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Installing Peachtree Accounting on a Network
About Record and File Locking

Record Locks
A record lock prevents more than one user from working on the same data
record, such as customer information, at the same time. This ensures that
record information does not become jumbled, and changes are processed
For instance, when you select Maintain Customers/Prospects and choose a
Customer ID, Peachtree Accounting “locks” that record. Other users who
attempt to access the same customer record will first experience a waiting
period to allow the first user to finish. Once Peachtree completes the first
user™s task, Peachtree will begin the second task. In special cases, you may
receive a message indicating that the record is currently locked. Once the first
user has saved changes and closed the record, Peachtree Accounting removes
the lock, allowing other users to access the record. Other users will still be able
to perform functions such as entering invoices and printing reports, but no
one else will be able to update the customer information until the first user has
finished and closed the record.
For example, if you are using real-time posting and changing a customer
record, and a second user is simultaneously posting a receipt for the same
customer, the second user™s posting will experience a waiting period while
Peachtree saves your customer changes. Then, Peachtree will post the second
user™s receipt.

Exclusive File Locks
An exclusive file lock prevents more than one user from accessing the same
file at the same time. During critical processes, an exclusive file lock is placed
on all of your company™s files. These processes include
• Backing up
• Restoring
• Changing the period
• Closing the payroll (calendar) year
• Closing the fiscal year
• Posting (From Tasks menu, System, Post)
only in Batch mode
• Unposting (From Tasks menu, System, Post)
only in Batch mode
• Maintaining user IDs and passwords
• Purging data

1 Introducing and Installing Peachtree Accounting
Getting Started Guide

When you attempt to perform any of these processes, if another user has the
company open, even if only at the main screen, the following message
“You are attempting to access an area that another user is also using, or
you are attempting to perform a process that requires single-user access.
Please try again when no other users are attempting the same operation
or accessing Peachtree Accounting.”
Once no one else is using Peachtree Accounting, try the process again.

What™s Next?
Registering Peachtree Accounting

What™s Next?
Now that you have successfully installed Peachtree Accounting, you™re ready
to get started using the program. One of the best ways to get familiar with
Peachtree Accounting is to open the program and look around.
If you need assistance starting the program or navigating within Peachtree
Accounting, refer to the “Basics” chapter of the User™s Guide.

Registering Peachtree Accounting
Register your copy of Peachtree Accounting as soon as possible after installing
the program. Registration is very important because it ensures you of timely
program updates and upgrade offers, exciting new product information,
payroll tax service information, technical support options, and a variety of
other benefits.

You can only use the software a limited number of times before you must
register. Also, if you are operating on a network, you must purchase and
register a licensed copy of Peachtree Accounting for each workstation. For
more information on multiuser licensing, open Peachtree Accounting Help
and search for “multiuser” in the online index.
1 Start Peachtree Accounting. If your product is not registered, a window
appears asking you to register.
If Peachtree Accounting is already running, select Peachtree Registration
from the Help menu.
2 In the initial Register Peachtree Accounting window, select Register Now.

3 Enter your Peachtree Accounting Serial Number.
Your serial number is located on the inside cover of this manual, the
Getting Started Guide.

1 Introducing and Installing Peachtree Accounting
Getting Started Guide

4 Enter the Registration Unlock Code.
To obtain an unlock code, do one of the following:
® Call Peachtree Software toll free at 1-800-718-1592. International
customers can call 612-906-3201. Please have your serial number,
company address, and telephone number available before speaking with a
Peachtree Customer Service representative. The Customer Service
representative will then give you an unlock code.

® Visit Peachtree Software™s Internet web site at
http://www.peachtree.com/register/. After answering a few questions,
you will be given an unlock code.

5 When finished entering your registration information, click OK to start
using Peachtree Accounting.
If you select the Register Later button, you can use Peachtree Accounting
a limited number of times before you need to register. A message will
show the remaining number of uses before continuing. If you have no
remaining uses left and choose not to register, Peachtree Accounting will
shut down. If you start Peachtree Accounting again, you will be
prompted to register again.

Write down your serial number and registration unlock code and keep
them in a safe place in case you ever need to reinstall the product.

Practicing with Sample Data and Tutorials
Before you begin setting up your company in Peachtree Accounting, it is
highly recommended that you explore the sample company data installed
with Peachtree Accounting. You can practice adding records or transactions
without using your own data.

