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air,” wrote the New York Times. That was two years
“He gives the impression that his political survival is lived through them.
above the national interest. We have a deficit of $400 ago. There was no election then. And where was George:
billion, soaring costs to service it and a national debt “During the 1988 campaign-, Mr. Bush often said l When his shipmates were drowning in the plane from

that has quadrupled over the past 12 years, placing a he wanted to be known as ˜the environmental president™. which he parachuted to safety.
hammerlock on the ability to govern. But all that Bush But critics say that while he took strong stands on l When the Bay of Pigs fiasco was planned and executed.

can say is that violating his pledge on taxes was a environmental matters for the first two years of his When the triangle fire teams were put together and

mistake because it cost him too much politically. What administration, his approach changed in the midst of the trained for an infamous mission in Dallas.
of the national interest?” recession.” l When President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in

Domestically, Bush distinguished himself by his There™s no doubt also that the one area where Bush Dallas.
now laughable “read my lips” pledge not to raise taxes. claimed competence-because of his experience as an When former Attorney General and candidate for

“The U-turn on the budget added flip-flop-flip to the ambassador-has not escaped his general incompetence. President Robert Kennedy was killed in Los Angeles, after
political lexicon,” writes an outraged Zuckerman. That™s in foreign policy. stating it would take an executive order to open the files of
Overall, Bush comes across in Zuckerman™s words Foreign affairs expert David Ignatius, commenting the Warren Commission Report and Records.
in the Washington Post, admitted that Bush won two
as a politician “who substitutes campaigning for l When Martin Luther King was assassinated in Memphis,

governing, who used polling instead of judgment, wars during his tenure, They were the 40-year-old Cold Tennessee.
pandering instead of politics and attacks on Congress War against the Soviet Union and the loo-hour war . When Ronald Reagan was nearly assassinated in
instead of real debate. He seems more worried about against Iraq. Washington by a known Bush-family associate.
losing his job than about the fact that millions of But considering that dictator Saddam is still in l When the deal was made to hold the Iran hostages until

Americans have already lost theirs.” office, it™s questionable how much Bush accomplished the inauguration of Reagan.
Under Bush, Air force One has become a glider. It in crushing a tiny country with our immense armed l When the Iran-Contra deals were being made.

goes whichever way the wind is blowing. forces. As for the Soviet Union™s break-up, it might be l When the truth about his association with Iraq should

Are the American people better off than before argued that Bush was the lucky beneficiary of a timely have been made clear to the American people.
Bush? No way! event. In both events, Bush has typically failed to He™s more acquainted with
Don™t ask George.
Author Arthur Frederick Ide writes in Bush-Quayle follow up. deniability than telling the truth.
that the supposed gains of Americans have so far “At the postwar conference table, Bush has been I think we™ve got a fairly accurate handle on your past,
allowed “only a few to enjoy the better things in life. something of a loser,” wrote Ignatius. “Instead of George. Maybe we can make your future as uncomfortable
The majority of people actually have suffered a reversal acting decisively to shape postwar Russia and Iraq, he as you have our past.
of prosperity and plenty-taking pay cuts, accepting has coasted along without a clear policy. In place of We™ll see in November [1992, the year this book was
increased work hours, giving up special holidays, careful coalition building that led to the two victories, written].
holidays and bonuses.” he has fallen into quarrels with such key allies as
This concludes the book. We once again express
“Many of the ˜new poor™ have been pushed out of Germany, France and Japan.”
our appreciation to Russell S. Bowen, author.
jobs and homes. But under Bush, his well-to-do friends Then, there was the recent Earth Summit at Rio.


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