas. http://lynx.browser.org.
The programs on the CD-ROM should work on computers
with the minimum of system requirements. However, some
Mozilla programs may not work properly.
For Unix and Linux systems. Freeware/Open Source. Mozilla
is an open-source Web browser and toolkit. From The Many of the tools on the CD require that you first install an
Mozilla Organization, www.mozilla.org. X Windows server, such as the XFree86 software included
on the CD. The two most likely problems for the programs
not working properly include not having enough memory
(RAM) for the programs you want to use, or having other
For all platforms. Freeware/Open Source. Requires X
programs running that affect the installation or running of a
Windows. OpenOffice.org is an office suite that will run on
program. If you receive error messages such as Not enough
all major platforms. From OpenOffice.org,
memory or Setup cannot continue, try one or more of the
methods below and then try using the software again:

• Turn off any anti-virus software
For Unix and Linux systems. Freeware/Open Source. An • Close all running programs
advanced object-relational database management system
• Have your local computer store add more RAM to your
(ORDBMS) with utilities needed to create and maintain the
database server. From PostgreSQL, www.postgresql.org.
Mac OS X requires more memory than previous versions of
Mac OS. For acceptable performance, you should run at
least 256MB of RAM.
For Unix. GNU Freeware/Open Source. Screen is a utility
that allows you to have multiple logon screens in a single
Execution of programs that you install may depend on
terminal. From The GNU Project, www.gnu.org.
having the proper environment. Your search path should
include the directory in which your software has been
Vim installed, for example, /sw/bin or /usr/local/bin. You may
For Unix, Linux, and Mac OS X. Freeware/Open Source. vim also have to adjust your dynamic library search path to
(VIsual editor iMproved) is an enhanced text editor. From enable these applications to find and use the runtime
The VIM Group, www.vim.org. libraries they need. The environment variable
DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH may have to be updated to include
directories such as /sw/lib or /usr/local/lib.
For Unix, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X. Freeware/Open Source. In addition, any application that is not installed with an
XFree86 is an X Windows server. It provides a client/server installer program will open slowly the first time it is run.
interface between display hardware and the desktop This is normal.
environment, while providing both the windowing
infrastructure and a standardized application interface. If you still have trouble installing the items from the
From The XFree86 Project, Inc, www.xfree86.org. For Mac CD-ROM, call the Wiley Publishing Customer Service
OS X ports, go to sourceforge.netprojectsXonX. phone number: 800-762-2974 (outside the U.S.:
317-572-3994). You can also contact Wiley Publishing
Customer Service by e-mail at techsupdum@wiley.com.
For Unix systems. Freeware/Open Source. X MultiMedia
System (Xmms) is a multimedia player that supports MPEG,


To view the contents of the book using Acrobat Reader,

ou can view Unix for Mac: Your visual blueprint to
insert the CD-ROM into your drive. The autorun interface
maximizing the foundation of Mac OS X on your
will appear. Navigate to the eBook, and open the book.pdf
screen using the CD-ROM included at the back of this
file. You may be required to install Acrobat Reader 5.0 on
book. The CD-ROM allows you to search the contents of
your computer, which you can do by following the simple
each chapter of the book for a specific word or phrase. The
intallation instructions. If you choose to disable the autorun
CD-ROM also provides a convenient way of keeping the
interface, you can open the CD root menu and open the
book handy while traveling.
Resources folder, then open the eBook folder. In the
window that appears, double-click the eBook.pdf icon.
You must install Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer
before you can view the book on the CD-ROM. This
program is provided on the disc. Acrobat Reader allows you
to view Portable Document Format (PDF) files, which can
display books and magazines on your screen exactly as they
appear in printed form.


– Click one of these options
First page
to display the page at 100%
„ Click one of these options „ Click to magnify an
Previous page magnification ( ) or to fit
to flip through the pages of a area of the page.
the entire page inside the
Next page
¤ Click the area of the page window ( ).
Last page you want to magnify.


Acrobat Reader is a popular and useful program.
To install Acrobat Reader, insert the CD-ROM
There are many files available on the Web that are
disc into a drive. In the screen that appears, click
designed to be viewed using Acrobat Reader.
Software. Click Acrobat Reader and then click
Look for files with the .pdf extension. For more
Install at the bottom of the screen. Then follow
information about Acrobat Reader, visit the Web
the instructions on your screen to install the
site at www.adobe.com/products/
You can make searching the book more
convenient by copying the .pdf files to your own
computer. Display the contents of the CD-ROM
disc and then copy the PDFs folder from the CD
to your hard drive. This allows you to easily
access the contents of the book at any time.


– The first instance of the
¤ Type the text you want to › Click Find Again to find
find. text is highlighted. the next instance of the text.
„ Click to search for text
‹ Click Find to start the
in the section.


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