. 36
( 62 .)


Floor, New York, NY 10017. (888) 670-8200.
Strategic Research Institute (SRI). Produces such conferences as Investing in
Early-Stage Deals, The Private Equity Roundup, and The Venture Capital
Conference and Exposition. Contact: SRI, 236 W. 27th Street, Eighth Floor,
New York, NY 10001. (646) 336-7030.
Directory of Alternative Funding Resources


Council for Entrepreneurial Development (CED). CED encourages and as-
sists entrepreneurial development in North Carolina. Members include en-
trepreneurs, investors, financiers, service professionals, public policy makers,
and university faculty who focus on the needs of Triangle area growth com-
panies. CED provides a forum where members share their expertise to create
a supportive environment for growth companies in North Carolina. CED
also produces an Annual Venture Conference during which a number of pre-
senting companies have been successful at meeting investors and raising cap-
ital. Contact: CED, P.O. Box 13353, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709.
(919) 549-7500 (ext. 117). fax: (919) 549-7405. www.ced.nc.org.
North Florida Venture Capital Network (NFVCN). Managed by Enterprise
North Florida Corporation, the not-for-profit NFVCN is designed for pri-
vate investors, angels, and institutional investment companies seeking infor-
mation on companies in need of financing. It is likewise designed for business
and investment service providers and not-for-profit entrepreneurial support
organizations throughout northern Florida. Contact: NFVCN, 4905 Belfort
Road, Suite 110, Jacksonville, FL 32256.
Oklahoma Investment Forum (OIF). The Southwest Capital Conference by
OIF showcases approximately 30 high-growth regional companies and hosts
an Innovation Expo that provides a look at new products, technology, and
ideas being developed in Oklahoma. Attendees include venture capitalists
and private equity investors from around the country interested in early-
stage companies. Contact: Oklahoma Investment Forum, 415 South Boston,
Suite 800, Tulsa, OK 74103. (918) 584-8884.
Mid-Atlantic Venture Conference. Provides a forum for entrepreneurs to
present to potential investors and produces a Private Equity Investment
Conference that highlights a variety of young investment opportunities from
the Mid-Atlantic region. Industry focus is on IT, nanotechnology, telecom,
and biotech. Hosted by the Greater Philadelphia Venture Group. Angels and
venture capitalists attend. Contact: Mid-Atlantic Venture Conference,
Eastern Technology Council, 435 Devon Park Drive, Bldg. 600, Suite 613,
Wayne, PA 19087. (610) 975-9430. www.mavc.org.
Private Investors Network (PIN). PIN, an angel network whose parent
organization is the Mid-Atlantic Venture Association, brings together ac-
credited investors and growth companies in Maryland, Virginia, and the
District of Columbia. Contact: Private Investors Network, The Baltimore-
Washington Venture Group c/o Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship, The

Maryland Business School, University of Maryland, College Park, MD
20742. (301) 405-2144. fax: (301) 314-9152.
CT Venture Group. The largest venture forum in the Northeast. In its
eleventh year, considered a major venue for accessing capital. The
Crossroads Venture Fair assists the development of high-growth enterprises
by promoting capital formation in Connecticut. Contact: www.cvg.org.
Private Investors Forum. Provides a forum for entrepreneurs to present busi-
ness plans to investors for the purpose of obtaining financing. Sophisticated
institutional and private investors who invest in small, privately held, early-
stage companies attend. Members make their own decisions; this group is
not an investment pool. Investors negotiate their own terms directly with the
company. Contact: www.AngelVentureFair.com.
Southern California Technology Venture Forum. Offers premier companies
an unparalleled opportunity to position themselves competitively in the
search for private investment. Sponsored by Ernst & Young LLP; Southern
California Edison Investor Forums; Troop, Stuber, Pasich, Reddick & Tobey;
Jones Day, and Wedbush Morgan Securities. Contact: Southern California
Technology Venture Forum, 515 South Flower Street, 32nd Floor, Los
Angeles, CA 90071. (213) 236-4845
California Venture Forum. California Venture Forum showcases and
matches start-up and early-stage companies with an audience of potential
venture capitalists and private investors. The forum is sponsored by
Southern California Edison among others. Contact: Tech Coast SBDC, 2
Park Plaza, Suite 100, Irvine, CA 92614. (949) 476-2242.
Central Coast Venture Forum. An all-day forum for linking venture investors
and growth companies seeking capital in Santa Barbara, Ventura, San Luis
Obispo, and Northern Los Angeles counties. Showcases the region™s fastest
growing entrepreneurial, early-stage ventures and emerging growth compa-
nies. Angels and venture capitalists attend. Sponsored by the Central Coast
Venture Forum (CCVF). Contact: CCVF, 402 E. Gutierre Street, Santa
Barbara, CA 93101. (805) 879-5202.
Arizona Venture Capital Conference. An annual program that brings to-
gether the region™s leading investors and venture capitalists with emerging-
growth businesses seeking funding. Focuses on companies from the
Southwest, sponsored by the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce. Forty
percent of presenting companies have raised some funding. Contact: Arizona
Venture Capital Conference, Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce, 201
North Central Ave., Suite 2700, Phoenix, AZ 85073. (602) 254-5521.
Directory of Alternative Funding Resources