What™s Next?
Creating a New Company

Exploring Sample Company Data
Peachtree Accounting includes the following sample company data:
• Bellwether Garden Supply. This is a retail and service company that
demonstrates Peachtree™s extensive inventory and job tracking
capabilities. The Peachtree Accounting system date is set at
March 15, 2003.
• Pavilion Design Group: This is a graphic service company that
demonstrates Peachtree™s Time & Billing features. To view data
effectively, you must set the Peachtree Accounting system date to
January 10, 2000 (as described in the written tutorial in this guide).
If you do not have sample company data installed, you can reinstall Peachtree
Accounting, select the Custom installation option, and choose to load sample
company data only.

Following Online and Written Tutorials
Peachtree Accounting offers you two tutorials to get acquainted with the
• Online Tutorial: This is a multimedia introduction of the basics and
new features of Peachtree Accounting. If you installed Peachtree
Accounting from compact disc, you have the option of running the
tutorial from your hard disk or the compact disc. The compact disc
version of the tutorial offers additional sound options.
• Written Tutorial: This is a hands-on demonstration of Peachtree
Accounting. It uses sample company data, allowing you to enter
fictitious data and explore many features included in Peachtree
Accounting. To begin, see “Tutorials” on page 49 of this guide.

Creating a New Company
If you are ready to begin setting up a new company in Peachtree Accounting,
see the “Creating a New Company “chapter in the User™s Guide. This chapter
walks you through initial setup decisions using the New Company Setup
program included with Peachtree Accounting.

1 Introducing and Installing Peachtree Accounting
Getting Started Guide

Converting Existing Company Data
If you are upgrading from a previous release of Peachtree Accounting, First
Accounting, or Peachtree Complete Accounting, you can convert existing
company data to the new format and continue using it.
® To convert existing Peachtree company data, see “Upgrading from
Previous Versions” on page 29 of this guide.

If you used Quicken or QuickBooks/QuickBooks Pro, you can convert
existing data to the Peachtree Accounting format.
® To convert existing Quicken data, see “Converting Quicken Data to
Peachtree Accounting” on page 213 of this guide.

® To convert existing QuickBooks or QuickBooks Pro data, see
“Converting QuickBooks Data to Peachtree Accounting” on page 245 of
this guide.

Peachtree Technical Support
Converting Existing Company Data

Peachtree Technical Support
Help is as close We make every effort to ensure that our software, online Help, and user
as your phone, manuals are as complete and easy-to-use as possible. However, questions
fax, or online
sometimes do come up. If you require technical assistance, take a moment to
read about various Client Support options included in the Peachtree Products
and Services brochure that came with your software package.
Peachtree Software offers several methods for getting help including a
searchable database of technical tip documents at our Internet web site at
http://www.peachtree.com, PeachFax (fax-on-demand service), one-to-one
or group training at authorized Peachtree Support Centers, and various
telephone support options, where you will receive quality technical support
from trained support professionals.
We™ll get you Your first 30 days are free! That™s right”to make sure you get up and running
started off quickly on your Peachtree software, we offer 30 days of support available free
of charge to our new clients. The free support is under your Peachtree
warranty and begins the day you register your Peachtree product. Whenever
you have a question just call the appropriate number provided and one of
Peachtree™s support specialists will happily assist you.
Prior to obtaining technical support, we ask you to register your product.
After registering your product, you will be provided information on how to
receive technical support.
® To register your Peachtree Accounting product, call 1-800-718-1592.

® For more information on support plan memberships, call 1-800-247-3224.

Peachtree Software Internet Web Site
Peachtree also offers technical support services at our Internet web site at
http://www.peachtree.com. You can view information on each Client
Support option as well as other Peachtree Software product information.

Peachtree Technical Support rates and information mentioned in Peachtree
Accounting manuals, the Peachtree Products and Services brochure, and
Peachtree Accounting Help are subject to change without notice.

1 Introducing and Installing Peachtree Accounting
Getting Started Guide

Before Contacting Technical Support
There are a couple of options you need to try before contacting Peachtree
Software Client Support:
• Register your Peachtree Accounting product, if you have not already
done so.
• Read the section in the User™s Guide that documents information
about the procedure you are doing, or refer to Peachtree


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