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Lesson II”Basic Procedures
Editing a Record

Press e to skip the Employee Type option and move to the Address
Notice that the field text is highlighted.

Dorothy™s new address is:
3588 Atlanta Hwy.
Apt. E-2
Atlanta, GA 30329-1209
Without using your mouse or pressing the D key, start typing 3588
Atlanta Hwy.
Peachtree deletes the old text for you and adds your new text as you type.
You can edit any text field in Peachtree Accounting using this method.
Press e and type Apt E-2. Press e again.

Type Atlanta e GA e 30329-1209 e.

Keep pressing the e key (or t key) until the Telephone 1 field is
highlighted. Type 404-380-9921 and press e.
You could also press the a key and type 1 to highlight the Telephone 1
Press the Save button or 5 to record the change.
Dorothy™s employee record is now changed. Any future payroll
transactions will refer to her new address.
9 Close the window by clicking the Close button.

3 Tutorials
Getting Started Guide

Displaying and Printing a Report
Now that you have entered and displayed a list of employees, let™s print
an employee list. If you do not have a printer currently set up, read along
in the section, following as much as you can.
1 From the Reports menu, select Payroll.
The Select a Report window appears. The Payroll program area is
highlighted on the left-hand side. A list of payroll reports and forms are
listed on the right-hand side of the window. The report we want is the
first item on the list, Employee List.
First, we will display the report. Then, we will print it.
2 Double-click Employee List from the Report List.
The report appears onscreen. You will see your name listed as an
employee and Dorothy Beckstrom™s new address.
If you want to print the report, select the Print button. The Print
window appears, notifying you which printer is set up as the current
default. Select OK to print; otherwise select Cancel. You should return to
the report displayed onscreen.
Press q to close the Employee List report window.

Press q to close the Select a Report window.

Using Action Items
Action Items offer you four tools to help manage your business:
Events: Notes or messages that are generated by everyday

transactions. For example, when a customer™s invoice is past due, or a
sales quote is about to expire.
To Do: Notes to yourself about tasks that you need to perform.

Alerts: Warnings you create about potential problems or situations

that merit special attention. For example, you could set up alerts to
notify you when a customer™s year-to-date sales exceeds a certain
dollar amount or if an inventory item goes below minimum stock
Tips: Helpful hints about using Peachtree Accounting.

For our sample company, Bellwether Garden Supply, the Action Items
window appears every time you open the company. We previously closed this

Lesson II”Basic Procedures
Using Action Items

® From the Tasks menu, select Action Items.

Entering a To Do Action Item
1 Select the To Do tab.

2 Click in the Notes column, on the next available line of the To Do list.

3 Enter a brief message, like Make flyers for new promotion and press

4 You can change the date if you like, but the default (automatically
displayed date) is fine for our purposes.

5 This action item will appear on your To Do list until it is marked as
completed and you delete it.

3 Tutorials
Getting Started Guide

Entering an Event Action Item
Let™s create an event to remind us of a meeting tomorrow with one of our
1 Select the Event button.

2 Select Customer/Prospect as the type of event. In the ID field, type FR (in
capital letters) and press e.
Peachtree Accounting automatically continues filling in the field with
the Customer ID FREEMAN-01. The customer name below the ID field
displays Freeman Enterprises/Darlene Freeman.
Type 3/16/03 as the date and press e.
You can also use the pop-up calendar to enter the date.
Now select the Meeting option as the Event Type and press e to move
to the Note field. Type the Note as 12:00 Lunch meeting with Ms.
Freeman to go over new contract. Press e.

5 Select the Display in Action Items check box and enter one (1) day before
the event.

Select 5 to save the event. Click the Close button to close the Create
Event window.
You will now see the event we just created in the Activities section of the
Events tab. The event is scheduled for tomorrow. We elected to have the
event appear a day ahead of time to remind us of the meeting.

Lesson II”Basic Procedures
Using Action Items

Using the Action Item Log
Action Items can be displayed in many areas of Peachtree Accounting. Let™s
look at action items using a different method.
1 Close the Action Items window.

2 From the Maintain menu, select Customers/Prospects.
The Maintain Customers/Prospects window appears.
In the Customer ID field, type FR and press e to display the Freeman
Enterprises customer record.
Most of the information in this window will be covered in the Accounts
Receivable lesson. For now, we want to look at the action items that
involve this customer.

4 Select the Log button to display the Customer Event Log.

The Customer Event Log displays several events including an invoice
sent and notification that the invoice was due. You will also see the lunch
meeting event. Using action items in this manner is an excellent way to
look at the customer contact activity over a period of time.
Press q to close the Customer Event Log window and q again to close
the Maintain Customers/Prospects window.

3 Tutorials
Getting Started Guide

Choosing a Peachtree Accounting Color Scheme
You can choose the colors that display in Peachtree Accounting windows.
There are five color schemes from which to choose. The color schemes range
from traditional Windows colors to bright vibrant colors similar to the
Navigation Aids.
1 From the Options menu, select Global. The Maintain Global Options
window appears.

2 Select the General tab.

3 Choose an alternate color scheme (for example, Sand) at the bottom of the
window, and then select OK.

You must restart Peachtree Accounting, to display the new color scheme.
For information on color schemes, see the “Company Administration”
chapter of the User™s Guide or press the Help button.
4 Exit Peachtree Accounting.

5 Restart Peachtree Accounting and open the sample company, Bellwether
Garden Supply.

6 Explore various areas of Peachtree Accounting to examine the new look. Try
several different color schemes to see which one you like best. When
finished, continue with this tutorial.

Review of Lesson II
Let™s review some of the things we learned in this lesson.
• When restoring company data, you must use the same method and
destination you used when you backed up the data.
• When looking up ID codes, you can select the magnifying glass in
the field to display the list.
• All ID codes are case sensitive. This means that J˜˜3 and j˜˜3 are
considered different codes. Capital letters sort before lowercase
• Press e or t to move forward a field in a window. Press
s+e or s+t to move back a field.
• To save a record, press 5 or select the Save button.

Lesson II”Basic Procedures
Review of Lesson II

• If the cursor activates a field and the text is highlighted, you can
simply start typing to change the field text automatically.
• With the Smart Data Entry options turned on, Peachtree Accounting
automatically displays ID codes for you based on partial data entry.
• To close a window, press c+4, q, or select the Close button.
• To close Peachtree Accounting, press a+4 or select Exit from the
File menu.
• Action items can be entered and displayed in many Peachtree
Accounting windows.
Now that you have been introduced to basic data entry procedures of
Peachtree Accounting, you are ready to proceed to Lesson III”General


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