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Accounting™s online Help.
• Consider examining technical tips and frequently asked questions
Peachtree Software publishes at the Peachtree Software web site.
• Attempt to duplicate the error in one of the sample companies
provided with your software.
The Peachtree representative answering your call will need certain
information to assist you. To help the representative provide you with the best
service, please do the following:
1 Be at your computer and have your manuals available.

2 Know the telephone number you have registered your product under or
have your product serial number available.
Your serial number is located on the inside cover of this manual, the
Getting Started Guide.
3 Know the name and product number of your program. To determine your
product information, select About Peachtree Accounting from the Help

4 Write down the steps you performed prior to the problem occurring.

5 Write down the exact error message(s) displayed on your screen.

6 From the Help menu, select Technical Support Information. Enter the
appropriate information and click the Print button. This information will
assist Peachtree Client Support technicians when resolving your problem.

If you are operating on a network, please provide the name of your network,
the location of the Peachtree Accounting program (program path), and the
location of your Peachtree Accounting company data (the data path).
If you are experiencing problems printing a report, form, or financial
statement, please provide the name of your printer and possibly the printer
driver used.

Uninstalling Peachtree Accounting
Before Contacting Technical Support

For printing errors, consider printing to an alternate printer to help isolate the
problem. If you designed a custom report, form, or financial statement, try
printing the standard (predefined) version. Also, open the sample company
and try printing the same report, form, or financial statement. This helps
determine if the problem is specific to your customized design or company

Uninstalling Peachtree Accounting
If you need to remove Peachtree Accounting, use the Uninstall program
included with Peachtree Accounting when it was initially installed.

When you uninstall Peachtree Accounting, all components (including
program files, pre-defined reports and forms, and sample company data) are
removed from your system. Your personal company data will remain on your
hard disk.
To delete Peachtree Accounting program files, do the following:
1 Turn on the computer and start Windows.
2 From the Start menu, select Settings, Control Panel, then Add/Remove
3 Select Peachtree Complete Accounting from the program list, then click
4 Select Yes to confirm that you want to remove Peachtree Complete
Accounting program files.
Once the program has been removed and the process has finished,
choose to return to Windows.

1 Introducing and Installing Peachtree Accounting
Getting Started Guide

Troubleshooting Installation
Below are frequently asked questions that may help you resolve errors during
or errors when starting Peachtree Accounting.

Frequently Asked Questions

When I attempt to install Peachtree Accounting, I received the
error, “You must have full administrative rights to your
computer.” What™s wrong?
This message can appear on Windows NT and Windows 2000, especially if
you are operating in a network environment. In order to install Peachtree
Accounting on your computer, you must have full access (administrative
rights) to your local hard drive. This allows Peachtree Setup to install the
program files and make the proper entries to the Windows Registry. Please
exit and log into Windows as a user who has full administrative rights and try
again. Or, contact your system administrator to change your user rights.

What will happen to my existing Peachtree company after I
install the upgrade?

Your data will be converted to the new Peachtree Accounting format the first
time you open your company. Once you convert your company to the new
release, you cannot use your data with any prior releases of Peachtree
Accounting. For that reason, we strongly suggest that you back up your data
to diskettes before converting your company files. For more information, see
the next chapter in this guide, see “Upgrading from Previous Versions” on
page 29.

What will happen to my custom reports, forms, and financial

They will be converted for use in the new Peachtree Complete Accounting
format. For more information, see “Conversion Issues” on page 35.

Troubleshooting Installation
Frequently Asked Questions

I tried opening Peachtree Accounting, and received an error that
read “Btrieve initialization failed due to invalid transaction file.
Please delete the Btrieve.trn file, exit Windows and retry.” What

Btrieve, the underlying database structure used by Peachtree Accounting, has
a limit of approximately 50 characters in the directory path name. For
instance, you could install Peachtree Accounting to a directory called

but you could not install it to a directory called

The length of the path to your files would cause a Btrieve error. Correct the
data path, then go to your Windows directory and delete the file MKDE.TRN.
Then restart Windows. (For Windows 95 users, please see next question.)