Emerging Technology Business Showcase. This forum for technology-based
businesses in Florida attracts companies with the potential for $10 million to
$15 million in minimum sales seeking capital funding to introduce investors
seeking investment in technology-based businesses. Rigorous screening by a
selection committee. Contact: Enterprise Development Corporation of South
Florida, 3416 S. University, Deerfield Beach, FL 33328. (954) 577-8722.
The Springboard Venture Capital Forum Series. Springboard Enterprises™
venture capital forums are intended to increase access of women-led firms to
investment opportunities and to assist women entrepreneurs in navigating
the equity markets. The forums provide women entrepreneurs with a plat-
form for greater visibility and strategic connections to investment and busi-
ness development experts in the community. Seven forums have been held in
major markets since early 2000. Contact: Springboard Enterprises, c/o GWV
at Mt. Vernon College/Somers, 2100 Foxhall Road N.W., Washington, DC
20007. (202) 242-6282.
Investment in Innovation. This two-day event highlights emerging technolo-
gies being developed by more than 50 small, mostly privately held medical
technology companies seeking partnering and/or investment. The meeting
will draw an attendance of up to 300 or more senior executives from the in-
vestment community and major medical technology, biopharmaceutical,
biotech, and other companies. Contact: Med Tech Insight, 21071 Cedar
Lane, Mission Viejo, CA 92691. (714) 969-7648.
Venturenet. This venture capital forum presents approximately 20 Internet
and software companies, and offers an equivalent number of nonpresenting
companies featured in their entrepreneurial exhibit area. Extensive pre-
screening to select presenting companies by a committee of bankers, attor-
neys, accountants, angel investors, and venture capitalists, among others.
Contact: Software Council of Southern California, 2461 W. 208th Street,
Suite 202, Torrance, CA 90501. (301) 328-0043.
Florida Venture Forum. This forum assists entrepreneurs in identifying
sources of capital. While its roots were in education, it is now in its 14th year
and has attracted more than $558 million in investment for later-stage
Florida companies. Contact: www.flvencap.org.
Early-Stage Investment Forum. Presented by the Northwest Entrepreneurs
Network. An event for early-stage start-ups to present business plans to
prospective angel investors and venture capitalists. Deals are subject to con-
scientious prescreening. Approximately 15 companies each present for 15
minutes. Exhibit space is also available. Contact: Northwest Entrepreneurs
Network, P.O. Box 40128, Bellevue, WA 98015. (425) 564-5701.

Great Midwest Venture Capital Conference. A 13-year-old forum for intro-
duction of early-stage companies to an audience of high-risk, private, and in-
stitutional investors. Aggressive prescreening. Approximately 26 companies
will each present for up to 12 minutes. Contact: Indiana Business
Modernization & Technology Corporation, 10 West Market Street, Suite
450, Indianapolis, IN 46204. (317) 635-3058. www.gmvcc.com.
Angel Oregon and Venture Oregon. This annual conference and forum host
speakers, panels, and invite prescreened companies to present to an audience
of investors and service providers. Approximately 350 attend. Contact:
Oregon Entrepreneurs Forum, 309 SW Sixth Ave., Suite 212, Portland, OR
97204. (503) 222-2270.
Annual Investment Conference. In its 10th year, this forum is hosted by the
Massachusetts Software Council. The objective is to provide presenting com-
panies access to capital. About 200 technology angel and venture capitalist
investors attend this annual event. Contact: Massachusetts Software
Council, One Exeter Plaza, Boston, MA 02116. (617) 437-0600 (Ext. 14).
University of Upstate New York Venture Forum. Exclusively to spotlight
university spin-off ventures in various high technology disciplines. Investors
attending include angels, venture capitalists, and corporate technology part-
ners. Contact: (716) 636-3651. www.resuny.org.
Long Island Capital Alliance. Focused on bringing together entrepreneurs,
investors, and service providers for community benefit. Provides the Long
Island/New York Metro Capital Forum. In its ninth year, up to 20 companies
will present to an audience of capital providers. About 500 attendees.
Contact: www.Licapital.org/CapitalForum.


