. 27
( 42 .)


Dec. 5 38/39I 140-1

Urges the Security Council to consider sanctions against South Africa as a protest against
The US versus the World at the United Nations 193

Dec. 5 38/39K 145-1

Authorizes the International Convention against Apartheid in Sports to continue its

Dec. 15 38/70 147-1

Outer space should be used for peaceful purposes; prevention of an arms race in outer

Dec. 16 38/124 132-1

Declares that education, work, health care, proper nourishment, national development,
etc. are human rights

Dec. 19 38/128 110-1

Development of the principles and norms of international law relating to the new world
economic order

Dec. 19 38/150 137-1

Transport and Communications Decade in Africa

Dec. 20 38/182 116-1

Prohibition of the development and manufacture of new types and systems of weapons of
mass destruction

Dec. 20 38/183M 133-1

Requests nuclear-arms states to submit to General Assembly annual reports on measures
taken for prevention of nuclear war and reversing the arms race

Dec. 20 38/187A 98-1

Urges intensification of negotiations to achieve an accord on a prohibition of chemical
and bacteriological weapons

Dec. 20 38/188G 113-1
Requests a study on the naval arms race

Dec. 20 38/188H 132-1

Independent Commission on Disarmament and Security Issues

Dec. 20 38/202 126-1

Strengthening the capacity of the UN to respond to natural and other disasters

1984 [selected resolutions]

Nov. 8 39/9 134-2 (US, Israel)

Cooperation between the UN and the League of Arab States

Nov. 16 39/14 106-2 (US, Israel)

Condemns Israeli attack against Iraqi nuclear installation

Nov. 23 39/21 145-1

Report of the Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

Dec. 5 39/411 119-2 (US, UK)

Reaffirming the right of St. Helena to independence

Dec. 5 39/42 121-2 (US, UK)

Condemns support of South Africa in its Namibian and other policies

Dec. 11 39/49A 127-2 (US, Israel)

Rights of the Palestinian people

Dec. 11 39/49D 121-3 (US, Israel, Canada)

Convening a Middle East peace conference

Dec. 12 39/62 125-1

Prohibition of development and manufacture of new types of weapons of mass
Dec. 12 39/65B 84-1

Prohibition of chemical and bacteriological weapons

Dec. 13 39/72G 146-2 (US, UK)

International action to eliminate apartheid

Dec. 13 39/73 138-2 (US, Turkey)

Law of the sea.

Dec. 14 39/95A 120-2 (US, Israel)

Israeli human rights violations in occupied territories

Dec. 14 39/95H 143-2 (US, Israel)

Condemns assassination attempts against Palestinian mayors and calls for apprehension
and prosecution of the perpetrators

Dec. 17 39/147 94-2 (US, Israel)

Condemns Israel's refusal to place its nuclear facilities under International Atomic
Energy Agency safeguards

Dec. 17 39/148N 123-1

Nuclear-test ban, cessation of nuclear-arms race, nuclear disarmament

Dec. 17 39/151F 141-1

Request to continue UN study on military research and development

Dec. 17 39/161B 143-1

Commemorating the 25th anniversary of the Declaration on the

Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples

Dec. 18 39/224 146-2 (US, Israel)

Economic and social assistance to the Palestinian people

Dec. 18 39/232 118-2 (US, Israel)
Support of the UN Industrial Development Organization

Dec. 18 39/233 120-1

Industrial Development Decade for Africa

Dec. 18 39/243 123-2 (US, Israel)

Staff and administrative questions regarding the Economic Commission for Western Asia


Dec. 13 40/114 134-1

Indivisibility and interdependence of economic, social, cultural, civil and political rights

Dec. 13 40/124 130-1

Alternative approaches within the UN system for improving the enjoyment of human
rights and fundamental freedoms

Dec. 13 40/148 121-2 (US, Israel)

Measures to be taken against Nazi, Fascist and neo-Fascist activities

Dec. 17 40/445 133-1

International cooperation in the interrelated areas of money, finance, debt, resource flow,
trade and development


Oct. 27 41/11 124-1

Zone of peace and co-operation in the South Atlantic

Dec. 3 41/68A 148-1

New world information order, led by UNESCO, to eliminate existing imbalances in the
information and communications fields

Dec. 4 41/90 126-1

Review of the Implementation of the Declaration of the Strengthening of International
Dec. 4 41/91 117-1

Need for result-oriented political dialogue to improve the international situation

Dec. 4 41/92 102-2 (US, France)

Establishment of a comprehensive system of international peace and security

Dec. 4 41/128 146-1

Declaration on the right to development

Dec. 4 41/151 148-1

Measures to improve the situation and ensure the human rights and dignity of all migrant

Dec. 8 41/450 146-1

Protection against products harmful to health and the environment


Oct. 15 42/5 153-2 (US, Israel)

Cooperation between the UN and the League of Arab States

Nov. 12 42/18 94-2 (US, Israel)

Need for compliance in the International Court of Justice concerning military and
paramilitary activities against Nicaragua

Dec. 2 42/69J 145-2 (US, Israel)

Calls upon Israel to abandon plans to remove and resettle Palestinian refugees of the
West Bank away from their homes and property

Dec. 7 42/101 150-04 (US sole abstainer)

A call for a "convention on the rights of the child"

Dec. 7 42/159 153-2 (US, Israel)
Measures to prevent international terrorism, study the underlying political and economic
causes of terrorism, convene a conference to define terrorism and to differentiate it from
the struggle of people for national liberation

Dec. 8 42/162B 140-1

Financing the training of journalists and strengthening communica-tion services in the
underdeveloped world

Dec. 11 42/176 94-2 (US, Israel)

Ending trade embargo against Nicaragua

Dec. 11 42/198 154-1

Furthering international co-operation regarding the external debt problems

Dec. 11 42/441 131-1

Preparation of summary records for a UN conference on Trade and Development

Necessity of ending the US embargo against Cuba

1992 59-2 (US, Israel)*

1993 88-4 (US, Israel, Albania, Paraguay)

1994 101-2 (US, Israel)

1995 117-3 (US, Israel, Uzbekistan)

1996 138-3 (US, Israel, Uzbekistan)**

1997 143-3 (US, Israel, Uzbekistan)

1998 157-2 (US, Israel)

1999 155-2 (US, Israel)

* Romania also voted "no", by mistake.

** For the first time, all 15 European Union countries voted yes.

It should be remembered that for years American political leaders and media were fond
of labeling Cuba an "international pariah."
Food is not a human right


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