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Maintain Customers/Prospects window.

Let™s take a moment to look at the Maintain Customers/Prospects
window. If you™ve just worked through Lesson IV”Accounts Payable,
notice the similarities with the Maintain Vendors window. The
information is subdivided into four tabs”General, Sales Defaults,
Custom Fields, and History.

Coding Systems
When labeling ID codes for vendors, customers, inventory items, and so
on, it is important to use a system that is consistent so that other users in
your office can step in and easily enter a new record or search for an
existing record.
There are several methods you can consider. Our sample company,
Bellwether Garden Supply, uses the first part of a vendor™s/customer™s
last name or company name (in all caps) followed by a number. For
example, Coleman Realty has a customer ID of COLEMAN-01. The
advantage to this system is the ease of memorizing and using codes
during data entry. It also takes advantage of Peachtree Accounting™s
Smart Data Entry option set up in the Maintain Global Options window.
Another example of coding could be a four-character, alphanumeric
code, with the first letter of the company™s name, followed by a
sequential three-digit number. Thus Acme Janitorial Supply and Acme
Andirons would be coded A˜˜1 and A˜˜2, respectively.
Remember: ID codes are case sensitive. A˜˜1 and a˜˜1 are not the
The customer we are going to enter is Armstrong Manor.

Lesson V”Accounts Receivable
Entering a Quote

5 With the cursor in the Customer ID field, type ARMSTRONG-01 and press
e. The cursor moves to the Name field.

Type Armstrong Manor and press e.
Since this is a new customer and we are only entering a quote at this
time, the customer is considered a prospect. Once an actual sale is
recorded, the prospect can be converted to a real customer. Separating
customers from prospects makes sorting and filtering reports easier to
manage. Also, if the prospect ends up never using our services, it can be
deleted or purged easily.
7 Select the Prospect check box in the header information section (there
should be a check mark in the box).

8 Our principal contact at Armstrong Manor is Rodney Potter. Type the
name and press e. The cursor moves to the Bill to Address drop-down
Customers can have several addresses. One is a billing address and the
others are shipping locations. You can have up to nine different shipping
Press e and type the following billing address:
2200 Jimmy Carter Blvd
Building A
Norcross, GA 30092
If the customer has a different shipping address, you could return to the
Bill to Address drop-down list and select Ship to Address 1. However, we
are going to use just one address for now.
10 After entering the address, move your cursor to the Sales Tax field. Select
the magnifying glass button. The Sales Tax lookup list displays.
In our sample company we have entered five sales tax codes to use based
on the location of the customer sale.
The billing and shipping addresses can be assigned separate sales tax
codes. You can have customer branch offices in several areas, each with
their own sales tax requirement. To select a tax location, choose the
billing or shipping address, and then select its respective sales tax code.
11 Double-click GAGWINN”Gwinnett County Sales Tax for the Bill to Address.
The cursor moves to the Customer Type field.
In the Customer Type field you could enter a classification for your
customers. You can set up unique customer types for your own
company. In our sample company, properties use the LAND customer

3 Tutorials
Getting Started Guide

12 Select the Customer Type field with your mouse pointer. Type LAND and
press e.

13 Select the Sales Defaults tab. Notice that the heading information”
Customer ID and Name”stays the same.
Customer defaults are set up during New Company Setup, including the
default G/L Sales account. This default is assigned to all new customers
unless otherwise specified. The current G/L Sales account 40000 (Sales)
is the correct income account for this customer.

14 Select the Save button to add this customer, and then select Close to return
to the Quotes window.
You just entered a customer record! You can use this procedure to enter
vendors quickly from the Purchases window, employees quickly from
the Payroll Entry window, and many other combinations that use an ID
lookup box.
Exiting from the Maintain Customers window takes us back to the same
field (Customer ID) where we pressed +.

Proceed with Entering the Quote
Now we can proceed with entering the quote.
1 In the Customer ID field, type A (the first letter of our new customer code)
and press e. Our new prospect, Armstrong Manor, is displayed. The
cursor moves to the Quote # field.

2 Leave this field blank. When we print this quote, Peachtree Accounting will
assign the next quote number in sequence.

Press e to move to the Date field. Type 20 and press e. The date
formats to Mar 20, 2003. Accept the Good thru date (a 30-day expiration)
by pressing e. The Cursor moves to the Ship To arrow button. Skip this
field for now.
Armstrong Manor is interested in buying a bird bath. They also want us
to install the bird bath on their property and do some landscape work.
4 Place your mouse pointer in the Quantity field on the first transaction line.
Type 1 and press e. The cursor moves to the Item field.

