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Status bar display on your Peachtree Accounting desktop. These
features can be turned on or off from the Options menu.
• Press 1 or select a Help button from any message window to
display Help topics.

Quitting Peachtree Accounting
Now that you have been introduced to Windows and Peachtree Accounting,
you are ready to go on to Lesson II. If you would like to quit Peachtree
Accounting or Windows follow the step below.

Quit Peachtree Accounting
® From the File menu, select Exit.

Do not turn off your computer while a company is open in Peachtree
Accounting. If you exit Windows without quitting Peachtree first, a message
asks if you are sure you want to close the current company.

Lesson II”Basic Procedures

Lesson II”Basic Procedures
This lesson introduces you to the basic procedures for entering data, editing

T records, and working with Peachtree Accounting information.

You will learn how to
• Set up global options
• Back up and restore your company data
• Look up data records
• Enter a sample record
• Move through data entry fields
• Edit data records
• Print a report
• Use action items
Estimated Lesson Time: 30 Minutes

Beginning the Lesson
If you are continuing from Lesson I, skip this section and proceed with the
If you are just starting the Lesson, start Peachtree Accounting and open up
the sample company Bellwether Garden Supply. If the Action Items window
appears, close it for right now.
For more information, see “How to Start Peachtree Accounting” on page 52.

3 Tutorials
Getting Started Guide

Setting Up Tutorial Global Options
You can set up preferences (global options) that customize how your
Peachtree Accounting company data appears. These options affect each
company displayed by the current computer. Other computers displaying
Peachtree Accounting data may use an alternate set of options.
We will set up options that impact these tutorials.
1 From the Options menu, select Global.

2 In the Accounting tab, select Manual Decimal Entry and 2 as the number of
decimal places.
When entering data, we will manually enter decimals to two places.
3 In the Hide General Ledger Accounts section, select Accounts Payable.
Make sure the Accounts Receivable and Payroll check boxes are clear
(not checked).
4 In the Other Options section, make sure the following options are selected:
• Warn if inventory item is out of stock
• Recalculate cash balance automatically in Receipts and Payments
5 Select the General tab.

6 Make sure the Line Item Entry Display option is set to two lines.

Lesson II”Basic Procedures
Backing up the Sample Company Data

7 Select both options for Smart Data Entry.
Make sure there are check marks in the “Automatic field completion”
and “Drop-down list displays automatically” check boxes.
8 When finished, select OK to close the Maintain Global Options window.
Most of these options will be explained throughout the tutorial lessons.
Setting them up now will allow your display to match what the tutorial is

Backing up the Sample Company Data
If you are the first person in your company to work with this tutorial, then you
have the honor of backing up the sample company data. This step is
important because we are going to be entering information and posting
transactions. Others in your office will need a clean copy of the sample data
so they can enter the same information and encounter the same conditions.

If you are not the first person to run through this tutorial, you can read this
section to understand the procedure, and then proceed to the next section,
“Restoring the Sample Company Data.”

1 From the File menu, select Back Up. The Back Up Company window

2 Click the Back Up Now button.

3 In the Save Backup window, specify the path and file name for your backup
copy. For example, SAMPLE.ptb.

4 Click the Save button. Peachtree displays the estimated size of your backup.

5 Click OK. The system displays the progress of the backup until it is

For more information on backing up data, refer to the “Company
Administration” chapter of the User™s Guide.

3 Tutorials
Getting Started Guide

Restoring the Sample Company Data
If you are not the first person to use this tutorial, you must restore the sample
company data to its original state. Open the company you want to restore.
1 From the File menu, select Restore.

2 Select the backup of the sample company data. (SAMPLE.ptb.)

3 Click the Open button to begin the restore process. The system displays the
progress of the restore procedure.
You will receive a warning message that you are about to overwrite
existing data. Select OK to continue.

Entering Information
In order to get accustomed to entering information in Peachtree Accounting,
you™re going to enter yourself as an employee in our sample company,
Bellwether Garden Supply. Our sample company uses a variety of coding
schemes for identifying employees. One method is to use the first letter of the
first name along with the last name and a sequential two-digit number. If you
try to use a code already in use, a message will appear. Just pick a different
For example, if your name was Ellen Adams, you might enter EADAMS-02.
This is because EADAMS-01 is already used by an employee named Elliot

Because we™re in the sample company, you don™t have to worry about
accuracy, or about damaging your company records. We™re more interested
in learning how to move around and save records. Always open Bellwether
Garden Supply before beginning or resuming any of the lessons in this tutorial.

Lesson II”Basic Procedures
Entering Information

Using Data Lookup Lists
1 To begin the lesson, from the Maintain menu, select Maintain Employees/
Sales Reps.
Peachtree displays the Maintain Employees/Sales Reps window.
First, let™s look at a list of existing employee IDs already entered in our
sample company.
2 Select the magnifying glass button next to the Employee ID field.

Alternatively, you can right-click your mouse in the Employee ID field or
type ? while the cursor is in the Employee ID field. All three methods
display a lookup list of employees.
3 Select any employee on the list by double-clicking the ID.
The employee information appears in the fields. You can select other
tabs such as custom fields to display additional information on the
employee. If you selected a sales rep, you may have limited access to
certain tab areas. For now, return to the General tab.

Entering a New Record

1 Select the New button to clear the window.

Type an employee ID for yourself and press e. The cursor moves to the
Name field.

Case-Sensitive Codes
All ID codes (such as employee ID) are case sensitive. This means that
J˜˜3 and j˜˜3 are considered different codes. Capital letters sort
before lowercase letters.

Cursor Movement
You can use e or t to move forward to the next field (or text box)
in data entry windows. Use s+e or s+t to move back a field.
You can hold the a key down and press the underlined letter next to a
field text box to jump to that field. For example, to jump to the Social
Security # field, hold the a key down and press C, the underlined

3 Tutorials
Getting Started Guide

Type your name and press e until the cursor moves to the Address field.

4 Type your street address information. There are two lines for the address, so
you can enter an ATTENTION line or a PO Box number, if necessary. Press
e to move to the next row of fields (City, ST Zip).

Type your city, state, and ZIP Code, pressing t or e after each. After
the ZIP Code, move to the Country field.
None of the other information is required. We will look at the employee
fields more closely in the Payroll lesson.
Add any information you would like to add, and then press 5 to save the

Pressing 5 saves records in Peachtree Accounting windows. You could
alternatively select the Save button.
You can click on the magnifying glass beside the Employee ID field, to
display the employee list and see that your name has been added.
Congratulations! You are an official employee of Bellwether Garden

Editing a Record
One of our employees, Dorothy Beckstrom, just moved to a new address and
has a new phone number. Let™s make the change.

Using Smart Data Entry
To speed up the process of looking up data, Peachtree has Smart Data Entry
options. Instead of looking up a known record using the magnifying glass or
typing in the ID, you can type in the first couple of letters and Peachtree will
do the rest for you. This option is previously set up in the Maintain Global
Options window.
With the cursor in the Employee ID field type D (capital D) and press e
to accept the selection.
This demonstrates Smart Data Entry. The Employee ID list appears, with
Dorothy Beckstrom selected, because hers is the first name in the list
starting with D.
Press e to accept the name. The cursor moves to the Employee Type


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