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scroll through a window click the scroll bar or scroll arrow, or drag
the scroll box.
enlarge a window to fill the screen double-click the title bar, or click the
Maximize button.
restore a window to its previous size double-click the title bar, or click the
Restore button. When a window is
maximized, the Maximize button
changes to a Restore button.
reduce a window to a button on the click the Minimize button. To display a
taskbar minimized window, simply click its
button on the taskbar.
move a window drag the title bar.
close a window click the Close button, double-click the
upper-left miniature button above the
Window menu, or press q.

Navigation Aids
In addition to the Main Menu options, you have another method of opening
windows in which to perform tasks or data entry. This option is called the
Navigation Aid and is unique to Peachtree Accounting.

It allows you to click on icons instead of choosing menu options. It also helps
you understand the task flow of information in certain areas of Peachtree

Lesson I”Getting to Know Peachtree Accounting
Navigation Aids

What If You Don™t See the Navigation Aids?
If you don™t see the Navigation Aids, it™s possible someone turned off this
option. To turn it back on, select View Navigation Aid from the Options
menu (you will see a check mark beside the menu option when it is turned
1 If the Action Items window is still open, close it by selecting the Close

2 Click the Payroll Navigation Aid. This is a folder at the bottom of the
window, above the status bar.

Each Navigation Aid
contains pictures to
help you remember
activities that you
perform in Peachtree
Accounting. Click
the icon to go to the
selected area.

Notice that the Navigation Aid is divided into three sections: Maintain,
Tasks, and Reports. These sections correspond to the menu structure in
Peachtree Accounting. Maintain refers to records or lists that you would
keep on file. Tasks refer to everyday activities that you perform. Reports
provide useful information about the selected accounting area.
3 Click the Employees icon to open the Maintain Employees/Sales Reps
This is the same window that would display if you were to select
Employees/Sales Reps from the Maintain menu.

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Getting Started Guide

More Peachtree Accounting Terms
Before you begin entering data into your Peachtree Accounting company,
let™s look at some of the other common terms referred to in Peachtree
Accounting and Windows.
Let™s take a closer look at the Maintain Employees/Sales Reps window.



‚ Toolbar: The toolbar at the top of most windows shows graphical
representations of commands and functions accessible from the window.
ƒ Folder Tabs: Folder tabs are common in most Peachtree Accounting
windows (also known as dialog boxes). Each tab stores and organizes
additional information on the current record. Here, for example, the
information you can track for an employee is subdivided into five sections
including General, Custom Fields, Pay Information, Employee Fields, and
Employer Fields.
„ Lookup Boxes: Boxes with a magnifying glass icon beside them indicate a
lookup box for selecting or adding a record. You can click the magnifying
glass icon, right-click your mouse in the field, or type ? in the field to display
a list of choices. In addition, you can double-click the field in some windows
or type a + to add a new record.
… Option Buttons: These buttons can be selected by clicking with the mouse
or pressing the z.
† Text Boxes: These are rectangles or fields where information can be

Lesson I”Getting to Know Peachtree Accounting
Getting Help with Peachtree Accounting

‡ Drop-Down Lists: Fields that have lists of available information choices.
These fields have an arrow beside the text box. Click the arrow button and
make a selection. (You can also use the t key to highlight the arrow button
and press e to open the list.)
ˆ Date Boxes: Boxes in which you enter dates have a small calendar icon
beside them. You can click this icon, or right-click the mouse while in this
field, to display a pop-up calendar. You can search for and select the date you
want by double-clicking within the calendar.
‰ Check Boxes: Options that are selected when an X (or check mark) appears
in the box. To select a check box, click the box with your mouse or press

Š Arrow Buttons: These buttons indicate that more information is available.
Selecting an arrow button generally opens a second window. (In this case, the
Employee Beginning Balances window opens.)

Getting Help with Peachtree Accounting
When you need information about a procedure or how to use a particular
feature, the Peachtree Accounting Help system is one of the most efficient
ways to learn. You can access Peachtree Accounting Help in the following

From most Peachtree Accounting windows, select the Help button:

This button displays a Help topic pertaining to the particular
window currently open. You can also press 1 to open a Help topic
about the currently displayed window.
Select “Contents and Index” from the Help menu: This option

opens the Peachtree Accounting Help file where you can explore the
table of contents, scroll through an index, or search for a desired
topic. The Find tab searches for every instance of the word or phrase
you submit. The Ask a Question tab searches for topics related to
your inquiry.
Select “What™s This” from the Help menu or press s+1: Your

mouse pointer will change to a question mark symbol. Click the field
or object you want information about and a pop-up definition will
appear. You can also click your right mouse button on an area of the
window, and then select “What™s This?” from the list.

Right-click in an
area of the
window and select
“What™s This?” to
view the pop-up

3 Tutorials
Getting Started Guide

If you are new to using online Help, select “Using Peachtree Accounting
Help” from the Contents tab of the Help menu. This gives you a basic
overview on using the Windows Help engine.

Using Peachtree Accounting Help
The online Help is also a great reference for information in setting up a
company. Let™s take a look at a list of the sample company charts of accounts
included with Peachtree Accounting.
1 From the Help menu, select Contents and Index.
The “Help Topics: Peachtree Accounting Help” window appears with the
Contents tab selected.

The Contents tab
acts as a starting
point, displaying
categories of
available. The
Contents tab is
similar to a table
of contents.

2 With the Contents tab selected, double-click the Reference book.
The Reference book opens and displays all Reference topics available,
including an Accounting Primer for introduction to basic accounting.
3 Scroll down and double-click the Help for Your Business book.
The Help for Your Business book opens.
4 Double-click the “Sample Charts of Accounts” book.
This opens a Help window displaying a list of sample charts of accounts.

Lesson I”Getting to Know Peachtree Accounting
Getting Help with Peachtree Accounting

5 Scroll through and select any sample business that interests you (for
example, Construction Company).
The selected company™s chart of accounts appears.
6 When finished, select Exit from the File menu (or click the Close button).
You can also open Help from within an open Peachtree Accounting
7 Open the Maintain Employees/Sales Reps window. Select the General tab,
and then press 1.
Peachtree Accounting Help displays a window listing all the topics
associated with the Maintain Employees/Sales Reps window. (You also
could have displayed this window by selecting the Help button from the
8 Click the “How Do I?” button at top of the Help window.
The “How Do I?” Help window appears. “How Do I?” Help windows
provide a list of procedural topics related to the program area you are
currently using. If you select one of these topics, step-by-step
instructions will be provided.
9 Select the “Set up an employee” hypertext jump.
Step-by-step instructions appear, explaining how to set up an employee
10 Close the “How Do I?” and Peachtree Accounting Help windows. You
return to the Maintain Employees/Sales Reps window.

11 Press q to close the Maintain Employees/Sales Reps window.

3 Tutorials
Getting Started Guide

Review of Lesson I
Let™s review some of the things we learned in this lesson.
• When you start Peachtree Accounting, you can optionally have the
Startup screen display. This option can be turned off from the
Options menu.
• Press a and the underlined character to choose an option or to
jump to a text box. On menus, you can press the underlined letter to
select an option.
• You can have optional elements such as Navigation Aids and the


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