Lesson V”Accounts Receivable
Proceed with Entering the Quote

Press ? to open the Item ID list. Scroll down and select AVRY-10150 (Bird
Bath - Stone Gothic 2pc.). Notice the item list shows that we currently have
6 of these in stock (as of the quote date). Double-click the item to select it.

The sales item description is completed for you. Press e twice. The
cursor moves to the Unit Price field.

7 The Unit Price field displays a drop-down list of the five established sales
price levels for this item. Press the W or Z arrow keys to move through the
Sales price levels for items are entered in the Maintain Inventory Items
window. When setting up your customers you can select one of the five
sales price levels to use as the default price. For our customer, Armstrong
Manor, we used the default sales price level 1. When invoicing this
customer, all items default to the level 1 price.
Press e to accept the unit price for Sales Price Level 1 ($129.99). The
cursor moves to the Tax field.

Press ? to display the Item Tax type list.
Inventory item tax types are set up in the Maintain Inventory Item
Defaults window. When you enter your inventory items on the Maintain
Inventory Items window, you can designate items as taxable or exempt.
The bird bath uses item tax type 1, which is set up as taxable.
10 Press e once to move to the Amount field.
The Amount should display $129.99. In the bottom right corner, you
can see the tax amount for the item in the Sales Tax field.
11 Press e to accept the amount and then enter again to skip the Job field.
Jobs will be covered in more detail in Lesson VIII.
Next, we will enter our Landscaping Design. We estimate this will take
four hours.
12 In the second transaction line type 4 and press e. Type LA. The item list
displays LAND-17100 (Landscaping Service - Weekly); however, we need to
select landscaping design. Press Z three times to select LAND-17400
(Landscaping Design), and then press e four times. The cursor moves to
the Tax field.

13 Since this is a service item it is non-taxable. It has been set up to use Tax
Type 2 (exempt). Press e to move to the Amount field.
Four hours of Landscaping Design at $49.99/hr equals $199.96.

3 Tutorials
Getting Started Guide

14 Press e to accept the amount calculated.
That is all the information we need at the moment to complete the
quote. In real situations, you may charge freight when shipping items.
However, our company will hand-deliver the bird bath since we are
going to install it.
The Quote Total should display $337.75.
Now let™s print the Quote.

15 Select the Print Button.
The Print Forms: Customer Quotes window appears.
16 Select Quote Plain Product, and then OK.
A second Print Forms window displays. You could select Practice if you
need to align your form in the printer or select Form Design to modify
the form. However, we are printing a plain paper quote so these options
are not necessary.
17 Select Real. The About to Print Quote window appears.

18 Accept the Quote number assignment and select OK.
After the quote is printed, you return to the Quotes window.
19 Press q to close the Quote window.

Converting the Quote to a Sales Order
Our customer has agreed to the sale. Instead of re-entering the sales
information in the Sales Order window, we can save time and convert the
quote directly to a sales order or sales invoice. We are not prepared at this time
to complete the service or ship the item, so we will convert the quote to a sales
1 From the Tasks menu, select Quotes/Sales Orders then Quotes. Peachtree
displays the Quotes window.

2 Select the Edit button. The Select Quote window displays. To select the
quote for Armstrong Manor, double-click the quote. The quote appears.

3 Select the Convert button to change this quote to a sales order.

Lesson V”Accounts Receivable
Editing the Sales Order

4 Peachtree displays a warning message telling us the quote is for a prospect.
Select OK to convert the prospect to a customer. The Convert Quote
window appears.
There are three options at this point. You can convert the quote to a sales
invoice to be printed later, convert it to a sales invoice and print it now,
or convert it to a sales order. In real transactions this varies based on
your company needs and the current situation. For this tutorial we will
go the longer route to observe the complete accounts receivable process.
5 Select the convert to Sales Order option. For tutorial purposes, change the
assigned sales order number to 9˜˜1, and then select OK.
The quote is now converted to sales order # 9001. We will no longer be
able to view the transaction in the Quotes window.
Press q to close the Quotes window.

Editing the Sales Order
Let™s examine the sales order.
1 From the Tasks menu, select Quotes/Sales Orders, and then Sales Orders.

Notice the similarities between the Sales Orders window and the Quotes

3 Tutorials
Getting Started Guide

2 Select the Edit button. Peachtree displays the Select Sales Order window.
Double-click sales order 9001, for Armstrong Manor. The sales order
All the quote information displays in the sales order.
One of our sales representatives has convinced the customer to buy eight
bird house kits to place around the property. This needs to be added to
the sales order.


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