. 121
( 136 .)


cated Series, 305
multi-dimensional, 166
Orthogonality under the Discrete In-
parity, 159“165
ner Product, 90
rotation and dihedral groups, 165
Parity Decomposition, 163
Parity Matrix Multiplication Transform
(PMMT), 190
Bibliography Table, 477
Parity of Basis Functions, 160
canonical polynomials, 478
Parity of the Powers of x, 161
de¬ned, 473
Polar Coordinates: Parity in Radius,
for approximating a rational function,
Power Series with De¬nite Parity, 161
linear differential equation, 476
Shannon-Whittaker Sampling Theo-
Taylor-Green vortex, 166
rem, 343
Singularities of the Solution to a Lin-
Asymptotic Equality of Coef¬cients ear ODE, 36
if Singularities Match, 32
Strip of Convergence, Fourier Series,
Cauchy Interpolation Error, 85 45
Chebyshev Asymptotic Rate of Con- Symmetry Properties of an ODE, 164
vergence, 49 Trapezoidal Rule Error for Periodic
Chebyshev Ellipse-of-Convergence, 48 Integrands, 457
Chebyshev Interpolation and its Er- Trigonometric Interpolation, 93
ror Bound, 95 Three-Halves Rule, see Two-Thirds Rule
Chebyshev Minimal Amplitude, 85 time-dependent problems, 15, 16
Chebyshev Truncation, 47 time-marching
Convergence Domain in Complex Plane, (Adams-Moulton 2d order) implicit
35 scheme, see time-marching,Crank-
Darboux™s Principle:Singularities Con- Nicholson
trol Convergence, 32 A-stable property, 229
Differentiation and Parity, 162 Adams-Bashforth scheme, 3rd order
Elliptical Coordinates: Parity in Quasi- (AB3), 173
Radial Coordinate, 440 Adams-Bashforth, 2d order (AB2), 174
Fourier Interpolation Error, 94 Adams-Bashforth/Crank-Nicholson (AB3CN)
Fourier Truncation Error Bound, 50 semi-implicit scheme, 229
Gaussian Quadrature (Gauss-Jacobi Adams-Moulton 1st order implicit scheme,
Integration), 87 see time-marching,Backwards Eu-
Hermite Rate-of-Convergence, 350 ler
Hille™s Hermite Width-of-Convergence, adaptive Runge-Kutta (RK45), 174
350 Alternating-Direction Implicit (ADI),
Inner Product for Spectral Coef¬cients, 261
66 Backward Differentiation (BDF) im-
Integration-by-Parts Coef¬cient Bound, plicit schemes, 228
42 Backwards Euler (BE) implicit scheme,
Interpolation by Quadrature, 92 228
Legendre Rate of Convergence, 52 Bibliography Table: Fourier basis, multi-
LU Decomposition of a Banded Ma- dimensional, 181
trix, 518 Bibliography Table: Fourier basis, one-
Matrices Whose Elements Are Matri- dimensional, 180
ces, 520 consistency of schemes, 258
Matrices Whose Elements Depend on Crank-Nicholson (CN) implicit scheme,
a Parameter, 466 228

Crank-Nicholson, fourth order, 260 preconditioning odd derivatives, 296
Explicit-Demanding Rule-of-Thumb,
unbounded domain
behavioral versus numerical bound-
hybrid grid point/Galerkin algorithm,
ary conditions, 361“363
comparison of logarithmic, algebra and
Implicit Scheme Forces Physics Slow-
exponential maps, 355
down Rule-of-Thumb, 230
domain truncation, 326, 339“340
implicit schemes, 228“229
functions that decay algebraically at
implicitly-implicit problems, 181
in¬nity, 363“366
KdV Eq. example (Fourier basis), 179
functions with non-decaying oscilla-
leapfrog, 174
tions, 372“374
operator theory of, 259
Hermite basis (y ∈ [’∞, ∞]), 346“
Runge-Kutta, 4th order (RK4), 173
semi-implicit, de¬ned, 229
need to pick scaling or map parame-
semi-Lagrangian (SL), see semi-Lagrangian
ter, 338, 348, 369, 378
splitting for diffusion, 255“256
rational Chebyshev T Bn (y ∈ [’∞, ∞]),
splitting for ¬‚uid mechanics, 263
splitting, basic theory, 252“254
rational Chebyshev T Ln (y ∈ [0, ∞]),
splitting, boundary dif¬culties, 256
splitting, high order for noncommut-
sinc basis (y ∈ [’∞, ∞]), 341“346
ing operators, 262
Weideman-Cloot map(y ∈ [’∞, ∞]),
trapezoidal implicit scheme, see time-
toroidal coordinates
Van der Pol equation, 532“534
basis functions for, 392
de¬ned, 381 weak form of a differential equation, 68
illustrated, 391 weakly nonlocal solitary waves
trans¬nite interpolation, 114 special basis functions for, 450
transforms (grid/spectral & inverse) weather forecasting, numerical
Fast Fourier Transform (FFT), see Fast Lorenz-Krishnamurthy Quintet, 233
Fourier Transform multiple scales perturbation & itera-
Generalized FFTs, 195“198 tion, 243
Bibliography Table, 196 slow manifold, 231“232
Matrix Multiplication Transform (MMT),
see Matrix Multiplication Trans-
form, 190
partial summation, 184“187
to points off the grid, 198“199
triangular truncation, see spherical harmon-
ics,triangular truncation
trigonometric interpolation, 93
cardinal functions, 101“104
in¬nite series for interpolant coef¬-
cients, 93
solving differential equations (BVP),
truncation error
de¬ned, 31
two-h waves, 206
Two-Thirds Rule, see aliasing instability,Two-
Thirds Rule for Dealiasing
Chebyshev and Fourier Spectral Methods

Second Edition

John P. Boyd

University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-2143
email: jpboyd@engin.umich.edu



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. 121
( 136 .)