. 23
( 24 .)


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Exponential Asymptotics

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ActaApplFINAL_OP92.tex; 21/08/2000; 16:16; no v.; p.105
106 John P. Boyd

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Address for correspondence: Department of Atmospheric, Oceanic and Space Science
and Laboratory for Scienti¬c Computation, University of Michigan, 2455 Hayward
Avenue, Ann Arbor MI 48109, jpboyd@engin.umich.edu;
http://www-personal.engin.umich.edu:/ jpboyd/

ActaApplFINAL_OP92.tex; 21/08/2000; 16:16; no v.; p.106
Exponential Asymptotics

Table IV. Theory of Stokes Phenomenon and Resurgence

Description Special Functions References
fundamental theory Ecalle[123]

quantum eigenproblems anharmonic oscillator Voros[302, 301, 303, 305, 306]
generalized zeta funcs.

critical phenomena Zinn-Justin (monograph)[328]

Erfc smoothing of Dawson™s integral, Bi Berry (1989a)[24]
Stokes phenomenon Airy function Ai Berry(1989b)[25]
Various integrals Jones[155, 156, 157]
Olver [250], McLeod[200]

Hyperasymptotics Berry-Howls [35]

Di¬raction catastrophes, Berry-Howls [36]

Waves near Stokes lines Berry [26]

Adiabatic quantum transitions Berry [27]

(eigenvalue) Airy function Wood-Paris [322, 321, 259]
exponentially small

2d order ODEs Hanson[138]

Hyperasymptotics with saddles Berry-Howls [37]

In¬nitely many Stokes smoothings Gamma function Berry [28]

Superfactorial series Berry [29]

Uniform hyperasymptotics Generalized Olver [251]
with error bounds Exponential Integral

Uniform exponentially-improved Con¬‚uent Olver [252]
asymptotics with Hypergeometric functions
error bounds

Transcendentally small re¬‚ection 2d order ODEs Gingold&Hu[132]

Multisummability Martinet&Ramis[198]

Con¬‚uent Hypergeometric Olde Daalhuis [237],Olver [253]

Stokes phenomenon: Paris [256, 257]
Mellin-Barnes integral
& high-order ODEs

Exponential asymptotics Gamma function Paris-Wood [259]

Smoothing Stokes discontinuities

Coalescing saddles Berry-Howls [38]

Brief (4 pg.) review Berry-Howls [39]

Superadiabatic renormalization Berry-Lim [42]

ODEs Fifth-Order KdV Eq. Tovbis[293]

ActaApplFINAL_OP92.tex; 21/08/2000; 16:16; no v.; p.107
108 John P. Boyd

Table IV. Theory of Stokes Phenomenon and Resurgence (continued)

Description Special Functions References

Steepest descent: Error bounds W. Boyd [78]

Stokes phenomenon Olde Daalhuis [238]
& hyperasymptotics
Ecalle “alien calculus” REVIEW (in French) Candelpergheret al.[90]

Overlapping Stokes smoothings Berry-Howls [40]

Quantum billiards Berry-Howls [41]
Ecalle theory REVIEW Delabaere[112]

Weyl expansion [148]

Reduction of Theories Philosophy of Science Berry [33]

Stokes phenomenon & W. Boyd [77]
& Stieltjes transforms

Coe¬cients of ODEs Olver [254]

ODEs: irregular singularities Olde Daalhuis-Olver [244, 245, 247]

Steepest descent Gamma function W. Boyd[79]

higher order ODEs Olde Daalhuis [239, 241]

Matched asymptotics Olde Daalhuis et al [243]
& Stokes phenomenon

Stokes multipliers: Olde Daalhuis-Olver(1995b) [246]
Linear ODEs

Multisummability Balser[12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 81]

quantum resurgence Voros[304]

Riemann-Siegel expansion zeta function Berry [34]

ODEs Dunster[121]

Brief reviews Paris&Wood [260, 320]

Multidimensional integrals Howls[147]

Steepest descent ODEs W. Boyd[80]

Multisummability; Gevrey separation Ramis&Schafke[266]

quantum eigenproblem quartic oscillator Delabaere & Pham[113]

re-expansion of remainders integrals Byatt-Smith[87]

ActaApplFINAL_OP92.tex; 21/08/2000; 16:16; no v.; p.108
Exponential Asymptotics

Table V. Asymptotics of Fourier, Chebyshev, Hermite and Other Spectral Methods. Note: β is
the spectral “exponential index of convergence” such that an ∼ exp(’constant nβ ). r is de¬ned
by r = lim supn’∞ log | bn | (n log n)

Functions Comments References

Entire Functions, Elliott[124]
Meromorphic Functions, Elliott[125]
Branch Points on [-1,1]

Entire Functions, Uniform as well as Elliott-Szekeres[126]
f(x) when Laplace large n asymptotics
Transform known

Whittaker Miller[227]
Exponential Integral, [230, 231]
Error Integral, N´meth[232, 233, 234, 235]
Con¬‚uent Hypergeometric N´meth (1992) [236]

Whittaker Asymptotics for Meier Wimp[317]
G-function [exact
Chebyshev functions]

Many (monograph) Many (complicated) Luke[187]
exact coe¬cients
and asymptotics



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( 24 .)