I™m not using a network now, but I plan to in the future. How
should I install Peachtree Accounting?

Install Peachtree Accounting now as a normal stand-alone computer, not
attached to a network. When it™s time to change to a Network Installation,
reinstall Peachtree Accounting on all machines, using the Network setup. If
you decide that the data files should reside on a different computer, you will
have to copy your company directory to the other computer. For more
information, see “Installing Peachtree Accounting on a Network” on page 8.

I get an error message during installation that says it can™t read
or copy a file. What should I do?

Your computer is having difficulties installing one of the files from a compact
disc or diskette. Try installing the program on another computer. Turning off
screen savers and virus checkers may also help. If you suspect that a compact
disc or diskette is damaged, please contact Peachtree Technical Support for

1 Introducing and Installing Peachtree Accounting
Getting Started Guide

I™m getting a message that says “Setup initialization error due to
insufficient memory” or the message “Cannot find Status.dat”
and/or “Options.dat.” How can I correct it?

Peachtree either does not have enough memory to load these files or it cannot
find the files to load. If Peachtree is on a network, check your network
connections. You may have to restart your computer to establish the
connection to remote network drives.
Peachtree Accounting requires that you have a minimum of 12 MB of physical
RAM installed on your computer. Restarting your computer will also reset
your memory.

Why am I getting a “Btrieve version 5.10 is too old” message
when I attempt to start Peachtree Accounting?

Peachtree Accounting currently uses the Btrieve database engine (version
6.15). When other programs, using an older version of Btrieve (such as
version 5.10), are loaded into memory first, you will get this error when
attempting to start Peachtree Accounting. To correct this error, start
Peachtree Accounting before starting other programs using Btrieve. For more
information, dial our PeachFax service at 1-800-719-3216 and request
document #36535 or search for this document number at the technical
support area of Peachtree™s Internet web site.

I™m having problems using Peachtree Accounting and my large
system fonts.

Peachtree Accounting does not support large system fonts in your Windows
display settings. To use Peachtree Accounting, please switch your system fonts
to the small font typically used in Windows.

Troubleshooting Installation
Frequently Asked Questions

I™m starting Peachtree on a workstation across the network, and
I™m receiving the message “Cannot open F:\PEACHW\STATUS.DAT
or OPTIONS.DAT.” What do I need to do to correct it?

Peachtree either does not have enough memory to load these files or it cannot
find the files to load. First, check your network connections. You may have to
restart your computer to establish the connection to remote network drives.
Restarting your computer will also reset your memory.
If you are running on the following two networks, you may need to update
your networking software. Novell Netware Lite: you may need to acquire two
patch files from Novell, L11DO3.exe and L11U05.exe. Invisible LAN: you
need to be running version 3.52 or greater.

I™m installing on a Novell Network version 3.12 or higher
workstation, and am getting a “could not remove file” message.
Why is Peachtree Accounting not installing on my network?

The problem can be resolved by updating your Novell VLM version to 1.2 or
higher. As a work-around, you can remove the read-only attributes of the files
in the \PEACHW directory, before you install on the network workstations.

I™m running Peachtree Accounting on a network, and I frequently
receive the message “The record in file ˜Customer.DAT™ is
currently in use. Please try again when it is available.” What can I
do about this?

When running in a multiuser environment, such as a network, Peachtree
Accounting uses Record and File Locks to prevent more than one person
working with a record at a time. This makes your data more secure and
prevents problems with data being improperly saved. For more information
see “About Record and File Locking” on page 14. To help reduce the number
of conflicts of this type, we suggest you use the real-time posting method,
rather than batch posting. See the User™s Guide for more detail.

1 Introducing and Installing Peachtree Accounting
Getting Started Guide

Upgrading from
Previous Versions
Converting Existing Company Data
Before You Begin 31
Starting the Data Conversion 31
Troubleshooting the Conversion 33

New Feature Conversion Issues


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