A complete listing of venture clubs in your region is available at www.icr-
net.com, or call (415) 296-2519.
Houston Angel Network (HAN). An investment group that conducts
monthly meetings. Provides presentation opportunities to Houston area
early-stage companies. Founded in 1999, HAN focuses on IT, life sciences,
space sciences, and energy. The angel network hosts the meetings for investors
to view presentations by prescreened applicant companies. Contact: Houston
Angel Network, 410 Pierce Street, Houston, TX 77002. (832) 476-9291.
New Jersey Entrepreneurial Network. Holds a monthly “elevator pitch”
meeting. Some educational focus, but emphasis is on brief elevator pitch style
Directory of Alternative Funding Resources

introductions by companies followed by networking. Investors and service
providers attend. Contact: www.njen.com.
Tech Coast Venture Network. Brings together entrepreneurs, capital sources,
and service providers at its meetings and conferences. Focus is on the Orange
County/Southern California business community. Contact: Tech Coast
Venture Network, 1405 Warner Ave., Tustin, CA 92780. (714) 258-8347.
128VC Group. A venture capital club with monthly meetings. The group of-
fers a networking venue of individual investors and professional venture cap-
italists interested in emerging technologies and markets. Presenting
companies introduce themselves to the group and explain their goals.
Contact: www.128VCG.com.
Venture Association New Jersey (VANJ). Hosts periodic monthly elevator
pitch meetings with entrepreneurs presenting briefly to investors and service
providers. Also offers educational events and Annual Entrepreneur Expo, of-
fering exhibit space to entrepreneurs. Contact: VANJ, P.O. Box 1982,
Morristown, NJ 07962. (973) 631-5680.
Ohio Venture Association (OVA). Hosts its five-minute forum monthly.
Business owners present brief descriptions of venture opportunity for the
purpose of helping raise capital. Focus is on new ventures seeking early-stage
investors. Prescreened ventures present business plans that must conform to
OVA guidelines. Contact: Ohio Venture Association, 1120 Chester Ave.,
Suite 470, Cleveland, OH 44114. (216) 566-8884.
Gathering of Angels. A group holding monthly meetings of private, high-net-
worth investors, venture capitalists, and service providers from the New
Mexico region. Its mission is to provide seed-level financing to start-ups and
early-stage firms, and to help with growth financing. Each month four pre-
sentations are made by companies prescreened by the executive director and
steering/review committee. Contact: www.gatheringofangels.com.
Rockies Venture Club (RVC). A nonprofit organization serving as a catalyst
to entrepreneurs in the Mountain Region. Entrepreneurs seeking capital
funding from this area are invited to the RVC monthly meetings. The club
presents a series of five-minute presentations followed by dinner and net-
working. Angels and venture capitalists in attendance. Contact: Rockies
Venture Club, 1805 S. Bellaire, Suite 480, Denver, CO 80222. (303) 758-
Minnesota Seed Capital Network. Introduces private investors to high-tech,
early-stage firms trying to raise capital in the $250,000 to $5,000,000 range.
Entrepreneurs who present are prescreened by a steering committee that se-
lects or rejects them. Committee includes investors, academics, executives,

attorneys, accountants, and public relations professionals. Claims 47 com-
panies have raised capital. Contact: Minnesota Project Innovation, 100 Mill
Place, 111 Third Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN 55401. (612) 338-3280.
Common Angels. A group of 50 Boston area private investors. All have
founded and/or run high-tech companies. They work with and invest in
start-ups to help build successful IT, software, and Internet companies.
Claims to have financed 22 companies. Contact: www.commonangels.com.
Band of Angels. A formal group of 100 former and current high-tech execu-
tives who provide counsel and investment capital to start-up companies,
bridge capital, and follow-on financing rounds through their Band of Angels
Fund, L.P. Contact: www.bandangels.com.


International Capital Resources. A uniquely positioned angel and early-
stage investing company. Since 1989 the company has built a prequalified
database of 1,359 accredited investors. A recent study of 60 of these in-
vestors reports investments exceeding $90,000,000 into 46 companies over
the previous 5 years. The company works with entrepreneurial clients to
build a pool of investors for current and future financing rounds using a
number of proprietary investor development programs pioneered by the


www.cfol.com. Focuses on entrepreneurs and angel investors. Commercial
Finance Online (CFOL) boasts the largest business finance search engine in
the world. CFOL assists with new referral partner development through a
variety of searches, partnering sites, web pages, and links to help fund your
www.dealflow.com. DealFlow is strictly an information service, not a ven-
ture capital firm or a broker-dealer. It offers a free listing to an entrepreneur
or a venture in need of capital and the expertise of private investors; it also
offers a free search of ventures by private investors or venture capitalists. In
DealFlow, an entrepreneur can search by keyword to find investors inter-
ested in particular products and markets before submitting his or her name
to the list. Meanwhile, private investors can download venture listings im-
mediately. In addition, DealFlow contains a Strategic Partner database.
Directory of Alternative Funding Resources

www.venturescape.com. For entrepreneurs with promising start-ups,
Venturescape is a portal to venture capitalists and institutional investors. The
visitor can search for venture capital sources on the Venturescape database
and route their business plan to selected venture capital firms through the
www.businessfinance.com. For more developed small businesses, business-


. 36
( 62 .)